Will Silver Coins Go Up in Value?

Spotting an investment opportunity in precious metals can be lucrative if you buy early. Silver is currently very low-cost compared to gold so is seen as a bargain, providing more likelihood of future gains. The current gold-silver price ratio is 85:1. It’s interesting to note that this ratio was 47:1 some years ago. In other words, the spot price of silver has fallen significantly over the years. Of course, many investors believe that there is a downside risk of investing in silver. The present price of silver is around £12 per ounce. So, is there a risk involved in buying silver coins?

A case for the appreciation of silver prices

Silver is in great demand all over the world. As the most conductive of all metals, silver is the preferred use in technological goods, so analysts predict demand to continue rising. Silver continues to remain the preferred metal for conductivity in photovoltaic cells, which is an integral part of solar panels. As the world moves toward sustainable energy solutions, the production of solar panels is likely to keep rising. Silver is also used in all electronic products like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. As our world becomes increasingly connected through technology, the demand for silver will rise.

Will Silver Coins Go Up in Value?
Silver coins can be a great investment over the long term

Rise in prices due to falling supplies

Electric cars are soon becoming the obvious choice for land transportation. With petroleum and diesel passenger vehicles expected to be phased out from Europe between 2030 to 2040, electric cars will occupy the lion’s share of the market. Silver is a critical component for e-mobility and the overall demand is expected to shoot up due to the above factors. On the other hand, there has been a significant drop in the production of silver from the world’s largest producing countries like Peru, Mexico and China. So, on the basis of supply and demand, we can reasonably expect prices to go up eventually.


How can silver coins deliver value?

First of all, silver coins provide divisibility to any precious metal portfolio. Many investors prefer to purchase silver bars. However, when selling back into the secondary market, bars (such as a 1 kilo silver bar) give you only one chance to sell. Coin investors, on the other hand, benefit from holding a variety of denominations. They can sell small parts of their silver holding as and when the price is right.

Silver coins (such as the silver Britannia) also provide a tax-efficient avenue for investment. Many silver coins are considered to be legal tender in the UK since they have a face value. Investing in these coins can provide an attractive CGT exemption.

Silver coins can deliver value over the long term

The value of silver coins can be volatile. They can go up and down in the short term. Over the long term as a precious metals with limited supply and increasing demand, they are likely to rise in value. Premiums on collectable silver coins can rise quicker than the market price of silver due to interest from both collectors and investors.

So, we can surmise that the downside risk involved in buying silver coins is minimal. Coins, in particular, can deliver good returns over a period of time while maintaining tax efficiency for your portfolio.

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