Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin


The Maple leaf gold coin

Country: Canada
Face Value: $50 CAD (when first issued)
Gold Content: 1 ounce (31.10g)
Purity: 1979–1982 = 99.9% (24 karat), 1983–Present =99.99%
Gross Weight: 31.103g
Coin Diameter: 30.00mm
First year of issue: 1979

The Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin was first issued as the official bullion coin of Canada in 1979. This coin is 24 karat gold with an original face value $50 CAD, however, it’s market value fluctuates considerably depending on the spot price of gold and current global demand for bullion coins. It is produced annually by the Royal Canadian Mint and is available in both bullion and proof versions.

The Royal Canadian Mint promote this coin as the international symbol of purity. They were the first mint to produce a 24 karat bullion coins and it is one of the purest gold coins of regular issue in the world. Since then, the Maple Leaf gold coin has become the standard of quality against which all other bullion coins are measured.

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At the time Maple leaf coins were first introduced, the only other bullion coin available was the Krugerrand. Due to the apartheid regime in South Africa at the time, however, the Krugerrand was not widely available to the majority of people as many countries boycotted South African imports. This meant that Canadian maple leaf coins became one of the first bullion coins to be available exclusively for investment purposes. To this day the Maple Leaf is still one of the most popular bullion coins, sought after by collectors and investors all over the world.

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Between the years of 1979–1982 this coin was issued with 99.9% purity but from 1983–present this has risen to 99.99%, virtually no alloy at all. In fact, Canadian maple leaf coins were the first bullion coin in the world to be produced with a standard of .999 purity, just one of the reasons why they are globally recognised as a safe and reliable investment opportunity. They are produced to an extremely high standard by the renowned mint so offer a beautiful choice at reasonable prices for those with an eye for splendour.

maple leaf gold coin
Canadian 1oz Maple Leaf Coin


Features of the Maple Leaf coin

The design of the Maple leaf coin has not changed since the creation of the first gold Maple leaf in 1979. The obverse of the maple leaf gold coin displays a profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the value and the year of issue. Since 2005 the portrait has been updated to depict Susanna Blunt’s famous portrayal of her Majesty at the age of 79. The reverse displays the Canadian national emblem, the Maple Leaf. As this symbol is also featured on the national flag this coin is distinguished and recognisable worldwide.

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The Maple Leaf is also available in different sizes and denominations. Aside from the standard 1oz coin, these include ½ oz coins, ¼ oz coins, 1/10 oz coins, 1/20 and 1/25th oz coins. There is also now a 1-gram Maple Leaf coin available.

Due to the Canadian Maple Leaf Coin’s

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growing popularity, additional security features have recently been added, making it one of the securest forms of gold investments around. In 2013, a laser engraved maple leaf with a microscopic numeral displaying the coin’s year of issue was added to the reverse of the coin. In 2015, radial lines were also added to the background on both sides of the coin.

Demand for Maple Leaf coins

Maple leaf coins are held in high regard with collectors all over the world. As one of the very first bullion coins to be widely available, the Maple leaf has an established reputation among bullion investors and many of them appreciate its guaranteed high level of purity and heightened security detail. The Royal Canadian Mint is also world-famous and highly respected amongst numismatics. The mint strikes more than 1 billion coins annually. In addition to its popular Canadian Maple Leaf series of gold, silver, and platinum bullion coins, the mint also strikes currency for as many as a dozen other countries.

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