Five Songs Which Include Gold in the Title

A popular theme that songwriters across the world write about is none other than ‘gold’. It seems that mankind’s fascination with the precious metal has been immortalised in song, through the lyrics itself or in the song title. To study an apt example of the theme used in the body of the song itself takes us back to 1969 with the release of the Hollywood blockbuster, Mackenna’s Gold.

The theme song of the movie, Old Turkey Buzzard, is sung by the blind Puerto Rican singer, Jose´ Feliciano, with lyrics by Freddie Douglas. The song itself was produced by Quincy Jones, who later produced the superstar, Michael Jackson. The lyrics of the haunting tune tell the story of the desperation of men and how they dream about gold and would steal and die for gold on the rocks below, as they’ve just got to have that gold and are prepared to do anything for it. In this article, we’ll explore songs that talk about ‘gold’ in its title or the body of the song.

gold songs
Gold – the precious metal has been immortalised in song

1)    Spandau Ballet – Gold

The 1983 single by UK band, Spandau Ballet, is the fourth song from their album ‘True’. The song was written by Gary Kemp and reached No. 2 on the UK singles chart and No. 29 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song is meant to be a love song, although the lyrics also talk about belief in oneself and how everyone should believe in themselves, as each individual is like ‘gold’. The interesting allusion to people investing in themselves to build their own strength is surprisingly similar to the philosophy of gold investors, who build their portfolios in steady and regular investments, with a vision of eventually building a strong and robust foundation that helps their wealth-building objectives ‘stand tall’, like the lyrics of the song.

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2)    Fields of Gold – Sting

A 1993 release from world-renowned UK artist Sting, the song ‘Fields of Gold’, climbed to No. 16 on the UK singles charts. The song talks about the view from Sting’s 16th century Wiltshire manor house. In the song’s lyrics, there is a promise to his lady love – in the days still left, we’ll walk in fields of gold. Of course, the reference to gold is symbolic, brought about by the golden colours of the fields, shining in the sun.  However, there appears to be a deeper meaning, an allusion to harvesting the rewards of a life’s work. Investments in gold and other precious metals take on a similar sentiment, with investors building a nest egg to fall back on in the autumn of their lives. In fact, many investors steadily invest in gold as a part of their pension funds. These investors can gain a 45% income tax relief by investing regularly through SIPP pension schemes.

3)    Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey

Of course, another all-time classic is the song ‘Goldfinger’ by Dame Shirley Bassey, which is the title track of the James Bond movie of the same name. The tune was composed by John Barry and the song was a top 10 hit, selling more than a million copies in the United States alone. The song talks ‘the man with the Midas’ touch,’ something that investors can relate to. Indeed, there are many investors who always pick the right investments at the right time and everything they do always turns to gold.

gold songs
Dame Shirley Bassey made the title track from ‘goldfinger’ popular

4)    24 karat magic – Bruno Mars

American artist Bruno Mars released the song 24 karat magic in 2016. The song is an interesting blend of hip-hop, contemporary rhythm and blues and disco. Upon release, the song came in at number 5 on the US charts and sold in excess of 1.7mn copies in the US alone within a year. The lyrics of the song talks about the 24 karat magic that’s in the air as all the girls put their pinkie rings up to the moon. The song is a tribute to the pomp and grandeur that’s brought into the world of pop music by the fashion divas. Of course, the ’24 karat magic’ resembles all the gold that’s worn by the stars of the pop world.

5)    Fools’ gold – the Stone Roses

From 1989 comes the song ‘fool’s gold’,

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written and composed by the UK band, Stone Roses. The song did not climb the charts, however, it entered later in playlists for the greatest indie anthems and the Triple J Hottest 100 of all time. The song was also used in various remixes and mash ups created by artists like Aaliyah and Run DMC. The song tells the story of a gold hunter who is making his way to find gold and how he risks his life for that gold, which ultimately may not be worth it.

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There have been many songs written about gold, but a common theme that rings out in almost all of them is the human desire to possess gold. The precious metal has been a sound investment through centuries. If you’re keen on investing in gold, check out our guide on how to buy gold. Call our investment advisory team on 020 7060 9992 or get in touch with us online and they’ll be happy to give you information on the best gold investments that you can make, which you can’t find out from the songs about gold that are out there.


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