Where to buy Silver in London

Everyone is well aware that if there is a Mecca for shopping in the centre of the world, it is London. Precious metals remain high on the lists of desirables that people want to purchase, whether they are serious investors or hobby shoppers, and London is a great place to do just that. But, where can one go to purchase silver in London? There are innumerable sellers of silver in the UK’s capital, online as well as brick and mortar. Many of these are reputed and reliable sellers who have been plying the trade for long. Let’s take a close look at some of them.

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Where to buy Silver in London
The premises of the London silver vaults dates back to 1876

Physical Gold

Although the name indicates that the company is a gold coins, bars and silver dealer, Physical Gold is also a leading silver dealer in the UK. Based out of the 5th floor of Tower 42 on Old Broad Street in London, the company is a reputed dealer of precious metals and definitely worth a visit if you’re shopping for silver. Of course, the company also has a very strong online presence and buyers can speak to a member of the team on 020 7060 9992 or send an email.

The company employs a team of experts, ranging from Insider's Guide to gold and silvernumismatist specialists to investment advisors who can help you purchase silver to suit every investment need. The company’s investment specialists provide investors with tax-efficient avenues to invest in precious metals that help them diversify their portfolios and hedge risks associated with investments in the global stocks and bonds markets. One of the greatest advantages of investing in silver is that investors benefit from a low priced entry point as opposed to gold. This allows an individual to gradually build up their portfolio by diverting their savings.

The best part?

The company provides bespoke investment advice, taking into account an individual’s personal investment goals. As a gold and silver specialist, the company’s investment team helps individuals make planned investments in precious metals. This is a sophisticated and planned approach to buying silver, rather than making a one-off purchase from a high street retailer.

That’s not all…

However, Physical Gold also caters to customers who simply want to buy silver as a collectable or for gifting. Numismatists frequently purchase silver bullion coins like the silver Britannia or the 1oz silver UK lunar year of the dog. Customers can rest assured that when they buy silver online from Physical Gold, their purchase is always protected by a 3D authentication payment system, ensuring that their bank details do not fall into the wrong hands. The company also assists customers in easy liquidation of their silver and also has investment schemes like a self-invested personal pension (or SIPP).

The company has a delivery scheme through which your silver is delivered directly to your location or your silver can also be stored at the company’s secure storage facility at Loomis International. Loomis International is a member of the British Security Industry Association. Physical Gold also ensures that your investments are protected via insurance through Lloyds of London.

where to buy silver in london
Apart from coins, silver bars are a popular purchase for silver enthusiasts in London

Other places to shop for silver

London’s Hatton garden is another great place to shop for silver. There are many dealers in the area who offer good deals on silver. Another way to source silver is to go to auctioneers. There are online auctioneers, as well as physical ones in London where you can grab a bargain on silver items.

Yet another place to shop for silver in the British capital is the London Silver Vaults. It was earlier known as the Chancery Lane safe deposit and dates back to 1876. These were basically strong rooms where citizens could keep their valuables and artefacts in safe storage.
The facility was also open to businesses who were required to use safe storage. After the war, the premises was re-built in 1953 and rented out to silver dealers who continue to ply their trade even today. There are approximately 30 silver dealers who operate their businesses within the premises and could be worth checking out when shopping for silver. Indeed, rumour has it that the London Silver Vaults has served elite clientele, including Hollywood stars, rock n roll stars and members of the royalty.

Britannia silver coins – a collectable investment” – a YouTube video from Physical Gold Ltd.

Call us to get the best deals on silver

At Physical Gold, we guarantee that the silver coins and silver bars (such as 1 kilo) you buy from us are 100% genuine and vetted by qualified numismatists. A certificate of authenticity accompanies every purchase made from our store, discounts are available for bulk purchases. If you’re looking for great deals on silver, contact us online or simply call us on 020 7060 9992.

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