Looking to buy coins at the March London Coins Auction? Here’s what to look out for

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With several auctions throughout the year, London Coins hold some of the most noticeable events of the coin-buying calendar. Attended by both professional coin investors and amateur enthusiasts, the auctions are often not to be missed, as you can often buy coins which are rarely seen and certainly very rarely available for purchase.
The next London Coins event runs over two days on March 5th and March 6th 2016. To help those of you who may be attending or considering a purchase for the first time, weve taken a look at the catalogue and chosen some highlights, as well as looking back at some of the notable sales made at the December 2015 auctions.
Potential bidders should be aware that the price of auctioned coin lots can vary wildly. They often finish far above the estimate, as serious collectors speculate on pricing, or show willingness to pay more than the accepted market value for a lot they have been searching for for some time.

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For those of you wishing to buy coins as a numismatic investment, a safer bet can be semi-numismatic coins, which carry a premium due to their rarity and desirability, but can be purchased outside of auction, directly from Physical Gold.
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December Auction sales highlights

Half Pound Elizabeth I Sold for 11,000
One of the highlights of December’s auction (and one of the most expensive sales made), was lot 2065. A Half Pound Elizabeth I gold coin, marked as only the third time London Coins had ever sold this type of coin. Carrying Standard Reference S.2543, the last sale of this sort of coin was completed in 2013, for a price of 17,000.

A mixed lot can be a good way to enter into numismatic investments. Lot 1581 from December’s auction featured 16 assorted florins in their holders and sold for 380. Whilst lot 1582 featured 18 florins, and sold for 480. The quality of mixed lots can obviously vary, so careful inspection is required before taking the plunge.

March 2016 Highlights

Half Pound Elizabeth I Estimate 10,000 12,500
Like London buses, there’s another chance to own an Elizabeth I Half Pound for those who missed out on the one offered in December. The estimate places the coin at a similar value to the December sale, but it’s worth remembering that the 2013 sale was for significantly more than this (albeit that coin did have a more detailed history).
8 Escudos 1724 Estimate 18,000 20,000
The highest estimate in the March auction goes not to the Elizabeth I coin, but to this Portuguese gold 8 Escudos, which is considered extremely rare, to the point of being unpriced by the Krause coin catalogue. Considering the rarity, this could be a case where the estimate proves to be just that. With lots like this very rarely making it to auction, a determined collector may well pay above the suggested price.
The Finchampstead Collection Estimates vary by lot
Broken down into individual lots, this collection is noted by London Coins as carrying particularly coveted examples of Victorian copper coins. Indeed, the auctioneers note that at least half the collection is comprised of the finest known examples of the respective coins. Collected over 10 years, this perhaps demonstrates what a budding coin collector can aspire to!
Sixpences, threepences and small silver Estimate 500 600
As usual, there are a number of large bulk lots, but lot 1871 is one of the largest by volume, which has a reasonably well-priced estimate. As mentioned above, bulk lots can vary in quality, which will no doubt be the case here, but for speculative or new collectors, these can be an attractive way to buy coins.

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