The Investment Potential in Buying Old British Silver Coins

The price of silver has skyrocketed over the years and silver coins are now worth a lot of money. When we look at British coinage history, we realise that coins minted after 1947 contain no silver and therefore aren’t that valuable. These pre-1947 coins are now worth more than 40 times in value, depending on their silver content and their rarity. In general, any coin that was coined before 1947 is worth a lot more than its face value. For example, coin dealers do offer a pound for a sixpence coin minted before 1947. However, in this article, we will look at the silver coins made before 1947 that’s actually worth looking for and collecting.

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Valuable old British coins

Pre-1920 silver coins are made using 92.5 % real silver and the ones made from 1920 to 1947 had 50% silver. These coins can, therefore, be sold as bullion. A good starting point in identifying dealers is to check out the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA).

Here’s a list of 6 great British silver coins from yesteryear that are valuable and boasts of fine grade silver.

  • A George III Crown is a great coin to have in your collection. These coins could date back to 1818 and normally weigh 28.27gms of 0.925 fine grade silver.

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  • George IV Crowns date back to 1821 and were also minted with 0.925 fine silver. These coins weigh 28.27gms and can get you £26 to £35 depending on their condition
  • The 1892 ‘Jubilee Head’ Florin features Queen Victoria on the obverse and weighs 11.4gms of 0.925 fine grade silver. Only 283,000 were minted and these usually fetch nearly £120 in the market.
Buying Old British Silver Coins
The Victorian Silver Florin dates back to 1875 and is a highly collectable coin
  • The 1902 Edward VII British silver shilling is yet another collectable coin of value. These were issued only till 1910 and weighs 5.25gms of silver with purity of 0.925. Almost 7.9mn were coined at the time and many are still available. So, it’s worth looking out for one as each of these in a good condition could fetch around £100 in the market.
  • 1743 George II Shilling Roses is a highly collectable British silver coin. The shilling commanded a value of 12p at the time and was struck using silver mined in Britain itself from the West of England and Wales. The obverse features the profile of King George II and the reverse is adorned by the roses and plumes, symbolising the origin of the silver. A fine specimen of one of these coins could fetch around £
  • The 1847 Silver Proof Gothic Crown is considered by many numismatists around the world to be the finest silver coin ever minted. The inscriptions on the coin are in gothic script, hence the name. Queen Victoria is pictured with a crown on this coin. As these were minted as a proof, they were not circulated. Nevertheless, these coins are part of many coin auctions across the world and a good quality one could be worth around £

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