Tax-Free Gold explained

You’ve probably heard that Tax-Free Gold offers balance and portfolio protection,

but do you know about the other benefits of gold, such as being:

  • VAT-Exempt
  • CGT-free
  • Liquid and flexible

This means you can make significant savings, on any gains, given the current rate of VAT.

Video Transcript:

You’ve probably heard that gold offers balance & portfolio protection, but did you know about its other benefits?

Here at Physical, all our gold coins are V-A-T exempt AND Capital Gains Tax free, so you won’t have to share any profit with the taxman.

And because we only sell world-renowned coins, they’re as liquid as cash – especially with our ‘Buyback Guarantee’.

We specialise in making it incredibly easy to invest in real, solid, tax-efficient gold coins.  And our purchasing power means we can offer you tax-free Royal Mint coins at market leading rates…

If you want brand new coins, look no further than our ‘Bullion Coins’ category. These uncirculated coins provide the lowest-cost option for those seeking the most tax free gold for their money.

Our ‘Enhanced Performance’ coins are pre-owned, Royal Mint coins, offered at discounted prices. These have an intrinsic value – reflecting their increased scarcity and desirability. This option maximises your opportunity for increased returns when the markets rise, and offers protection if the gold price should fall.

If you like the idea of the ‘Enhanced Performance’ coins but don’t know which ones to choose, then our ‘Director’s Pick’ is a great solution. Our experts will hand-pick a mix of coins from this category – creating a bespoke portfolio, especially for you.

Regardless of which tax free coins you choose, you can rest assured that they’ve undergone diligent checks by our team of experts – so you own the best quality gold on the market.

We also offer secure, insured delivery to your home, or you can opt to use our segregated storage facility.

So if you’re interested in gold – to hedge against unstable markets, and want something tangible, easy to sell, and tax efficient,…then Tax Free Gold Coins tick ALL the boxes. Tax-free gold at market leading prices.

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