How to Buy Silver Britannia Coins?

Investors have shown a healthy interest in purchasing silver coins over the last few years. One of the factors for investors who opt to invest in silver is simply the gold-silver ratio. Silver is a lot cheaper than gold, allowing investors who are starting to enter the precious metals market and buy the white metal.

Investors can also expect capital appreciation on silver investments, due to the rising demand and falling supplies of the white metal. Of course, buying physical silver, like any other precious metal is devoid of counterparty risks, as the owner holds the asset in its physical form. Silver coins are a better investment for many investors, as their legal tender status in the country circumvents the need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT). Of all the silver coins in the market, possibly the best investment option is the silver Britannia.

How to Buy Silver Britannia Coins?
A close-up of the intricate design elements of the Silver Britannia

History of the coin

The coin was introduced in 1997, ten years later than its gold counterpart – the gold Britannia. Since its release, the coin has been minted in different dimensions and has enjoyed immense popularity amongst investors. Although the silver market is fairly volatile, it is lucrative for investors to purchase this coin at current prices, and book profits in later years, once the spot price of silver rises. The low price of silver, when compared to gold is only one of the factors that have spurred investors to buy the silver Britannia. The intricate design of the coin is very attractive and features the iconic image of Britannia, with the shield and trident on the coin. The other side of the coin features the image of our reigning Queen, Elizabeth II.


How to buy the silver Britannia?

They are best purchased through a professional precious metals broker. Reputable dealers can be found on Most will offer discounts for quantity purchases, so it’s best to buy in one go to achieve the best discounts, rather than little and often. Certain online portals are structured to deliver them without the need to charge VAT, saving a further 20%.

How to Buy Silver Britannia Coins?
The iconic image of Britannia depicted here in a statue

When identifying a reputed dealer, it is important to assess the company’s market reputation and the years in business. The best precious metal dealers in the country have a formidable track record of being in business for many years and will display good customer testimonials. All of this can be verified online. Most reputed dealers are registered with the British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA). If you visit their website, you can access a full list of registered dealers in the UK. From here on, the best strategy is to build a relationship with the dealer. If you let the dealer know that you are keen to invest in silver Britannia coins, their team can advise you on the best deals available in the market. Discussing your investment objectives with the dealer can also be helpful, as they can guide you to the best deals available.

Tax considerations

The silver Britannia is considered to be legal tender in the UK. This means the coin has a face value and it qualifies for Capital Gains Tax exemption. So, the silver Britannia can be an excellent addition to your precious metals portfolio.

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over the years I have made a habit of buying a 1oz silver coin once or twice a month. Recently I have noticed that the price has become somewhat volitile and the price I pay ranges from £29 to £35 per coin. am I i the right ball-park at these prices?

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