Infographic: Why We All Dream In Gold

Are We Attracted to Gold More Than Other Metals?

What is it about gold that we seem to love so much? Besides it being a great long term investment strategy, humans seem to idolise and worship gold like no other metal. Maybe not as much as people such as Goldfinger, but there is definitely an obsession there! So are we attracted to gold more than other metals?

Widespread use of gold in our society

Perhaps we may not notice it, but gold surrounds us in our society. From our gold-plated jewellery to gold stars or gold medals for achievements, gold is something that we desire to achieve or show off.

We see gold everywhere, especially in the coins and money that we use

It would seem that we are attracted to gold on two fronts. Firstly, there is a scientific factor behind our attraction. We are naturally attracted to more colourful, shiny objects and items, and gold easily falls into this category.

While we have an attraction to items such as silver, gold is without a doubt the most colourful metal. All the other metals on the periodic table have a silvery or brown colour, and while silver is still attractive, gold stands out above the rest.

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Gold in the movies

The second front that causes us to be attracted heavily to gold is down to the associations that we have placed upon it. As can be seen in our infographic below, gold is featured heavily in the films that we watch and the awards that are presented to the actors featured in these films.

Dream In Gold

These awards, alongside ‘gold’ being attributed to coming in first place, and the way that many of these films are heavily centered around gold, have given gold a reputation of being associated with power, wealth and success.

And, being humans, we are naturally attracted towards feelings of power, wealth and success. It makes us feel valued and worth something, and humans generally like to do this through items; gold is the perfect item for doing this.

What other benefits does gold have?

But what other benefits does gold have that makes it more attractive to us over other metals? Chemically, gold is one of the most reliable metals in the world. It can’t age, rust or tarnish, meaning the quality and value of your gold is assured for centuries to come. It is also malleable, durable and rare.

Thanks to the associations we’ve placed on gold and the science behind this attraction, gold has a timeless appeal as well. This coincides with the fact that the value of gold has been steadily rising for hundreds of years. It also doesn’t look like this rise in value is going to stop either!

Gold is great as an investment strategy. And for building huge palaces!

Finally, there are the financial benefits that make gold so attractive, especially as an investment opportunity. Gold has no counterparty risk, meaning that it is not someone else’s liability. It is also easy to convert into cash, easily portable, and has a high-value density, meaning a small piece of gold is still worth a hell of a lot of money! And, gold can’t be printed, inflated or counterfeited, so its quality is assured.

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Why we all Dream in Gold

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