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Sell Silver online

Your success in silver investment will rely, not only on when you buy but also on when you sell your silver. Historically the price of silver has been lower than gold and now it’s around 85 times lower than the price of gold and this has offered a way for investors to diversify their precious metals holding at a lower price point entry. As a rare metal, silver prices follow a similar pattern to that of gold but are also influenced by other factors. This means that the decision to sell silver at the best time needs to be an informed one if you are to realise the best profits. Physical Gold can help its customers in two ways when it comes to selling your silver; offering a buyback guarantee for any silver you have brought from us as well as providing free gold & silver investment tips, advice & market news.You can sell silver bars, bullion and silver coins in the UK through Physical Gold. We also now buy silver jewellery or other silver items and can also make you an offer on your rare and historical coins. Please note we do not buy silver plated items If you’re looking to sell silver jewellery then click here.

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sell silver
Keeping your silver in its protective packaging will help preserve its value

Knowing what to buy in the first place

If you want to make a decent profit selling off your silver, you need to know what products to invest in. Bars and coins are the best options if you’re putting your money into precious metals. Silver coins usually carry higher production costs due to the expenses incurred in design and manufacture. However, there are larger versions of UK legal tender coins in the market like the silver Britannia. On the other hand, bars can get you a little more silver for your money, due to lower production costs. It’s important to bear in mind though that greater variety and liquidity can be achieved by investing in well-known coins. Coins like these offer great liquidity as they enjoy a large secondary market and can be easily sold at any point in time. Buying UK legal tender coins can help you achieve greater tax efficiency, as they are CGT free.

Taking care of your silver

It’s obvious that you would be able to realise a better selling price if your silver has been properly stored and well taken care of. When you buy a bar or a coin, it arrives in sealed packaging. You should not remove the packaging and simply store your silver, as it is in a good quality home safe. In this way, your silver products will be less prone to tarnishing and can fetch a better selling price. If you own some old silver in the form of bars, coins or jewellery, avoid cleaning them with any kind of chemical solution. This may erode the silver and ultimately fetch a lower price.

Sell your silver to Physical Gold Limited now

Why not call Physical Gold Limited now to sell silver. The process couldn’t be easier, simply call 020 7060 9992 or complete this form to kickstart the process.

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Indicative silver selling prices

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Solver Coins: Indicative Prices


Name Guide Price each
1oz Britannia £11.40
1oz Maple Leaf £11.40
1oz Philharmonic £11.40
1oz Philharmonic £11.40

Silver bars: Indicative Prices


Name Guide price each
1kg £366.52
5kg £1,832.62
100oz £1,140.00

Scrap Gold: Indicative Prices


Silver 500 800 925 958 Fine
Indicative price per Gram £0.17 £0.28 £0.32 £0.34 £0.35
Indicative Price Per Ounce £5.39 £8.62 £10.07 £10.43 £10.78

10 commandments when selling gold coins


Selling Silver Information

Buyback Guarantee


When we sell silver, we offer a buyback guarantee to our customers. We can offer competitive prices as we know the provenance of the pieces that we have sold to you and if you have stored your silver bars with us to benefit from VAT exemption then we can offer a fast release of your funds because we hold the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Our buyback guarantee is based on the prevailing price of silver and the current market conditions for your silver.



Whether you are looking to liquidate all or part of your investment silver we can offer a good price on your assets; from silver bars to silver bullion, rare and collectible silver coins. You can visit our price charts to get an indicative value of your silver but we can only provide an accurate and comprehensive valuation if you contact us directly. When it comes to the decision to sell silver coins in the UK our numismatists will need to examine your coins. We will qualify the silver content and determine a piece’s authenticity to ensure that, when it comes to resale, we offer only the finest quality investment silver for sale.

Sell Silver Bars


Silver bars that are purchased through Physical Gold will usually be stored in our offshore vaults to retain their VAT free status. If you decided to sell your silver bars, whether part or all of your investment, then we make the process simple. Contact us for an up to date valuation and, once you have accepted our price, you can simply use our metal sales form to release your investment. For silver bars that are not stored with us, we can provide competitive prices.

Sell Silver Coins :UK


As a member of the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA), the team at Physical Gold are trained professionals who can value your silver coins. As skilled numismatists, we authenticate each coin, ensuring the valuation matches the condition of your silver coins. Our offer price is based on prevailing silver prices and the current market conditions. When you sell your silver through Physical Gold, we arrange fast payment so that you can liquidate your assets easily.
We buy a range of silver coins including silver bullion, collectible silver coins, British coins and foreign coins. We also buy coin collections and are happy to provide you with a quote based on a mixed portfolio of silver and gold coins.

Stored Silver


Silver that is stored with us can make resale very simple and allows a swift release of your cash. Upon completion of a signed metals sales form we can arrange for payment to be made directly to your account. You can sell all or part of your stored silver allowing you to take advantage of any changes in the price of silver, swiftly and efficiently.

Selling Options


Whether you choose to sell silver to release cash or transfer funds into a different form of investment such as pension gold or investment gold, we offer a range of alternative solutions for your portfolio. Physical Gold offers one-off investment opportunities as well as regular monthly saver options allowing you to sell your silver yet retain an interest in the precious metals market by buying into gold.

Insider's Guide to gold and silverHowever you wish to sell your silver, we can provide you with competitive market rates at any time and, though we are not financial advisors, we do provide all of our customers with free gold & silver investment tips, advice and market news to help you reach a decision about when to sell silver. You can also sell gold through us and, as trusted UK silver and gold dealers, we provide guaranteed buyback on any gold or silver you have purchased this through us, including bullion, coins and bars.

sell silver

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