What’s the Value of Silver Britannia Coins?

Silver Britannia value

The silver Britannia has been around since 1997. The coin had a fineness of 95.8% during its original issue. It was a 1-ounce silver coin that mirrored the design and elements of the original gold Britannia, which was launched 10 years earlier. Due to the popularity of the gold Britannia, the Royal Mint decided to start minting the same coin in silver. By 2013, the purity of the silver Britannia had been increased to 99.9%. This was basically 24 carats fine silver with a purity of 999.9. Needless to say, the coin became extremely popular. It was easily available and its sales skyrocketed.

Design elements

The silver Britannia features the classic image of the Britannia icon on its reverse. This is a classic British icon, which may have originally been conceived as early as Roman times. Britannia is shown as a goddess warrior carrying a shield and a trident. The image represents the spirit and bravery of the people of Britain. The design of the silver Britannia was created by Jody Clark. The coin features an image of our reigning Queen, Elizabeth II on its obverse.

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There have been changes in design across different issues of the coin, in different weights and dimensions. In some issues, we can see the warrior riding a chariot, or sitting with a lion. Some coins feature close-ups and other design elements. The Royal Mint has also minted numerous special editions of the coin, including one which features an oriental border and the 30th-anniversary edition in 2017. All of these are popular with investors and collectors alike.

What’s the Value of Silver Britannia Coins?
This silver Britannia coin from 2008 shows the Britannia icon with a shield

The value of the coin

The value of this coin is primarily based on the underlying silver price. Unless the coin is a collector’s edition, the Britannia coins can be sold for around or just under the 1oz silver spot price. The silver spot price can rise and fall daily and is linked to 30th-anniversary variables which affect the supply, demand and ultimately price of silver. Since the coin is mass-produced and available easily, premiums are extremely low. In addition to this, good discounts are available from many dealers on bulk purchases. This allows investors entry into the precious metals market at a low price point.

Moreover, there are predictions that the price of silver may go up in future. The demand for silver is rising due to several industrial applications. At the same time, the production of silver has fallen over the years. These factors lead experts to believe that a price rise is imminent. If this happens, investors who have purchased silver Britannia coins today could make a windfall gain.

A tax-efficient investment

Another factor that adds to the value of silver Britannias is its tax efficiency. As the coin is legal tender in the UK, they are capital gains tax exempt. This means that substantial tax savings can be generated when booking profits during the sale of your investment. Clearly, it increases the value of the coin.

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The silver Britannia presents an excellent investment opportunity to acquire 1 ounce of pure silver at a great price point. There are many other versions with a variety of that dimensions, including fractional issues that can be purchased. Call our silver experts at Physical Gold Limited today on (020) 7060 9992 or drop us an email if you’re interested in investing in silver Britannia coins.


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