Giving Gold as a Father’s Day Gift – June 16th, 2019

It would be a huge mistake to presume that it’s only women who love gifts made of gold. While the average male may not stroll about, resplendent in gold jewellery, there are still plenty of gold accessories that are stylish, loved by men across the world and distinctly male. Father’s Day is fast approaching, as in the United States it’s always held on the third Sunday in June, which means this year it will be on 16th June 2019.

The time is right to start making a decision on the best gift to give dad this year. For heaven’s sake, please don’t get him a paisley tie from M&S, or a bottle of the best from Oddbins. Why not make this year special by buying a gold gift for your father?

Giving gold is a tradition

The tradition of gifting gold to loved ones is common across cultures across the world and has been carried down through the generations. Indeed, gold is a valued gift appreciated by men and women alike. It is also timeless as gold continues to appreciate in value and does not tarnish or depreciate like other gift items. However, buying a gift for your dad will require some thought and you need to evaluate gifting options available to you in order to purchase a gift according to his taste, personality and style. To buy a gift of value, one needs to be generous, understand the person’s preferences and consider making an emotional connection when purchasing the gift.

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In our view, when you buy gold for your dad, it symbolises appreciation of a parent who has helped you become who you are. It’s a gift that will appreciate over the years and makes a much better gift than consumer goods available in the market. Of course, it would be a unique gift for your dad that he would least expect and on that count, it would be a great surprise. So, gold wins hands down over other gift items that you may be considering this year.

Gold as a Father’s Day Gift
A set of gold coins could make an excellent Father’s Day gift

Buying gold for Father’s Day

This year, 16th June is Father’s Day, when sons and daughters10 commandments all over will take their dads out to lunch and celebrate the day in style. Most restaurants have deals that will offer dads a free lunch. A great idea to buy your beloved dad a gift for that day is to select something in gold. Buy a gift, which is literally worth its weight in gold! The options are many, from gold sovereign coins to 100g gold bars . It will be a gift he will cherish over the years to come and would appreciate in value as the years go by, in the same way, that your relationship with your dad will through the passage of time.

UK tax-efficient investments

We know you don’t often talk about tax-efficiency and Father’s Day presents together, but it certainly makes sense too where gold investments are concerned! Investments in gold bars and UK gold coins are usually free of both VAT and Capital Gains Tax (CGT). This can get quite technical, so it’s worth calling us to discuss. Essentially, by investing in tax-free gold products, you will get “more gold for your money” and be able to give Dad an ever better present on Father’s Day! Visit our buying tax free gold page for further information.

Talk to our gold experts before you choose

The investment experts at Physical gold can help you make the right choice for a great Father’s Day gift. Whether you’re an experienced gold buyer or a newcomer to the world of gold, our experts are always happy to respond to all your queries. Every product you buy from us is 100% genuine and carries a certificate. It could be a set of gold Britannia coins that you’re looking for or one of our director’s picks.

If your dad is a numismatist, we have some great accessories that he would want to have in addition to the coins. Whether you want to make a small or large investment for your dad, call us today on 020 7060 9992 or contact us online to speak to a member of the team. Remember, Father’s Day isn’t far away. Make it one to remember for your old man by giving a smashing gift – in gold.

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