What are the Benefits of Buying Silver Britannias?

Benefits of purchasing Silver Britannias

In 1987, the Royal Mint released the gold Britannia coin. These coins were an instant hit and won popularity among collectors and investors. So, to replicate the success of its gold counterpart, the silver Britannia was launched in 1997. At the time of its original issue, the coin had a fineness of 95.8%. In terms of look and feel, the silver Britannia was very similar to its sister coin – the gold Britannia. It featured the Britannia icon, which made the coin instantly recognisable on its reverse.

The coin depicted Britannia as a warrior goddess carrying her trident and shield. The design for the silver Britannia was conceptualised by the well-known designer – Jody Clark. By 2013, the coin was upgraded to 24 carat silver with a fineness of 99.9%. By this time, silver investment had started gaining popularity and the demand for the coin rose significantly.

Benefits of Buying Silver Britannias
The silver Britannia is a timeless classic

Affordability vs value

Silver Britannias are affordable to buy and store, as they can be bought in tubes of 25 and monster boxes of 500 coins. Since the coin had been released as a bullion coin, they were easily available at very low premiums. Buyers can contact reputed dealers and avail of bulk discounts on their purchases. So, availability and affordability are clearly two benefits that contribute to the popularity of this coin. On the other hand, silver has always been cheaper than gold. It was 85 times cheaper than the yellow metal not too long ago and now, with the global financial crisis deepening, the gap has widened further. Currently, silver is 113 times cheaper than gold, with the ratio touching as high as 125:1 in March 2020. So, this allows investors to have easy access to the precious metals market at a cheaper price point than gold. The silver Britannia coin has made huge gains on the back of this sentiment.


Tax efficiency

As a legal tender coin, any value increases are completely free from Capital Gains Tax. So, UK investors can save a substantial amount in taxes by investing in this coin. Tax awareness is an essential consideration for any investor building a portfolio. The silver Britannia is a clear winner in this case, as the coin offers an opportunity to build a highly tax-efficient silver portfolio.


The silver Britannia is an instantly recognisable, popular coin across the world. Being issued by The Royal Mint, the coins are very liquid and easy to sell worldwide. This is a huge advantage for buyers since the coin can be sold instantly at any point in time, without losing out on market value. The liquidity factor enhances the demand for this coin as for investors who are keen to hold liquid investments that can be converted into cash when the need arises.

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The silver Britannia is also available in different weights and sizes. There are special anniversary editions as well. This contributes to variety and divisibility – two more important benefits of owning the silver Britannia. Variety adds to the value of the coin, while divisibility allows investors to plan their sales and sell off small portions of their silver investments at a desirable market price.

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