Health Benefits of Silver

Can the use of metal really have health benefits? Healing properties in gemstones, minerals and metals have long been a part of holistic treatments through time immemorial. It is a popular practice in several cultures around the world to wear amulets or other jewellery containing precious stones for spiritual and health benefits. In this article, we’ll look at the proven health benefits of silver.

What are the health benefits of silver?

Silver has many health benefits and has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial agent, and prolonged contact of the metal with the human body is said to have several health benefits, including better immunity. Silver is often used to fight infections and has preventive properties that aid in staving off colds and flu. Proximity to the metal may help regulate internal body heat and circulation. This property can be beneficial to humans suffering from a wide range of problems related to poor blood circulation, such as high blood pressure, varicose veins, etc. The natural properties of silver are also known to offset external electrical disturbances and maintain the temperature balance within the human body. Consequently, people who wear silver have reported benefits that include better energy levels and balanced emotional states, which they attribute to the use of the metal.

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Toxicity prevention and improved healing

Another reported benefit of wearing silver is that it improves the elasticity of our blood vessels. Therefore, silver can improve bone formation, help in healing surface wounds and is often used as an agent in the maintenance of the skin. An interesting property of silver is that it changes colour when it comes into contact with toxic chemicals. This can be really helpful in avoiding contact with toxic substances. Many people are even known to use silver lined gloves when working on their computers in order to stop electrical charges from entering their body.

health benefits silver
Medical research has proven silver to be a powerful antibacterial agent

The use of silver in the pharmaceutical industry

The use of silver has been prevalent in the pharmaceutical industry for long. Silver is often used in the manufacture of wound dressings, antibacterial creams and medical devices. Silver sulfadiazine is a chemical used to make wound dressings for external infections. Many medical devices are manufactured with an antibiotic coating that contains silver. Breathing tubes may sometimes use silver in order to reduce the risk of pneumonia, which could arise with the prolonged use of ventilators.

The chemistry behind the healing properties of silver

The beneficial properties of silver are derived from the chemical properties of the metal. A conductive field that is capable of reflecting electromagnetic radiation away from our bodies is created when silver ions gain a positive charge. This can favourably impact the body’s natural conductivity, which may result in improved blood circulation, temperature balance and promote a feeling of general well-being. These positively charged silver ions are capable of binding with oxygen receptors in bacteria that are negatively charged. This enables silver to battle harmful infections and disease.

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Infact, findings of a study conducted in 2008 proved that arthritis sufferers can benefit from wearing a particular type of silver ring. The study found that sufferers of rheumatoid arthritis, which is a type of auto-immune disease can benefit from wearing silver ring splints. The silver reduces deformity of finger joints, which is common in patients who suffer from this condition.Insider's Guide to gold and silver

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