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Sell Gold & Silver in the UK

If you’re looking to sell gold and silver coins or bars in the UK, then we offer a simple process at competitive rates. We’re pleased to offer a Buyback Guarantee on any items purchased from ourselves, but we can also buy precious metals that you’ve bought elsewhere, subject to prevailing stock levels.

The process to sell your gold and silver is as straightforward as buying them. Check out the indicative price below for the precious metals you wish to sell. Then call us on 020 7060 9992 to obtain a live price and lock in your sale. Follow the 4 simple steps below.

sell find

1. Find an indicative price below for your metals

sell call

2. Call us to confirm & lock in the price when you’re ready to sell

sell send

3. Either send or bring the goods to our special numismatic address – provided on the confirmation email

sell pay

4. We verify your metals and pay you directly into your account.

If we store your precious metals, then you’ll need to complete and email the relevant selling form at the bottom of this page to us to initiate your sale.

Goods held outside of our storage vaults must either be posted to our address via Royal Mail Special Delivery or arranged to be brought in.

An email confirming the sale and price must be received before either sending or bringing your items.

Want to sell your gold and silver at the highest possible price? Download our infographic to find out how …

Gold coins: Indicative Prices

Name Guide price each
Full Sovereigns {{fullsov}}
Half Sovereigns {{halfsov}}
1oz Britannia {{1ozbrit}}
Half oz Britannia {{halfbrit}}
Quarter oz Britannia {{quarbrit}}
Other 1oz coins {{otrbrit}}

Gold bars: Indicative Prices

Name Guide price each
5g Gold Bar {{5gbar}}
10g Gold Bar {{10gbar}}
20g Gold Bar {{20gbar}}
1oz Gold Bar {{1ozbar}}
50g Gold Bar {{50gbar}}
100g Gold Bar {{100gbar}}
500g Gold Bar {{500gbar}}
1kg Gold Bar {{1kgbar}}

Silver coins: Indicative Prices

Name Guide price each
1oz Britannia {{1ozbritsil}}
1oz Maple Leaf {{1ozmapsil}}
1oz Philharmonic {{1ozphilsil}}
Other 1oz coins {{1ozotrsil}}

Silver bars: Indicative Prices

Name Guide price each
1kg Silver Bar {{1kgbarsil}}
5kg Silver Bar {{5kgbarsil}}
100oz Silver Bar {{100ozbarsil}}

Buyback Guarantee

Because we only sell the most liquid types of gold and silver coins and silver bars, we’re able to offer all our clients a Buyback Guarantee. We promise to repurchase any metals sold by us, regardless of how much time has elapsed since the purchase. This provides you with the knowledge and comfort that if you need to quickly sell any, or all, of your holdings, then we’ll facilitate that for you.

Infact, we go a step further, as we believe our role in buying back is as important as our guidance when selling. We give you a ‘sell it now’ market rate for all your gold or silver if you need to sell immediately. Alternatively, if you’re able to wait, we make a note of your intention to sell and try, as brokers, to match with buyers over the coming weeks. If there’s a solution that works, then you’ll obtain an enhanced price, as we’re essentially cutting out the wholesale element.

What is the selling price based on?

The decision to sell your silver and gold may be influenced by current market fluctuations and the price we pay is also based on this 10 commandmentsimportant factor. However, we also take into consideration a number of other influencers, including:

  • Spot price – the price paid will largely depend on the prevailing price. Brokers virtually never pay the full spot price, so expect to receive a price close to but lower than the spot price
  • Types of gold or silver – bars, bullion coins, proof coins and sets, numismatic coins, collector’s coins, foreign coins, scrap metal, jewellery, etc.
  • Variety of coins – a few examples of different coin varieties we see include:
  • liquid coins (e.g. Sovereigns or Britannias) and similar coins, which have a known market price and are often bought for numismatic as well as investment purposes
  • rare but collectable coins – these are typically saleable as the demand often exceeds the supply
  • obscure coins – these are often tricky to sell and may have minimal demand
  • The condition – we discuss this below, but the condition is a critical aspect in determining how much your gold and silver will sell for
  • General market conditions – these can seem remote to your need to sell but are all important to dealers. Market sentiment has a distinct bearing on prices paid. If the futures market is suggesting gold bullion will rise, better prices may be paid, and conversely if the opposite applies! And finally,
  • Liquidity – we have already discussed this, but the saleability of the asset is all-important. If it’s easy to sell it’s likely to command a better price

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Talk to Physical Gold Limited and we can explain how to buy and sell gold. Selling your precious metals to Physical Gold could not be easier. Simply call us on 020 7060 9992 or complete the contact form for a speedy consultation.

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