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We all like to think we know a thing or two about gold and silver, so what better way to test our knowledge, than a quiz! After all, silver and gold are nothing new, humans have made objects out of them for many generations and we’ve all grown up familiar with jewellery. The advent of the internet has provided quick access to knowledge and answers on every niche topic fathomable.

But how much of that information do we actually retain? How much do we really know about gold and silver? What makes them unique compounds, what’s their history and how do they fit into the investment world? We’ve created 20 tough questions on these two famous metals to determine how much you actually know. Our 20 question contest will test areas such as gold’s scarcity, record coin values and silver’s chemical abilities and industrial uses. Don’t cheat and Google the answers, remember this is a bit of fun. If you do want to research before starting, our 15 facts about gold will give you a head start!

Growing knowledge of gold and silver

Whilst gold and silver have been desired and used by man for thousands of years,

gold & silver quiz
Growing understanding of gold and silver

they remained on the periphery of the investment world. Only in recent years have precious metals really started to become mainstream investments. The advent of online physical gold dealers and the ability to trade gold and silver electronically have finally granted access to these markets for the masses. While niche investors have bought Gold Sovereigns for years, physical gold investment has been regarded as an elitist area by most. The improved accessibility has come on the back of increased awareness of the metals as a safe haven and portfolio insurance. The credit crunch of 2007 and 2008 started a bull run which brought with it new investors around the world. That wave of interest in gold and silver has continued to spread, and with that, the thirst for knowledge has also risen.

Learning the facts can help put markets in perspective

While everyone is familiar with gold and silver’s roles in the jewellery market, fewer understand their other nuances. For example, the amount of time it takes to turn gold into coins after it’s first discovered in the ground. Or the extraordinary amounts people are willing to pay for rare and desirable silver and gold coins. Or the incredible amount of industrial uses silver offers, with its unsurpassed conductive qualities. Comprehending some of these facts will help understand the gold and silver market as a whole. It’s easy to get distracted with short term volatility or Bitcoin’s remarkable performance thus far. Re-focussing on some of the basic realities of these two incredible metals will explain why it’s a great time to buy these investments with extremely limited supply and growing demand.

Share the knowledge!

One of our aims is to help educate and promote the unique qualities of physical gold and silver. Our gold and silver insights section attempts to build that knowledge base by sharing our own expertise and research, but also aggregating the best 3rd party wisdom from around the world. We created the quiz as a fun way to hone that knowledge and hope you’ll share your results with friends on social media to continue spreading the awareness.