Sell Scrap Jewellery

Sell your Gold & Silver Jewellery

We buy most types of gold and silver jewellery and precious metal scrap at market leading rates. Convert unwanted and unused items into cash today. Follow the simple process below or call 020 7060 9992 to speak with a member of the team. You can either sell scrap gold or silver by posting it to our scrap jewellery address below or arrange to bring it in.

How to to Sell Scrap Gold and Silver

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1. Find an indicative Price Below for your metals
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2. Download and complete the Selling Form (found below)
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3. Send or bring the Goods to our handling address with your form
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4. We verify your metals and pay you directly into your account.

1. Scrap Gold & Silver Calculator – Indicative Prices

The below prices provide an idea of what your jewellery / scrap is worth. The final price is based on the next available LBMA fix after receiving your items.

Scrap gold prices

Gold 9ct 10ct 14ct 15ct 18ct 20ct 21ct 22ct 900 Fine
Indicative Price Per Gram [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.375*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.416*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.585*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.625*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.75*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.833*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.875*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.916*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.9*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*0.999*0.975″]
Indicative Price Per Ounce [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.375*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.416*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.585*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.625*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.75*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.833*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.875*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.916*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.9*0.975″] [live-price percent=”99.5%” adjust=”*31.103*0.999*0.975″]

Scrap Silver Prices

Silver 500 800 925 958 Fine
Indicative Price Per Gram [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”/31.1035*0.5*0.94″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”/31.1035*0.8*0.94″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”/31.1035*0.925*0.95″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”/31.1035*0.958*0.95″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”/31.1035*0.99*0.95″]
Indicative Price Per Ounce [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”*0.5*0.94″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”*0.8*0.94″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”*0.925*0.95″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”*0.958*0.95″] [live-price type=”silver” percent=”95.5%” adjust=”*0.99*0.95″]

2. Complete Scrap Selling Form

Download, print and complete this sale form as best as you can. This needs to be sent with your items, along with 2 forms of ID. One needs to be a photocopy of your passport or driving licence, the other a copy of a recent utility bill with your address from the past 3 months.
download pdf

Scrap Sale Form

3. Post your Jewellery and Form

Package your gold or silver scrap carefuly and post by Royal Mail Special Delivery to the following address, ensuring you ask for the appropriate insurance cover. Maximum cover is £2,500 per package.


Po Box 75114

London EC1P 1LU

Your items will be weighed and verified and a price locked in on the next LBMA price fix. The prices in the above tables should be used a s a guide as the items need to be received and checked first.

4. Receive Payment

Payment is made to you by the next working day after receiving your items by BACs transfer. Please ensure your bank details are entered on the scrap sale form.

Why Sell to Us?

We’re one of the UK’s leading precious metals dealers with over a decade’s trackrecord. We provide an easy way to convert your old jewellery into money quickly and at market leading prices.
Selling scrap silver or gold through us provides peace of mind that you’ll receive best value and unrivalled service.

What we Buy?

We buy old, unwanted or broken jewellery in gold, silver, platium and palladium. Including rings, necklaces, chains, medals and earrings. We buy gold carats including 9ct, 10ct, 14ct, 15ct, 18ct, 20ct, 21ct, 22ct, 900 fineness, and fine. We buy the following silver fineness; 500, 800, 925, 958 and fine silver. We also pay very competitively if you’re looking to sell your gold or silver coins or bars. If you have items and you’re unsure if we’ll buy it then call our customer service number on 020 7060 9992 or email Please remove any precious stones from jewellery before sending as we won’t pay for these.

Sell Your Scrap Gold in London

If you’re looking for the personal touch,you can bring your items into our scrap selling office in London’s Hatton Garden. You’ll need to bring your form and ID along with your items. We’re open Mon-Fri between 9am and 5pm at Gerrards (Precious Metals) Ltd, 63/66 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8LE