Maximise your returns with a ‘Buyback Guarantee’

Physical Gold’s Buyback Guarantee

When making an investment, it’s just important to know how easy that asset is to sell, as it is to buy. We promise to repurchase any metals sold by us, regardless of how much time has lapsed since purchase.

Whether you’ve bought gold or silver, coins or bars from us, we’re able to offer all our clients a Buyback Guarantee.  This provides you with the knowledge and comfort that if you need to quickly sell any, or all, of your holdings, then we’ll facilitate that for you.

Obtaining the best price

In fact, we go a step further, as we believe our role in buying back is as important as our guidance when selling. We give you a sell it now market rate for all your gold or silver if you need to sell immediately. Alternatively, if you’re able to wait, we make a note of your intention to sell and try, as brokers, to match with buyers over the coming weeks. If there’s a solution that works, then you’ll obtain an enhanced price, as we’re essentially cutting out the wholesale element.

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Buy the right asset in the first place

Investing in physical assets, rather than paper shares, gives you the peace of mind that

PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUyou own something real, with a tangible value. But often, selling that physical asset can be more challenging than offloading its paper or electronic counterpart. Fine wine, art and property are such examples. They may be appealing investments, but you only realise your profit if and when you’re able to sell that asset.

For this reason, it’s important to have an exit strategy in place even before you buy the asset. How many times have you heard of someone holding out for a price on their property, only to be told it’s only worth what someone will pay.

The best starting point is to ensure the asset you buy is as liquid as possible. For example, if you buy an investment property, ensure you don’t narrow your possible future buyers, by purchasing an obscure property like a converted lighthouse. The reason 2 bed flats are such popular investments, is because they’re easy to sell, thus achieving the best possible price.

Gold investment and property are comparable in this way. It’s crucial to buy gold or silver which is world renowned and desirable. At Physical Gold, we only sell very liquid, investment related gold and silver products, providing the backbone of our buyback guarantee. We don’t offer obscure collector’s pieces, as we believe liquidity plays a key role in maximising returns.

What selling options do I have?

If you purchased well-known, liquid coins, then you have various selling options. Certainly, if they’re pre-owned coins they may possess an additional value over and above their gold content reflecting their additional history, relative rarity and desirability. If you’re able to sell these coins off piece meal, to private individuals, you’ll obtain the best possible price, as you may be able to find investors and collectors willing to pay higher premiums for certain coins.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s the convenience of a local jeweller. The compromise is that the jeweller is likely to melt the metal down for jewellery and pay you way below market rate.

Selling back to a leading dealer like Physical Gold, is a perfect choice for convenience and value. You’re able to sell all your metals immediately and have cash in your bank within a day or so. We re-sell your gold and silver as pre-owned stock, so our prices reflect that.

If you wish to discuss selling your gold or silver, call us on 020 7060 9992 of email

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Capital Gains Tax – All you need to know when buying gold & silver

It’s a not so well kept secret that certain gold and silver coins are not taxable for Capital Gains Tax. That detail can have a huge impact on your profits.

So we thought we’d provide a run down of what you need to know.

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax levied on individuals and corporations when they sell/dispose of an asset and make a profit (a capital gain). For you and I, that means a tax on any profit you make from selling a chargeable asset such as shares or a second home. The tax only applies once the particular asset is sold and a profit has been made, rather than when the asset is still held.

The tax is calculated annually on an individual’s net gains. So for instance, if you sell 2 different shares during the year and one makes a loss while the other profits, your annual capital gain will be the net profit of the two.

The current rate of Capital Gains paid, varies between 18% and 28%, depending on whether you’re a lower or higher rate taxpayer. But don’t be surprised if the UK Government decides to increase the tax as high as 40-45% in the near future, in an attempt to raise taxes stealthily.

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Are there any exemptions?

While most investments will be taxable, the good news is that there are a few exceptions to the rule. Any gains made on an ISA or pension are protected from CGT. Additionally, selling premium bonds, UK gilts, your primary residence, or a private car are all tax-free. Oh, and betting, the lottery and pools also escape incurring CGT.

Is there CGT on gold and silver

Just like any other capital asset, selling gold or silver at a profit can incur CGT. However, we just hate the idea of our customers having to share any profits from gold or silver, if they don’t have to.

Two of the most popular ways of avoiding CGT are by buying UK tax-free coins and Pension Gold.

Coins produced by the Royal Mint, which qualify as legal tender, are not subject to CGT as the Treasury cannot tax the movement of legal currency. This covers Gold Sovereigns, Gold Britannias, Silver Britannias and some other limited issue Royal Mint coins. There is no upper limit either, which is why so many customers focus on these coins as a tax-free store of wealth.

2022 Gold Sovereign
Royal Mint Sovereigns are tax free

Our Pension Gold product has also proved to be a popular way of benefiting from rising gold prices without paying tax. Any profits from gold bullion, held within your Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), are sheltered from CGT.

If all this sounds complicated, don’t worry, we specialise in guiding you to the most tax-efficient gold and silver. Just call us on 020 7060 9992 and a member of our team can suggest coins which qualify as CGT-free.

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Can I sell other gold or silver without paying CGT?

Everyone in the UK is allowed to make a profit on sales of £12,300 each tax year without paying CGT. This means if you buy modest amounts of taxable gold or silver, say £5,000; even if the price has doubled when you come to sell, you’ll still fall within your tax-free annual limit.

However, if you also need to sell other taxable assets, such as shares, in the same tax year, you’ll probably wish you owned more tax-free gold or silver.

With this in mind, you could sell small values of your taxable gold or silver so that you fall within your allowance. The annual calculations run from 6 April to the following 5 April, so you could sell some coins before year-end and some just afterwards.

With Covid-related national debt at record levels, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the tax-free allowance reduced or even cancelled altogether.


The good news is that we focus on selling gold and silver coins which will never be liable for Capital Gains Tax. So if you’re wondering if silver or gold is the tax-free investment you’re looking for, you should look no further than the UK legal tender coins. Both gold and silver versions are very popular, partly due to their tax-free nature, but also because they’re very liquid. So investing in them means they’re easy to sell at optimum prices, without sharing your profits with the Treasury.


Which are the best gold coins to buy?

One of the most common questions I hear is from keen investors wanting to know the best gold coins to buy as an investment.

The most important thing people seem to overlook is the ease in which you’ll be able to sell the coins. It sounds obvious, but so many buyers focus purely on trying to get as much gold for their money when they invest that they forget to consider the liquidity of the gold.

Liquidity makes the best gold coins

Remember that your profit is only realised on physical gold when you actually sell the coins at a profit. So when buying coins your primary focus must be on choosing well-known coins in desirable condition. So please don’t be tempted by an obscure coin just because its £10 cheaper than its globally renowned alternative.  With this in mind, any of the well-known bullion coins are a safe bet. These could be Sovereigns, Britannias, Krugerrands, Eagles, etc. You can find a comprehensive list with thorough descriptions at Bullion coins.

A novice should never try to be too smart by delving into the world of numismatic or historical coins. These generally present high potential profit, but also large losses for those without market experience.  Proof coins should generally be avoided by the gold investor as you won’t necessarily get the full premium back that they command.

Sovereign coins

For very modest investors it can be fun to select a variety of bullion coins for your portfolio, perhaps choosing some Sovereign coins with an interesting background or coins with beautiful designs.

Queen’s Beasts coins

For those seeking a chance to turbo charge their returns and willing to take a modest increase in risk, the Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts series of coins can be a clever option.

This is a series of 11 one ounce 24 carat gold coins (also produced in silver and fractional versions), which are limited in issuance. In contrast to the Britannia or Sovereign bullion coins which are unlimited and mass produced, the Queen’s Beasts coins have been released coin by coin, every 6 months. Once a particular version is all sold, they’re not produced any more.

This relative scarcity, combined with a degree of collectability, has pushed up premiums on these coins far quicker than standard bullion coins.

While the first 8 coins in the series already command high prices, the most recent 2-3 coins are still being produced, albeit not for long. Therefore, premiums on the most recent releases are still only slightly higher than the standard Britannia. While there’s no guarantee that their prices will mirror the earlier coins in the series, there’s a good chance.

Insider's Guide to gold and silver

Tax efficiency

However, for those UK investors considering a more sizeable investment you must consider factors such as tax. Capital Gains tax was recently increased for higher rate tax payers in the UK to 28%. That means that if you sell your gold coins at a profit exceeding your annual limit (currently around £12k) then you’ll pay away almost a third of that excess to the taxman. Any other assets you sell in that year will use up that £12k limit too. So if you sell shares or an investment property and make a profit, you’ll no doubt be paying CGT on all your gold profit!

Download our FREE 7 step cheat sheet to successful gold investment here

The great news is that with some careful planning and help from a reputable gold dealer, you can source tax free gold coins. Britannia,  Sovereign and Queen’s Beasts coins are all free from Capital gains Tax for UK residents due to their status as legal tender. Quite simply the taxman cannot tax the movement of legal currency. For this reason, together with the fact that these two coins are amongst the world’s best known, most UK investors are best off investing into these tax free gold coins.

The most important rule with gold coin investing is that everyone’s situation, needs and motivations for buying differ, and so the best gold coins to buy may also vary. This is where the real value of a knowledgeable gold dealer pays dividends!


Physical Gold – 6 reasons it beats gold funds and ETFs

Gold funds or physical gold?

1. Security and Integrity

While ETFs have provided an accessible way for investors to gain exposure to the gold market there are many fears circulating about their security and integrity. For starters, the fact it is a structured paper asset that not everyone fully understands tends to defeat the object of owning a simple tangible asset like gold. So many investors have been stung over the past 5 years investing into asset-backed securities that were rated AAA by the credit rating agencies, only to see them downgraded to junk status overnight when everyone realised that the subprime mortgages they were linked to would not payout. It transpired that many very sophisticated investors never really knew which assets the bond was linked to or understood their lack of protection against such defaults. So are you more comfortable understanding the risks of holding gold coins or gold funds or ETFs?

Press reports are speculating that only 10% of the traded ETF value is backed by actual gold. With a distinct lack of auditing, its difficult to know for sure what the exact figure is.

Jefferey Christian of the CPM Group confirmed that gold is leveraged around 100:1 at a Commodities Futures Trade Commission (CFTC) Hearing on March 26, 2010. This means that there are around 100 claims for each ounce of gold in existence and so not enough gold to be delivered to everyone who has been promised paper gold.

So the question remains would you be able to access the value of your ETF if half or more of the investors decided to withdraw at the same time?

Want your gold questions answered? Download our FREE Ultimate Guide to gold investment here

2. Counterparty Risk

The term counterparty risk has become far more used and relevant over the past few

PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUyears. This term didn’t seem relevant to bank deposits a decade ago it went without saying that leaving savings in a high street bank was safe. But things have changed dramatically. Now we’ve seen our major high street banks on the brink of collapse. Who would have believed me 15 years ago if I’d have predicted that RBS, Nat West and Lloyds would be mostly Government owned?

The 2008 credit crunch saw bankruptcies to seriously major corporations from General Motors to Lehman Brothers. I saw many friends who had built up shares in Lehmans over many years of work and anticipated those stocks providing their retirement. No-one could have predicted that they would lose value so quickly and Lehman would go under.

We then saw the next phase of counterparty risk with Sovereign debt. Investors who thought they were taking on very little risk by investing in Government bonds faced the very real prospect of not being paid out in full. Countries such as Ireland, Greece, Portugal and Spain need help from the EU and IMF to repay their debts. There is every chance that bondholders will not receive all the capital back.

And now, in the new Covid world, Government debt is at record highs and corporations are struggling to adapt and survive under the new world parameters.

With physical gold, there is NO counterparty risk. It doesn’t matter if a Government fails to repay bonds, a corporation goes bankrupt or even if the gold dealer you bought the gold from ceases trading. You will always have the physical asset to do with as you like.

By investing in gold mining stock, ETF or Gold funds each poses some sort of counterparty exposure and a threat to the value of your asset. Remember paper gold is a promise to pay, not the real thing!

3. Risk Profile

If you’re considering a choice between mining stocks and physical gold, its crucial to realise that these are different asset classes with entirely different risk profiles. Firstly, investing in mining stocks means your investment is linked to the performance of one company. As a paper asset, if that company underperforms, or even worse goes bankrupt, there is a chance that your investment becomes worthless. The value of gold coins and bars can never fall to zero or anywhere near because of the intrinsic gold content. During times of global economic turmoil mining stocks and bullion perform quite differently. Terror threats, currency depreciations, huge unemployment, record deficits and banking crises don’t provide conducive conditions for equity markets, which is why we’ve seen more and more people fleeing to the safety of gold bars and coins. Generally, while mining stocks have the potential for impressive returns they tend not to outperform physical gold during times of crisis such as the recent credit crunch. During sharp market declines such as the 1987 stock market crash, mining stocks become correlated to the broad equity markets rather than the price of bullion.

4. Comprehensive Insurance

If the reason you want to invest in gold is for portfolio insurance then make sure you have a Comprehensive policy! Everyone knows that gold provides security against economic and political unrest, making it the perfect safe haven asset in the current world in which we live. In that case, you want this wealth protection to be thorough. By investing in paper gold its like buying an insurance policy with get-out clauses. In other words, it doesn’t provide full coverage. There are still risks attached such as counterparty risk. By investing into physical gold, its like having the most comprehensive insurance available, putting your mind at rest that no matter what the next financial headline is, your physical gold holding will provide the necessary balance.

Insider's Guide to gold and silver

5. Tax Efficiency

In the UK, there is the opportunity to own physical gold coins which are completely tax-free. All investment grade gold is VAT exempt. You pay no income tax while holding the gold and UK coins such as the Britannia and Sovereign are Capital Gains Tax-free due to their status as legal tender. Compare this to paper gold such as a mining stock or gold funds where you’ll have to pay income tax on any dividends and capital gains tax if you sell the shares at a profit. With CGT now up to 28% for higher rate taxpayers, that’s nearly a third of your profits!

6. Accessibility

Accessibility in times of crisis is crucial. After all, gold should act as your crisis hedge. Over the past month, we’ve read about the attempted ink-cartridge bombers and MI5 revealing renewed threats to the UK, France and Germany. The Eiffel Tower has been evacuated twice in recent months. If one of these attempts gets through and the financial system collapses for a week or so how easy is it to access funds through your gold ETF, mining shares or Gold funds? By holding the physical metal itself, especially in the form of globally recognised coins, you hold the ultimate liquidity.


Is a Krugerrand coin a good investment?

Economic instability

With central banks around the world still printing QE money going into 2022 to support their Covid-affected economies, the value of fiat currency is diminishing. Signs of inflation, possible interest rate increases and tax hikes, suggest to many experts that a global recession, the size of which we’ve never known, is upon us.

It’s no surprise then, that investors are increasingly turning to gold to provide some diversification and protection from the coming economic storm. But if most people are asked which gold coins to buy, they will be stumped.

The Krugerrand coin is one of those coins which most people, even my grandmother, have heard of and this is for good reason. For many, it represents one of the best choices of gold in which to invest your hard-earned money.

A South African coin first minted in 1967, the intention was to lure global investment into

Insider's Guide to gold and silverbuying gold coins from South Africa’s rich gold reserves. Up until recently the Republic was the number one producer of gold and has only just been overtaken by the Chinese powerhouse.

To appeal to the investment market it was the first coin to contain exactly 1oz of pure gold, ensuring a straightforward marketing proposition compared to the likes of a Sovereign which contains 0.2354oz. Interestingly this fixed gold weight rather than a fixed face value (like most other bullion coins) meant that the Krugerrand coin represented a convenient store of wealth regardless of inflationary levels.

Krugerrand coin most common globally

Despite no face value, the coin is legal tender in its home country and is therefore minted in a durable alloy mix. Its overall gold content is 22carat or 91.67% pure as the gold is alloyed with copper to provide resilience and maintain its integrity. This is one of its major selling points now.  With approximately 50 million in circulation, it represents one of the most active secondary markets in gold coins and a vast majority of the Krugerrands we see of 30 or 40 years old are still in fantastic condition.

Indeed due to the huge number in circulation and its global recognition, the depth of the Krugerrand’s liquidity is only matched by that of the British Sovereign, a coin that has built up its liquidity over many more years. There are more Krugerrands in circulation than all the other gold bullion coins combined.  As an investment into a physical asset, this is very important. Just like when buying and selling a house, it is not only the price you manage to purchase the property at but also the sale price which will determine your profit. If you buy a house for a great price but it’s on the main road and appeals to a very niche market, then it is more difficult to sell and the eventual sale price will inevitably be affected. The same goes for gold. Buy a Krugerrand and you’ll be able to sell the coin easily at any time, maximising your chances of securing a good price.

Download the 10 secrets to selling your gold coins at the highest price. FREE pdf here

Incredibly by 1980, the Krugerrand coin accounted for 90% of the gold coin market. It’s a telling recognition of its success that it has spawned so many other copycats worldwide including the Canadian Mapleleaf in 1979, the Australian Nugget in 1981, the American Eagle in 1986 and the UK Britannia in 1987.

So the Krugerrand is a very liquid coin, easy to buy and sell and it maintains its condition well. But how does it’s price compare to other 1oz bullion coins? From what we see at Physical Gold Ltd, the Krugerrand offers amongst the best value of ANY 1oz gold coin. Due to its resilience to scratches, I’d recommend buying second-hand coins rather than the most recently minted. Like a new car’s premium, it’s almost always better value to buy a ‘nearly new’ version. Brand new Krugerrands can be 3-5% more expensive. I’d also try to steer clear of the smaller half, quarter and 1/10th ounce versions as premiums rise with each smaller coin. I’d also avoid Proof versions of the coin. Although pretty, I’m not convinced you’ll receive the same premium that you paid for the coin when you come to sell. Your best bet is to stick with the better value bullion version.


The only potential drawback I see for UK investors as that of Capital Gains Tax. Like a majority of other assets, any profits on Krugerrands have to be declared and are liable for tax of up to 28% if you breach the modest thresholds. Now, this may not be an issue if you only buy a handful of Krugerrands, have no other assets to breach your tax-free threshold or, the sin of all sins, decide not to declare the sale to HMRC.

However, for those playing by the book who invest £10k or more into gold coins, the last thing you’ll want to do is give almost a third of your profits back in tax. For this reason, we always prefer mixing Krugerrands with a portfolio of coins such as the UK tax free coins – The Sovereign and Britannia.   This way a shrewd investor can dispose of these assets strategically so they never pay any tax at all!

Contact Physical Gold

Is a Krugerrand a wise investment? You bet! Why not contact Physical Gold Limited to discuss Krugerrand gold coins and silver coins investment. Call us on 020 706 0 9992 to also discuss buying gold bars and silver bars too. Visit our contact page for general contact information.


7 reasons Sovereign coins are a great place to start when looking to buy gold

You can’t go wrong with Sovereign coins

While most UK investors have owned property, shares, bonds and ISAs at some point, gold investment is still pretty new. If you’re a novice, what’s the best place to start a physical gold portfolio? In our opinion Gold Sovereigns provide a perfect starting point for the new gold investor!

1. Great value – Sovereign coins have existed for hundreds of years so there’s a very deep second hand market. This means that older Sovereigns provide a lower price per ounce as than any other gold coin – perhaps along with Krugerrands. Buying any asset at a low price is a great starting point!

*Pro-tip: Buy the pre-owned ‘Best value’ Sovereigns. They’re cheaper than brand new ones, but will obtain the same price when you sell.

2. Further discounts with volume – Specialist dealers like Physical Gold will generally  be able to offer even lower prices if you buy 50 Sovereigns or more. In fact discounts can be achieved on a sliding scale once you look at more than a single coin. Our website has handy volume discount tables for each coin.

3. Easy to sell – Sovereign Gold Coins are arguably the most established bullion coin in the market so you’ll always be able to sell the coins at a great price. If you try to sell an obscure coin, the reduced number of buyers will be reflected in a lower price per ounce for that piece of gold

*Pro-tip: Give your dealer a week or two notice that you wish to sell, and you may achieve a slightly higher selling price if the dealer can match up your sale with a buyer.

4. Affordable – While 1oz gold coins are now trading around the £1,400 mark, Sovereign coins are around a quarter of the size and price. This provides a great opportunity to dip your toe in the market or even set up a regular gold savings scheme, whereby you receive a Sovereign coin every monthPHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPU

5. Tax free – Sovereigns are VAT exempt like all other forms of investment grade gold. However, they have the huge added benefit of also being Capital Gains Tax free due to their status as legal tender in the UK. For a novice seeking to buy gold, this provides peace of mind that you’ll never be hit with a tax bill

6. Flexible – Due to their small size, even a modest investment of say £2,000 will provide 6 Sovereign coins. This provides versatility that you can sell as little as one coin at any time of you need to realise some cash. Larger coins or bars do not offer this flexibility

7. Talking Point –   The sheer variety of issue dates and Sovereign heads available means that a novice investor can own a piece of history as well as a superb investment. For anyone who’s enjoyed watching The Crown on Netflix, modern Sovereign coins date back more than 200 years, reflecting the various monarchs and periods of reigning.


So if you want get started in the world of gold, buy Gold Sovereigns and you won’t go far wrong.


How to Buy Gold Investment Coins?

Gold coins have been a source of great attraction for many individuals over the centuries. Numismatists who collect gold coins are thrilled with the idea of acquiring a precious and rare gold coin. Investors choose to buy gold bullion coins due to the returns they can make on their investments. Of course, there are certain compelling advantages to buying gold coins.

They are easy to store and often come packaged in monster boxes. They provide divisibility to an investor’s gold portfolio. Also, they have a certain aesthetic value, which many investors prefer over gold bars. However, if you’re thinking of investing in gold coins, there are certain parameters to be aware of.

How to Buy Gold Investment Coins?
Gold coins are a fascinating investment

Checking gold coin authenticity

How will you know that the gold coins, you have just invested in are authentic? You will need the services of a gold expert who can certify the authenticity of the coins. But, there are certain checks you can do at home that can help you decide whether the coins are genuine or not. Gold, like other precious metals, has a high density. Therefore, the size of the coin would depend on its weight.


If the gold content of the coin has been tampered with and a certain percentage of base metals introduced into the coin, it will be lighter than it should be. Therefore, you can measure the diameter, thickness, and weight of the coin. To do this test at home, you will require a set of Vernier callipers and a weighing scale used by jewellers. You can also use a magnet to detect the purity of gold in the coin. Since gold is non-magnetic, a pure gold coin will not be attracted by a magnet. There is also a device called the Fisch Tester that allows you to test popular gold coins like the Krugerrand or the Gold Britannia.

How to Buy Gold Investment Coins?
Gold weighing scales are often used by jewellers

Apps to test your gold coins

Yes, in 2021, there is an app to test gold coins as well. These apps emit a sound and generate a ‘ping test’ by measuring the echo your coin produces. One of these apps is called Coin Trust and there is a drop-down menu that allows you to select the particular coin you’re testing and proceed from there.

Buy your gold coins from a reputed coin dealer

If you know which coins to buy, then simply purchase them online from a trustworthy broker. If you need guidance as to which gold investment coins to buy, then any good dealer will be able to advise you. Generally, stick to bullion finish coins, rather than proof finish, and only buy really well-known coins. In the UK, Sovereigns and Britannias are best as they’re also tax-free.

10 commandments

The simplest way to buy authentic and genuine gold coins, without going through the hassle of testing them at home is to buy your gold from a reputed UK dealer. Most reputed dealers will provide you with a certificate of authenticity, which is stamped by a coin certification agency like the PCGS or NGC. Storing the gold coin is important and you should never remove the coin from its original packaging so that there are no doubts regarding genuineness when you want to sell the coin.

Call Physical Gold to find out more about buying gold coins

Physical Gold is one of the U.K.’s most reputed gold dealers and has a team at your service that can guide you on how to buy gold coins and advise you on the authenticity of the coins you own. Please reach out to us on (020) 7060 9992, or simply send us an email and our team will connect with you to help you purchase the right gold coins.


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Gold Coins vs Bars?

Most investors prefer to invest in both gold coins and bars when building their portfolio. Gold coins are preferred by investors who have a numismatic interest. However, many investors prefer to buy bars. So, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of investing in coins or bars.

What are the important factors to consider when deciding to buy coins or bars?

Flexibility is an important attribute when building a strong portfolio. Due to this, coins scored higher than bars, due to their variety of issues, sizes, and denominations. For most, buying coins is better than bars for gold investment. Coins provide more flexibility to sell small parts of the holding and can fetch higher prices when you wish to sell. In the same way that larger bars are cheaper per gram than small ones, buying gold coins in bulk (such as Buying gold Sovereigns) will also achieve price discounts. UK investors also benefit from legal tender coins being tax-exempt, whereas gold bars are not. Owning part of a very large portfolio in 1kg gold bars can achieve modest price savings.

Gold Coins vs Bars?
Investors often invest in coins for the flexibility they provide

Gold bars have advantages too

Due to their lower production costs, some investors may find bars attractive. Moreover, it is not necessary to invest in large bars like a kilo. There are ample variety and different sizes amongst gold bars as well. Different refiners produce gold bars of various weights that can go all the way up to a kilo. There are 1-ounce bars in the market, as well as bars that weigh 10 g, 20 g, 50 g, 100 g, 250 g and 500 g. There are even smaller bars that weigh 5 g. So, as we can see there is sufficient diversity when investing in bars as well. One of the key considerations for investors when buying a gold bar is the cost of production. Gold bars often provide investors with the opportunity of acquiring gold at a cheaper price per gram.


Your objectives can help you decide

Building a gold portfolio is a task that requires proper planning. So, setting your objectives is an important step before planning your purchases. It all depends on your investment timeframe and how quickly you want to make profits.

Gold Coins vs Bars?
A large gold bar can provide gold at a cheaper price per gram

If your objective is to amass quick returns from price rises in the short term, investing in coins can help you achieve this. However, many investors have longer time horizons for their investments and are interested in acquiring a larger volume of gold at the cheapest possible price. Such investors would be better off acquiring gold bars. However, as discussed earlier, it is possible to preserve the liquidity and divisibility of your portfolio, even when investing in gold bars. Investing in smaller bars like 5 or 10 g gives you the added advantage of being able to sell small amounts of your gold holdings at different price points in the market, whenever you need to raise capital.

Download the Insider’s Guide to buying gold coins and bars FREE here

Other important considerations

Tax efficiency is another important consideration and both coins and bars offer excellent choices. You can avoid paying VAT when you buy either. However, investments in gold bars may be subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT). On the other hand, investments in UK legal tender gold coins like the Sovereign or the Britannia can help you stay tax efficient.

Another important point to think about is storage. Gold coins have a distinct advantage in this respect. When you order a large number of gold coins, they will arrive in monster boxes that can be easily stored.

Call us at Physical Gold to know more about buying coins or bars

At Physical Gold, we offer impartial and free advice to investors who wish to build their gold portfolio. Call us on (020) 7060 9992 or get in touch with us by email and we will be happy to help you make the right choices for your investments.


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Gold Sovereigns or Britannias – Which are the Best to Buy?

There are many gold coins in the market and an investor needs to decide which ones to add to his portfolio. Undoubtedly, two of the best British coins that are attractive to investors are the Gold Britannia and the Gold Sovereign. In this article, we will explore the merits and demerits of both these coins and assess them based on key attributes and fundamentals required for building a strong portfolio.

Variety is the spice of life

A key consideration when choosing any gold coin for your portfolio is variety. As an investor, you need to have a good distribution of popular gold coins in different sizes and dimensions. There can also be variations based on the year of issue. The Gold Sovereign is an excellent choice when it comes to variety. The coin has been around for more than two centuries and several issues over the years are available from the reigns of different British Kings and Queens. In terms of size, there is also a wide choice that’s available.

Gold Sovereigns or Britannias – Which are the Best to Buy?
A Sovereign from the reign of King George IV

The Sovereign comes in different denominations such as the half, double and quintuple Sovereigns. Within the reign of just one British monarch – Queen Victoria, there are three available variations of the Sovereign. These are well-known as the Young Head, the Jubilee Head and the Old Head. When one takes into consideration all the attributes of the Gold Sovereign, it can be called an excellent choice that adds divisibility, variety and balance to your investment portfolio. When we compare the Britannia to the Sovereign, it’s worth noting that the Britannia only carries the portrait of our current Queen, Elizabeth II. On the other hand, the modern Sovereign carries the images of eight British monarchs.


Value for money

Gold Sovereigns are around one quarter the size of Britannias (1oz), making them slightly more expensive per gram due to the higher relative production cost. However, their smaller size provides more flexibility for gold investors. A mix of both is preferable in a portfolio, especially as both coins are tax-free in the UK due to their legal tender status.

Gold Sovereigns or Britannias – Which are the Best to Buy?
The Gold Britannia is the flagship coin of the Royal Mint

Some Sovereigns may carry premiums based on their rarity and historical value, however, Sovereigns that were minted as a bullion coin are easily available at low premiums. By this comparison, the Gold Britannia is also a bullion coin that has been around since 1987. Since it is a recent coin, Gold Britannias do not carry any historical premiums. The coin is easily available from most gold dealers with greater discounts on larger volume purchases. However, the Britannia is four times larger than the Sovereign in size, making it a more expensive coin.

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Divisibility provides balance to your portfolio

The Sovereign provides a greater variety and choice when compared to the Gold Britannia. Due to its smaller sizes, the Sovereign provides investors with the freedom and flexibility to sell the coin at various price points in the market by trading in different sizes and denominations.

Liquidity is an important consideration

In terms of liquidity, both coins are evenly poised, since they enjoy a strong secondary market. For investors, liquidity is a very important factor as investing in obscure coins defeats the objective of investment. The coin should be saleable at any given point in time for an investor to redeem its value. The Gold Britannia and the Sovereign are both excellent coins in this respect.

Which is the right coin for you?

The gold experts at Physical Gold can answer this question, based on the fundamentals and objectives of your investment. They can offer you free advice on whether you should buy, the Gold Britannia or the Gold Sovereign. Two find out more, call us on (020) 7060 9992 or drop us an email and a member of our team will be happy to get in touch with you.


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Is a Gold Sovereign Legal Tender?

Many gold and silver coins are considered legal tender in the UK. When a coin becomes legal tender, it implies that you can purchase goods and pay for the same, using the coin. Therefore, it is mandatory for any business within the economy to accept this coin as currency.

The Gold Sovereign

The Sovereign has a long history that makes it one of the most iconic coins in British coinage. During the reign of King Henry VII, an English coin called the Sovereign was brought into circulation in 1489. Subsequently, King James I acceded to the English throne by 1603. He also issued a Sovereign to commemorate the year of his coronation. However, by 1660, King Charles II had come into power and the Royal Mint went through a period of reorganisation. During this time, the Sovereign faded away and was replaced by the Guinea.

Is a Gold Sovereign Legal Tender?
A very rare Henry VIII Sovereign

The modern Sovereigns

By 1816, a new coinage act was instituted across Great Britain, and the gold standard was implemented. It was around this time that the Italian designer, Benedetto Pistrucci arrived in London and was commissioned to design a new coin. He created the design of St George slaying the dragon, and a new gold coin christened the Sovereign was released depicting the head of King George III. Since then, the Gold Sovereign was used throughout the reigns of different monarchs. King George III was succeeded by King George IV and later by his third son, King William IV, whose short reign lasted from 1830 to 1837. Upon his death in 1837, Queen Victoria inherited the throne.

Is a Gold Sovereign Legal Tender?
War propaganda poster featuring the Gold Sovereign

Through the reign of monarchs

The reign of Queen Victoria saw the issuance of three Sovereigns, which are now popularly known as the Young Head, the Jubilee Head and the Old Head. The Sovereign continued to be in circulation throughout the reigns of the Queen’s successors, namely, King Edward VII and King George V. Although the coin was withdrawn from circulation during the earlier part of the 20th century, it continued to be struck as a bullion coin and continued to be recognised as legal tender in the UK.

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Old Sovereigns are legal tender in the UK due to their £1 face value. In theory, you can use the Sovereign to purchase goods up to £1 in value, but the gold content of the coin is worth far more. Its legal tender status is important for gold investors as it deems any profits made from Sovereigns as tax-free.

A timeless classic

The Sovereign’s long history through the centuries has made it a timeless coin that is extremely attractive to collectors and investors alike. Of course, there are other iconic British coins like the Gold Britannia. However, the Britannia was only issued in 1987. The prestige and status enjoyed by the Gold Sovereign lasted throughout the glorious years of the British Empire.

It became synonymous with the status of the British Monarch and propaganda posters were printed during the First World War, depicting a Gold Sovereign, with the head of King George V. The poster carried the tagline, “The British Sovereign will win.” The poster was used to encourage citizens of the Empire to invest money in a government scheme, designed to raise funds for the war.

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How Do I Find out Where to Buy Gold Sovereign Coins?

Gold Sovereign coins are one of the most popular British coins that attract investors every year. The Sovereign has been around for more than two centuries and benefits from abundant availability and low prices. The modern Sovereigns are available as bullion coins and carry low premiums due to mass production and lower manufacturing costs. The gold Sovereign is also a very affordable coin, since it is available in smaller sizes, as a quarter of an ounce. The gold Britannia, on the other hand, is a 1-ounce coin that is far more expensive than the Sovereign.

Great value for money

Due to their affordability factor, the gold Sovereign allows beginner investors access to the gold market by investing a smaller sum of money. Investors can also enjoy the flexibility of owning gold Sovereigns. Due to their smaller sizes, they add divisibility to an investor’s portfolio. From a tax perspective, Sovereigns are a great investment. Investors do not pay any VAT when buying the coins. Since the Sovereign is considered to be legal tender, investors can also avoid paying Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on the profits made from the sale of these coins.

How Do I Find out Where to Buy Gold Sovereign Coins?
A gold proof Sovereign featuring the portrait of our Queen, Elizabeth II

Buying gold Sovereigns

The growing interest amongst investors in buying gold Sovereigns, leads many people to ask the question – what is the best route to buy Gold Sovereigns? Of course, many would turn to high-street jewellers and gold shops. This is an old route, mainly for people who like to see and touch the gold they’re buying. However, over the last 10 years, much of the gold trade has moved online. Today, if you’re buying investment-grade coins like the gold Sovereign, it’s best to buy from a reputed online dealer.


It’s safest to buy gold Sovereigns directly from a reputable precious metals dealer. If the dealership has the right credentials, it will ensure the Sovereigns are authentic, in great condition and sell at a competitive price. Many now have e-commerce stores, making it easy to buy online. Buying from a jeweller, an auction or privately are other options, but they pose significant risks.

Reputed online gold sovereign dealers

Moreover, large online dealers are more likely to stock a diverse range of gold products. By visiting the dealer’s website, you will probably see a variety and volumes of investable gold coins like the Sovereign. High-street dealers usually do not have such a large inventory. Due to their buying power, reputed online dealers are also able to offer rock bottom prices, especially on larger volume purchases. Many dealers, like Physical Gold, also have a monthly purchase scheme, through which you can regularly invest in gold Sovereigns and build up a formidable gold portfolio.

How Do I Find out Where to Buy Gold Sovereign Coins?
A reputed dealer can store your gold in an LBMA approved vault

Safety and security

Online gold dealers will also ensure that your transaction is conducted with utmost safety. Online payments are made using a debit or credit card, through a secure, encrypted payment gateway. Physical Gold, a reputed UK dealer uses a 3D secure payment method. Your gold Sovereigns are dispatched via a secure courier, and your package is fully insured. Many large dealers may also offer you the option of storing your gold securely with them in an LBMA approved vault. Lastly, all reputed dealers will provide an authenticity certificate and a buyback scheme. It is unlikely that you would get all this when you shop for your coins on the high street.

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Which Gold Sovereign Should Investors buy

Gold Sovereigns have been around for more than two centuries and have an important place in any investor’s portfolio. Gold Sovereigns enjoy tremendous liquidity, as it is one of the best-known British coins in the world. Many collectors and investors are keen to invest in this coin. There are also many different years of issue associated with the Sovereign, at different price points. Older Sovereigns may command more value due to their rarity. However, newer Sovereigns are easily available at low premiums. The decision to invest in gold Sovereigns need to be based on certain factors.

Divisibility and balance

Sovereigns are available as a bullion coin, but a unique quality is their gold content. Most bullion coins typically weigh an ounce. However, Gold Sovereigns weigh a quarter of an ounce. Therefore, investors can explore a wonderful opportunity to build a portfolio with a variety of coins. Buying Sovereigns of different denominations can enhance the divisibility of your portfolio. This simply means that you have greater flexibility when selling. This is a better option than selling a 1-ounce bullion coin at a certain price point in the market. Owning Sovereigns of different dimensions and different years of issue can also help create a balance for your portfolio.

Gold Sovereigns have been around for more than two centuries and have an important place in any investor’s portfolio. Gold Sovereigns enjoy tremendous liquidity, as it is one of the best-known British coins in the world. Many collectors and investors are keen to invest in this coin. There are also many different years of issue associated with the Sovereign, at different price points. Older Sovereigns may command more value due to their rarity. However, newer Sovereigns are easily available at low premiums. The decision to invest in gold Sovereigns need to be based on certain factors. Divisibility and balance Sovereigns are available as a bullion coin, but a unique quality is their gold content. Most bullion coins typically weigh an ounce. However, Gold Sovereigns weigh a quarter of an ounce. Therefore, investors can explore a wonderful opportunity to build a portfolio with a variety of coins. Buying Sovereigns of different denominations can enhance the divisibility of your portfolio. This simply means that you have greater flexibility when selling. This is a better option than selling a 1-ounce bullion coin at a certain price point in the market. Owning Sovereigns of different dimensions and different years of issue can also help create a balance for your portfolio.
Queen Victoria Young Head Sovereign

Better affordability

The Sovereign is a more affordable coin due to its smaller size. As an investor, the coin allows you access to the gold market with a lower investment. As a mass-produced coin, Sovereigns are a lot cheaper when compared to the Gold Britannia. Therefore, a great investment strategy is to buy Gold Sovereigns every month. Sovereign bullion coins, present an opportunity to acquire gold at a cheaper price per gram, due to their lower manufacturing costs.

Which Gold Sovereign Should Investors buy
A rare King George IV Sovereign depicted with Roman laurels

Creating variety for your portfolio

So far, we have covered some important points that will help you select the right gold Sovereign. We have established that gold bullion coins are better for investment. Since the Sovereign is available in smaller denominations, we have also discussed that having a variety of sizes can create an advantage for your gold portfolio.


When buying a Sovereign bullion coin, always look for the current year of issue. These are available in plentiful, at rock bottom prices and low premiums. Apart from new coins, what else should you look for? Gold Sovereigns enjoy a strong supply pipeline and many modern Sovereigns from the past 10 years are easily available. You may be able to obtain some of these coins at better prices than the new ones. Spreading your investment over a variety of modern Sovereigns can be a sensible approach towards creating variety for your portfolio and making it stronger.

Buying old Sovereigns

The best old Sovereign to buy based on price is the current year of issue. Sovereign prices are based more on gold content. If seeking a combination of value and history, the George V and Elizabeth II coins provide the optimum all-round solution. If buying many Sovereigns, a combination with older Victoria coins is best.

The Sovereigns from the reign of King George V are still available at affordable prices, due to their availability. However, these coins do offer enough numismatic value and interest, making them worth collecting. Edward VII Sovereigns are more expensive to buy but worth acquiring if you can get a good deal on them. Queen Victoria have three different Sovereigns that were issued during her reign. These are called the Young Head, Jubilee Head and the Old Head. These are the most expensive coins among the modern Sovereigns, but investing in them can fetch good returns, as their value continues to rise due to rarity.

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Why buy Gold Sovereigns?

If you want to collect a piece of history, along with unmatched value, look no further than the Gold Sovereign. While the Gold Britannia may be the flagship coin of the Royal Mint, the Gold Sovereign is perhaps the most iconic coin ever issued as a part of British coinage. The coin is heralded as one of the oldest British coins that have been around for more than 200 years.

The gold Sovereign

There is a distinction between the modern Gold Sovereign and the older coin that was issued during mediaeval times. The modern Sovereign has seen the face of several British monarchs. The coin was around during the reigns of the great Queen Victoria and Edward VII, followed by King George V, Emperor of the British Empire during the First Great War.

The Sovereign was continued during the reign of King George VI, who ruled the Empire during World War II and continued into the reign of his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, our current British monarch. The older Sovereign was issued in 1489 during the reign of King Henry VII. However, the mintage of the Sovereign was terminated in 1604. The coin was reintroduced only in 1817.

Why buy Gold Sovereigns?
A rare George III half Sovereign from 1817

An illustrious history

It’s not just the history that makes this coin attractive. The Sovereign has a unique design. The reverse of the coin features an image of St George slaying a dragon. This iconic image was conceptualised by the famous Italian designer and engraver, Benedetto Pistrucci. The coin is indeed a work of art, as well as a representation of the fineness and elegance of British coinage.

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Which Sovereigns should I buy?

The first consideration for any investor is affordability. Most investors want value for money. Old Sovereigns are small in size and therefore affordable. Having been produced for over 200 years, they’re very easy to sell on and can make a good investment if the gold price goes up. Their value generally increases with age and any profit made on their sale is completely tax-exempt in the UK. It’s also important to research the secondary market. Due to its long years of production, the gold Sovereign enjoys a vibrant secondary market. Many Sovereigns that have been issued over the years are available at different price points. So, it’s important to build a relationship with a reputed gold dealer and find out the best deals on Sovereigns that you can benefit from.

Why buy Gold Sovereigns?
A proof Sovereign from the reign of Queen Victoria

Divisibility is an important differentiator

A definitive reason to invest in gold Sovereigns is the divisibility it brings to your portfolio. There is a wide variety of different sizes to choose from. As an investor, if you prefer larger coins with lower production costs, the full sovereign, the double Sovereign, and the quintuple Sovereign could be just right for you. The latter two are known as the 2-pound coin and the 5-pound coin, respectively. However, it may make sense to invest in smaller coins, which gives you the flexibility of selling small amounts of gold at the right price points. In that case, you have the option of acquiring the half and quarter sovereign. Incidentally, the quintuple Sovereign is perhaps one of the most famous, as it has the largest gold content ever found in a British coin.


Accessibility to the gold market

Another important reason to buy gold Sovereigns is that it is an affordable coin when compared to the gold Britannia. Investors can therefore own a sovereign, with a lesser amount of capital outlay and enjoy its benefits, including VAT and CGT exemptions.

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Are Gold Britannias Legal Tender?

Gold Britannia coins are extremely popular amongst investors for several reasons. Firstly, being one of the most popular British coins in the world, the coin offers a tremendous amount of liquidity for any investor’s portfolio. However, there are other reasons for its popularity too.

Since 2013, gold Britannia coins are available in 24-carat gold. Therefore, the coin presents an irresistible opportunity to acquire a 1-ounce gold coin manufactured with 99.9% pure gold. It’s important to note that until 2012, gold Britannias were minted using 22-carat gold, with a fineness of 91.7%.

The gold Britannia coin was originally introduced in 1987. From 1987 till 1989, copper was the base metal introduced into gold. This was changed from 1990 to silver, making the Britannia coin minted completely out of precious metals.


Tax efficiency

A question that many investors ask is whether the gold Britannia is a legal tender coin.

Yes, Gold Britannias are legal tender within the UK. All Britannia fractions and precious metals feature Queen Elizabeth on the obverse of the coin and a face value, including silver versions. These features qualify the coins as legal tender so in theory they can be spent in shops. However, with the 1oz gold Britannia boasting a £100 face value but being worth ten times that it would be foolish to do so. More commonly, the legal tender status increases the coins’ appeal due to it not being subject to Capital Gains Tax.

Are Gold Britannias Legal Tender?
The British round pound has been discontinued since 2017

There is no upper limit to the Capital Gains Tax exemption on gold Britannia coins so larger investors who sell their Britannias at substantial profits remain tax efficient too.

General tax free allowance

The Government do currently allow you to make £12,300 capital gains before they’ll tax you. So you could buy one taxable piece of gold for £2,000, sell it for £4,000 and pay no Capital Gains Tax.

However, there are dangers to this approach, which is why sticking to tax free gold coins like Britannias is a prudent choice.

The tax free allowance includes all assets you sell within a tax year. So you may only make £2k profit on your gold, but if you also sell shares that year, you could breach your tax free threshold and end up paying tax.

Just as problematic, is that the allowance isn’t guaranteed for ever. Any Government can reduce the threshold if they wish, or abolish it altogether if they want to raise some tax. So if you’ve bought some taxable gold and they abolish the tax free threshold, you’re going to get taxed when you sell.

Are Gold Britannias Legal Tender?
Maundy money is also considered legal tender

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What is a legal tender coin?

Any official currency that has a face value, minted by the Royal Mint and signed off under the Royal Proclamation is considered to be legal tender in the UK. These rules are part of the Coinage Act 1971 and the Currency Act 1983. Legal tender coins include all coins in circulation, Maundy money and precious metal coins minted by the Royal Mint. Coins that have been withdrawn from circulation do not qualify as legal tender in the UK. For example, the old ‘round pound’ has been withdrawn from circulation and does not qualify as legal tender from 15th October 2017. However, they can be exchanged in a bank.

Other important points to note about legal tender currency

An important point to note is that gold and silver coins may not qualify as legal tender if the weight of the coin is found to be less than the specified weight denoted on the coin. Even today, several places outside the UK accept British legal tender coins.

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These are British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, like the Channel Islands, Falkland Islands, and many other places like Gibraltar and Ascension Island. However, the local currencies of these places are not accepted as legal tender in the UK. An interesting anomaly is Scotland and Northern Ireland, where Bank of England notes are not considered to be legal tender.

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What are the Cheapest Gold Britannia Coins?

The gold Britannia is an iconic British coin that enjoys popularity and liquidity all over the world. The flagship coin has become the backbone of any gold investment portfolio. It is interesting to note that, unlike the gold sovereign, the Britannia has only been around since 1987. So, the coin is available at relatively low premiums and does not command a historical or rarity value. Due to continuous mintage by the Royal Mint, the coin is easily available in abundance.

Why is the gold Britannia an attractive investment?

For gold investors, these coins offer amazing value due to mass production and large sizes. Additionally, the gold Britannia is completely tax-free in the UK due to its status as legal tender. Investors do not have to pay VAT or CGT (Capital Gains Tax) on these coins. This means that any profits that an investor may make through the sale of gold Britannia coins are tax-free up to a limit of £12,000 in a single tax year. Undoubtedly, the tax efficiency factor hugely enhances its appeal for investors.

What are the Cheapest Gold Britannia Coins?
Gold bullion coins do not carry hefty premiums

Where can one buy cheap gold Britannia coins?

Usually, the latest year of issue Britannia is the cheapest for the simple reason that they are the most plentiful. It is important to note that investors should look for bullion coins to be able to buy at the best rate. According to the Royal Mint, the Gold Britannia bullion coin is manufactured each year with an unlimited mintage. However, this does not imply that infinite numbers of the coin will become available every year.


The actual production numbers are largely dependent on market demand. These numbers are also dependent on the amount of gold that the Royal Mint can source every year to meet the required demand and produce the gold Britannia coins. The coins are struck at the Royal Mint’s facility in Llantrisant where blank, faceless 1-ounce gold coins are received by the state of the art coin pressing machinery and printed with the obverse and reverse of the Britannia coins. Of these, the basic, mass-produced bullion version is cheaper than any special edition varieties or proof productions.

What are the other avenues of buying the cheapest gold Britannia coins?

Generally, older Britannias cost more due to scarcity and collectability, but occasionally it may be possible to find even cheaper pre-owned coins if someone has sold a large quantity at one time. In fact, one of the guiding principles in buying gold coins is to generally avoid older coins that carry hefty premiums and totally avoid obscure gold coins.

Low mintage in specific years can also be a problem, raising the price of the coin due to scarcity. For example, in 1998, the Royal Mint released only 750 gold Britannia bullion coins. Similarly, in 2002, only 945 coins of the 1-ounce gold Britannia were released. These numbers are much smaller when compared to 2010 when 14,727 gold Britannia bullion coins were minted.

So, buying the cheapest gold Britannia coins can mean looking out for the years of issue with easy availability and large mintage numbers. Of course, since 2013 the gold Britannia is also available in a greater number of size options like the half, quarter, one 10th and one 20th of an ounce. These are likely to be cheaper, due to the lesser amount of gold contained in the coin.

What are the Cheapest Gold Britannia Coins?
The Royal Mint manufacturing facility in Llantrisant

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