Purchase Gold. Quickly Quietly…

Wait to purchase gold? Or buy gold and wait?

Physical Gold have been talking to their Savvy clients, IFAs and analysts, and they all like to purchase gold on every dip.

In fact, they’re telling me the violent sell-offs we’ve seen (like last Friday’s) are having a positive effect: They’re shaking out the weak hands and speculators and long-term investors are purchasing gold during these panic sell-offs.

This thesis has been confirmed by the data published by the World Gold Council.

The volatility for gold over the last few months will favour long-term investors who buy and hold for years over speculators who try to trade day-to-day gyrations.

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According to recent World Gold Council data, Central banks increased their gold hoards by 400 metric tonseach equal to almost 2,205 poundsin the 12 months through March 31, up from 156 tons during the prior year, The council “is now confident that central banks will continue to buy gold and has added official-sector purchases as a new element of gold demand.”

Short-term speculators and day traders are fleeing the market and we have seen less interest in gold funds and ETFs relative to its physical counterpart. These short-term risk takers are now allocating more and more of their portfolios to physical gold for long-term preservation.

With the UK and Europe privy to another round of quantitative easing and rumours over the U.S following suit, the fundamentals that support gold as a safe haven are becoming stronger especially in the dips and particularly for the long term.


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