Gold and Silver Research: 8 Financial Blogs Not to Miss

Best Gold and Silver Research sites

François-Marie Arouet, the classical French philosopher and writer commonly known as Voltaire (1694-1778) once said: “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value – zero.” One of the earliest uses of fiat currencies is recorded in China in the year 1000 AD. Since then, modern global economics has successfully managed to keep the solvency of fiat currencies alive. Its intrinsic value was kept alive by linking it to gold so that businesses and tradesmen would honour paper notes and coins made of base metals as having an accepted representative value. This was popularly known as the gold standard and the practice ended at the end of the two world wars, as gold reserves eventually thinned out.

Do your research to really unlock the potential of gold and silver

Rising inflation has been eating into the value of fiat currencies over the last 20 years, and global economic turmoil has left few options to generate good returns for investors. Therefore, anyone looking for a sustainable, stable store of value with strong fundamentals in order to hedge against currency debasement and market risks would seriously consider gold and silver. With the prices of precious metals slated to go up in the near future, it is important to conduct your own research into gold and silver. In this article, we’ll run through the best blogs for you to read.

Gold and Silver Research
Investor research is an essential step before investing in gold bars

1.  The World Gold Council blog

The World Gold Council focuses on developing the gold industry by creating awareness among investors, ensuring a steady demand for gold and establishing themselves as a market authority for gold. Their blog provides insights into the gold market and helps investors understand the drivers for supply and demand in the market. The blog also provides market commentary and tracks price trends for precious metal. Through its members, the World Gold Council seeks to be a collective voice in the gold industry. Several articles on the blog are available for free download and provide investors with effective guidance on how to invest in gold.

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2.  The LBMA blog

The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) is a regulatory body that sets standards for the precious metals market. The association has a footprint across 30 countries, with more than 140 members. The LBMA sets trading standards for the industry in a number of areas including purity and form. As a regulatory body, the organisation value adds to the industry by ensuring that service providers adhere to the highest standards at all times. Their blog is essentially a collection of news articles, press releases and publications relating to the precious metals industry.

3.  Gold trading experts

Based in Birmingham, Gold Trading Experts is a gold industry training services provider for investors. They provide online tutorials, training materials and information designed to assist their users in understanding the dynamics of the gold market. Regular video overviews of the market are regularly uploaded on their website. In order to gain full access to their services, users need to purchase a paid subscription. The gold blog provides market updates and price trends.

Gold and Silver Research
Coin buyers use blogs to do their research before buying coins made out of precious metals

4.  The Royal Mint bullion blog

The Royal Mint has a long history that dates back to 886 AD, during the time of Alfred the Great. Since then, the Royal Mint has been the official flag bearer for British coinage. After centuries of existence as a mint owned by the British government, it is now a limited company, wholly owned by Her Majesty’s Treasury. The mint is the official manufacturer tasked with creating the nation’s coinage. The bullion blog published by the Royal Mint is a great repository of information about the London bullion market, price information, coin reviews and articles about important coins in the history of British coinage.

5.  Mint news blog

The Mint News Blog provides PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUmarket watch articles and commentary on the products released by the United States Mint. The information contained in the blog is of great interest to numismatists and bullion investors alike. The blog was originally published by Michael Zielinski back in 2009 and is now managed by a publishing firm called Whitman Publishing LLC.

6.  PNG news and events blog

The Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) is one of the best-known certification agencies in the world for gold and silver coins. Their website features a blog page under the title ‘news and events’, which serves as a library of information for investors who wish to buy gold and silver coins. Set up in 1955, PNG is an industry regulator of repute, whose coin grading service is trusted all over the world.

7.  The artisanal gold council blog

The artisanal gold council caters to the mining industry and champions the sustainable development of small-scale gold mining companies. The artisanal gold council blog publishes information, articles and news related to the gold mining industry and can be an interesting read for investors who wish to know about the sources of the gold they’re buying.

8.  The silver institute blog

The Silver Institute is a non-profit organisation that acts as an industry body for the global silver industry. The institute’s website is essentially a blog aimed at educating silver investors across the world. It features industry news, the uses of silver, silver price charts and links to other online resources about silver investing.

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