What Types of Gold are There?

Types of gold

Gold has and will remain one of the most popular investment vehicles of all-time. It provides balance, insurance and safety for most investors. Investors have always moved their money to gold during an economic crisis. It is interesting to note that the current economic debacle that was precipitated due to the COVID 19 global pandemic has pushed up the spot price of gold to more than $1800 an ounce. The historic all-time high still stands at over $1900 per ounce in August 2011. As an investor interested in gold skyrockets, it’s time to take a look at the different types of gold investments.

Gold can come in many physical forms ranging from gold dust and nuggets in their raw state, through to coins and bars for investment, and finally jewellery and ornaments at the highly refined and designed end. The purity and colour of gold can also vary greatly depending on its alloy mix. The most common gold colour types are yellow (when gold is at its 24 carat purest), white gold, when mixed heavily with silver, nickel and zinc to toughen its resilience and red gold when a higher element of copper is present. It’s also possible to create green, black and purple gold with various alloy mixes.

What Types of Gold are There?
Gold bars are highly attractive to investors

Paper investments in gold

There are also gold ETFs and gold company shares that provides investors with access to the gold market. However, it’s important to know that these investment vehicles carry counterparty risks. Gold mining shares are subject to the inherent risks of the global capital markets. There are also gold funds which invest specifically in gold mining companies. These coins spread the risk of owning gold company shares by investing in a variety of companies in the market. But, they too are subject to capital market risks, and also charge on-going management fees


2 kinds of Investment Gold: Gold coins and bars

Perhaps the safest and most satisfactory form of investment in gold remains the purchase of gold bars and coins. There is a wide variety of gold coins and bars available in the market. These investments are free from counterparty risks and offer investors complete control over the assets, as they are physically held. Of course, the storage of gold and its safety during transport needs to be ensured. When you buy your gold assets from a reputed gold dealer, always insisted that they are delivered to your door via an insured courier. Many well-known dealers can also make arrangements to segregate and store your gold in a commercial vault.

The design and production costs of gold jewellery cannot be recovered
The design and production costs of gold jewellery cannot be recovered

Investing in gold ornaments

When you buy bars or coins, you acquire investment-grade gold, which has 99.9% purity. Since gold is a malleable metal, ornaments cannot be manufactured without reducing the purity by adding base metals. So, most gold ornaments will be made out of 18-carat gold or a lower level of purity. Also, the manufacturing and designing charges cannot be recovered when selling. So, it isn’t a great investment. While red, black, purple and green gold is aesthetically attractive, one must remember that the percentage of gold is less.

Best kinds of gold for tax efficiency

All investment-grade gold in the UK is VAT free. This is a major advantage when putting your money in gold, as it reduces the purchase price by 20%. UK gold coins offer an even better avenue for investors, as the profits collected from its sales can be enjoyed without paying Capital Gains Tax. However, it’s important to know that the CGT exemption threshold is £12,000 of profits in a single tax year.

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Why invest in silver coins?

Investing in silver coins

Silver coins are a great investment choice if you’re seeking potential capital growth and also want a hedge against falling stock markets and banks. The value of coins tends to rise over time, especially when there’s political and economic instability. Silver coins are also exempt from Capital Gains tax. The modest price of the coins enable accessibility to the market for many compared to gold coins (such as Sovereigns and Britannias), and divisibility to sell part of your holding. The silver price can also rise when demand for industrial silver rises, with its predominant use in electronics.

The industrial demand for silver is rising

The white metal is used extensively in the electronics industry, IT, solar panel manufacturing and a host of other industrial processes. On the other hand, the production of silver from mines has greatly reduced over the years. Rising demand and dwindling supplies have fuelled speculations that there may be a huge price in the spot price of silver in the years to come. Many investors have started buying up silver early with an expectation of making profits, once the prices go up.

Why invest in silver coins?

Coins like the silver Dollar do not enjoy tax free status in the UK

Silver to gold price ratio looks enticing

Today, silver is almost a hundred times cheaper than gold. Therefore, it provides investors with easy access to the precious metals market. If you are planning to invest in silver, there could be no better time than the present to take a calculated risk and purchase the white metal. Silver bars and coins can provide you with good investment options if you plan to get in early and wait for the long term to generate good returns. While silver bars allow you to acquire more silver at a cheaper price per gram, silver coins have several distinct advantages.

Variety and purity

Firstly, they are available in a wide variety of sizes. 1-ounce coins are quite common, but now there are larger silver coins of 10 ounces and even up to 1KG. These large coins also offer you the same advantages as buying a silver bar. Secondly, purity is an important consideration. Silver coins with a purity of 95.8% are easily available. However, better options can be found like the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, which is a coin with 99.9% purity.

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A vibrant secondary market

Liquidity is also an important consideration when building a precious metals portfolio. Always buy silver coins that are popular and enjoy a strong secondary market. Obscure and rare coins can be difficult to sell later on. Well-known coins with a vibrant resale market include 1-ounce silver coins like the Krugerrand and the silver Britannia.

The silver Britannia is one of the finest silver coins to invest in
The silver Britannia is one of the finest silver coins to invest in

Tax efficiency

Any investment portfolio needs to be tax-friendly. While coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf are a great buy, the profits you make from their sale are taxable. UK silver coins like the silver Britannia, on the other hand, are CGT free, due to their status as legal tender in the country. The silver Britannia, in particular, is a bullion coin and is available in plenty. Therefore, premiums are low, they are CGT exempt and available with good discounts on bulk orders from reputed silver dealers.

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Are silver coins or bars better?

Investors have found the white metal alluring for some time now. Due to the potential to make significant gains once prices rise, the popularity of silver is gaining ground. The gold-silver ratio has widened considerably and silver is now more than 100 times cheaper than gold. Investment options and silver include bars of varying sizes and a variety of choice in coins.

There are important differences in buying bars and coins. These include considerations of important investment factors like divisibility, value, variety and liquidity. In this article, we will explore these differences and understand whether it is prudent to invest in silver coins or bars.

Are silver coins or bars better?
Large silver bars carry lower production costs

Coins offer distinct advantages

Coins are usually a better bet for investment for a couple of reasons. They offer far better divisibility than owning large silver bars, providing flexibility to sell small amounts. If living in the country of issue, they can also be Capital Gains Tax-free. Bars can be slightly cheaper due to lower production cost, but quantity discounts are achievable when buying lots of coins.

It is interesting to know that silver coins are available in 10 ounces and 1 kg versions. One of the compelling reasons for the popularity of silver bars is that they carry lower production costs. This offers investors the opportunity to acquire more silver for their money. However, large coins are almost similar to investing in bars. Additionally, these coins are tax-efficient if they have a face value.

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The importance of divisibility

Investing in a variety of smaller coins will enable the investor to spread the value of the investments. This is an important factor as it allows you to take advantage of different price points when the market is good. Investing in a large bar gives you that one opportunity to sell, while smaller coins can be sold bit by bit to maximise profits.

Silver bars can offer greater value

The experience of purchasing a large silver bar is altogether different from acquiring coins. There are large bars available that weigh 1 kg or 5 kg, and they offer an excellent opportunity to acquire more silver at a cheaper price per gram. This is simply because silver bars carry lower production costs and design costs. If the purpose of your investment is simply to acquire a larger amount of silver at cheaper prices, then bars could be the right choice for you. However, you need to bear in mind that large silver bars do not tick the boxes for divisibility, variety and tax efficiency.

Are silver coins or bars better?
Silver coins offer tax advantages

Tax-efficient investments in silver

Unlike gold, 20% VAT is payable on all silver bars and coins. Needless to say, this escalates your purchase price and eats into your profit margins.

Physical Gold, a well-known precious metals dealer in the country prior to Brexit offered VAT free silver. Sadly this is no longer possible, due to the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU. However, even with paying 20% VAT, the price differential is negligible. This is because:

a) We have reduced our product range of silver products. This means we are buying at highly competitive prices and pass this discount on to our customers!

b) We can also now provide free delivery on silver, as we ship now directly from the UK. Delivery was previously charged for

In addition, we can also supply silver and gold together in the same order now, whereas previously to attract VAT free silver we needed to accept “silver only” orders.

Silver coins that carry a face value, on the other hand, is recognised as legal tender in the country. Therefore, they can be acquired CGT free. While you will end up paying VAT when buying these coins, the profits you make when selling them are tax-free up to a level of £ 12,000 in a single tax year. It is important to be aware of these tax implications when investing in silver to make the right choices when building your portfolio.

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Is it best to buy old or new Sovereigns?

Sovereigns are one of the most popular British coins that investors opt for. When compared to other gold coins, Sovereigns tick many boxes, which make them attractive to investors. Firstly, they are available in a variety of sizes. The full, half and quarter Sovereigns are found in many investment portfolios. There are fractional ones as well – the one-tenth and the one-twentieth of an ounce. If any investor focuses on divisibility, these are great options. There is even the quintuple Sovereign or the 5-pound gold coin which presents great value for money.

Of course, the coin has been around for 200 years, and many issues are freely available. They are extremely well-known all over the world, which makes the Sovereign one of the most liquid coins in the market. In addition to all these reasons, investors love the Sovereign due to its tax friendliness. Sovereigns are VAT and CGT free for all UK residents. The question is – should one buy the older coins or the new ones? The brand-new ones are released as a bullion coin, available in an attractive blister pack. Which ones are a better buy?

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The best type of Sovereign to buy will depend on your objectives and budget. Brand new (current year) Sovereigns are actually the cheapest to buy as they do not yet hold a historical or scarcity value. Older Sovereigns cost more to buy for these reasons but are worth more and may rise in value quicker. Ideally, a mix of the two types will achieve the most balance.

Is it best to buy old or new Sovereigns
1959 Queen Elizabeth II gold Sovereign

Setting your objectives

It is probably apt to start with objectives first. There are a variety of different reasons and motivations for buying gold Sovereigns that vary from numismatists to investors. Collectors will usually search for older Sovereigns that carry a scarcity premium. George III Sovereigns are extremely rare and valuable and these coins have fetched prices well over £100,000. An investor will think differently. Collectors are always happy to pay premiums and purchase proof coins, which are more attractive and expensive. Investors, on the other hand, would always opt for bullion coins, which offer a far better potential for investment.

Buying newer bullion coins

New gold Sovereigns have certain distinct advantages. Price plays an important role in the acquisition of newer Sovereigns. Since the new coins do not attract large premiums based on scarcity, rarity and age, investors can bag a bargain and acquired these at lower price points. The demand for Sovereigns is great and the secondary market price remains buoyant on the back of healthy demand.


Therefore, good resale prices can be expected in the future and investors can maximise their profits by investing in these coins. However, December is not a great month to buy, as premiums tend to escalate during this time, in anticipation of the next year’s issue. If you plan to buy large quantities, you can get better discounts from reputed dealers. It is also important that you evaluate the different deals offered by several dealers. You can get the best deals by simply shopping around and checking the prices offered by different dealerships.

How Much are Gold Sovereign Coins Worth
King George V Half-Sovereign

Larger Sovereigns are a better buy

There can be great advantages when you buy a larger Sovereign coin. Larger coins benefit from lower production costs. The costs incurred in designing and cutting smaller versions of the same coin add to the overall margin. By purchasing the double Sovereign or the quintuple Sovereign, you can acquire more gold content at a lower price point.

Call Physical Gold to understand the best opportunities in gold Sovereigns

As the Sovereign is one of the most popular British coins for investment, our team conducts extensive research on the availability, demand and market price of the coin. You could benefit from the impartial advice that we can offer you. Call us on (020) 7060 9992 or simply reach out to our team online via our website.


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Where to buy gold in the UK?

In the summer of 2020 traditional avenues of investments have been depleted with the unfolding of yet another economic crisis, on the back of the COVID 19 pandemic. The demand for gold is soaring and already, the spot price of gold has touched $1800 per ounce.

In the immediate post-pandemic world, things are likely to remain the same. Time after time, investors have always turned to gold during times of global economic crisis. If we revisit the historical gold charts for 2011, we can see that the peak of the last worldwide economic crisis brought about the highest price of gold in August 2011, when the spot price went above $1900 per ounce. We are slowly getting there. Like many other investors, if you are considering gold investments, it is important to understand where to purchase your gold.

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If you’re looking to buy gold coins and bars, the best places to buy are from specialist gold merchants. A list of approved gold dealers can be found on the British Numismatic Trade Association website. They will be trustworthy to charge fair prices and ensure all products are authentic and of high quality. If you’d prefer to buy in person, then certain area specialises in selling gold. In London, Hatton Garden features many stores in the same street, so prices can be easily compared. In the Midlands, the Jewellery Quarter also possesses several options. Just be aware that choice may be limited when compared to specialist online gold brokers.

Where to buy gold in the UK?
It is safest to buy gold bullion bars from a reputed dealer

Buying gold without counterparty risks

Physical gold investments are safer since you possess the tangible assets you purchase. There are other forms of gold investments like gold company stocks or gold ETFs. These carry counterparty risks, which implies that the non-performance or the bankruptcy of the company that issued you the paper investment certificate can result in your investments being eroded. Physical gold investments mean buying gold bars and coins.


Buying gold from eBay

Large online retailers like eBay are great at giving you amazing deals on books, music, electronics, and many other product categories. However, buying precious metals from eBay can prove to be extremely risky. Most of the auctions on these online sites are re-sales and being able to ascertain the authenticity of the gold you’re buying can be difficult. Verification of the quality of gold requires sophisticated testing equipment. In the absence of these, you could be exposing yourself to fraud. In addition to these concerns, PayPal fees are high on sites like eBay and once these costs have been built into the buying price, it’s not a great deal any more.

Where to buy gold in the UK?
A reputed gold dealer can arrange to have your gold stored in a secure facility

The best places to buy gold in the UK

The answer is simple. To acquire high-quality gold bullion, which has been verified and comes with an authenticity certificate at the best prices, you need to find a reputed UK gold dealer. The British Numismatic Trade Association (BNTA) maintains a registered of trusted gold dealers in the UK. An additional advantage of identifying a UK dealership from this source is adherence to an industry code of conduct. If there is any dispute regarding the quality of the dealer’s goods and services, a complaint process is available to you.

How can you identify a reputed gold dealer?

Once you have collated your list of contacts from the BNTA, check the reputation of dealerships over the internet. A reputed business should have a proven track record going back some years and you can view customer ratings about their trustworthiness, quality of products and services. After you have prepared a shortlist, it’s a good idea to pick up the phone and call the dealerships. Good dealers will always be ready to answer any questions you may have and will offer certificates of authenticity and a buyback scheme for the gold they’re selling. Many of them can also arrange secure storage for your gold and offer you insured delivery for your products. Once you’ve checked out all these points, you would have if you reputed online dealers. These are the best places for you to buy your gold in the UK.

We can help you identify a reputed gold dealer

If you need to buy gold, and you’re looking for a specialist gold dealer, give us a call. The team of investment experts at Physical Gold can help you identify a reliable gold dealer. Call us on (020) 7060 9992, or contact the team online through our website.


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What is Gold Investment?

It is common knowledge that investors always turned to gold during times of economic turmoil. As a result, gold investments are perceived as a safety net to hedge risks. Our world has seen unprecedented economic adversity in the last two decades. The sub-prime housing market crisis that unfolded in the US during 2008 spiralled into a full-blown economic disaster for the world. At the peak of the crisis, in 2011 gold reached an all-time high crossing the $1900 barrier per ounce. This was clearly a result of scared investors moving their money to gold, spiking the demand for the yellow metal.

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Similarly, there have been several geopolitical factors that have created adversity in the world. Over the last decade, there has been Brexit, the fallout of the US-China trade war, as well as ballooning government debts across nations of the developed world. Now, we have the COVID 19 global pandemic, which is threatening to have long-term repercussions for the stability of the global economy. Indeed, gold prices have once again risen, crossing the $ 1800 mark. Since everyone seems to be moving towards gold, let’s figure out the essential factors that can affect gold investments.

What is Gold Investment?
Gold bullion bars are a great investment

Gold investment has many forms

Gold investment can take several forms. The most obvious is to purchase physical gold coins and bars. Gold investment can also be achieved through buying Gold ETFs, gold mining shares, and gold mutual funds. Generally, the aim is for capital appreciation in line with the gold price and to profit from selling the gold at a higher price than when bought. As well as outright profit, motivations for investing in gold can be to provide balance and protection to other assets, and as a store of wealth to beat inflation.


A question of balance

Gold investments, when planned properly can provide much-needed balance to your portfolio and protect you against economic adversity. The term ‘balance’ simply refers to a diversification of your investments across asset classes, resulting in a healthy spread of risks. This means that a sudden collapse of the global stock markets may impact a part of your financial portfolio that has exposure to equities. But your entire portfolio won’t take a hit, especially since precious metals like gold, do not have the same market dynamics as global equities.

Historically, gold has also beaten other monetary factors like rising inflation, which can erode the value of your investments. Volatility in the global currency markets can also impact your portfolio. Gold investments are an excellent choice, simply because you can achieve protection against these negative outcomes.

The philosophy of gold investments

To be a successful investor, you need to select the right type of gold investments, based on your personal objectives. For example, if you are looking to make quick gains by timing the market, electronic gold investments in the form of ETFs could be the right avenue for you. If you are planning to build a strong precious metals portfolio, then you must consider attributes like liquidity, value, divisibility and variety, which can have a significant impact on your portfolio.

Authentic gold bars always have a manufacturer stamp on the face
Authentic gold bars always have a manufacturer stamp on the face


This simply means being able to sell off your physical gold holdings quickly, to take advantage of market prices and bring in profits. A smart gold investor will buy popular coins and bars which are easy to sell.

Value and divisibility

These two attributes have a somewhat converse relationship. You can get better value by investing in large bars and coins, due to their lower production costs. However, when you do that you sacrifice divisibility – a term that implies dividing your physical gold holdings into smaller dimensions so that you don’t have to sell large amounts of gold at one time. Variety can play an important role when selecting gold coins, as it increases the attractiveness of your collection.

Other factors

Counterparty risk is an important consideration and you can mitigate this risk by simply investing in gold in a physical form. Tax efficiency is another important consideration when planning your portfolio. All investment-grade gold is VAT free in the UK, but you can become liable for capital gains tax if you invest in coins that are not legal tender in the UK. So, it’s important to choose carefully.

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Should investments in gold be for the long term?

Gold is an incredibly versatile precious metal. It is possibly one of the most liquid asset classes. Gold can be sold in the secondary market and converted into cash quite quickly. If you have invested wisely and distributed your investments across small sizes of gold, this can provide flexibility to your portfolio. This simply means that you can sell the required part of your holdings and raise money to fund your cash flow requirements. But a key dilemma that many investors have on their minds is – how long should the investment horizon be?

Gold investment should be for at least the medium term and act as a permanent part of an overall investment strategy. This is for two reasons. Firstly, gold performs extremely well during times of crisis and economic turbulence. By always owning some gold, you’ll be prepared for sudden market downturns. Reacting to events is too late as the gold price would likely have already risen. Secondly, the gold price can be volatile, so short-term investing can lead to losses if the timing is unlucky.

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Gold – a solid and stable safety net

Most asset classes are dependent on a strong global economy to boost their performance. However, gold investing is different. Investors tend to move to gold when the global economy goes into a downward spiral. Back in 2011, the world witnessed the highest peak price of gold ever at the height of a global economic crisis that eroded currency markets and the capital markets worldwide. Have you been following the spot price of gold recently? As we brace ourselves for yet another period of economic turmoil, the gold price has been steadily rising and has reached the $1800 mark on the US exchange. Investors who built up their gold portfolio five or six years ago are ready to rake in their profits.

Should investments in gold be for the long term
This Hungarian gold coin dates back to 1491 and may be rare, but difficult to sell immediately

The multiple benefits of investing in the long-term

Gold investments aren’t just about protecting yourself from global economic woes. The yellow metal provides a healthy dose of balance, liquidity, and insurance for your investment portfolio. Gold creates balance by hedging the risks you may otherwise have faced when investing in other asset classes. Certain asset classes like real estate cannot be sold instantly. Gold is one of the most liquid forms of investment that can be sold into the secondary market at any point in time, providing much-needed liquidity for your portfolio. There are other benefits of investing in gold as well. Adverse economic forces over which you may have no control like inflation, counterparty risks and currency deflation can impact the overall value of your investments. Gold provides insurance against these risks by beating the rate of inflation and reducing volatility through predictable returns.

Should investments in gold be for the long term?
The gold Krugerrand is a liquid coin, but not tax efficient in the UK

Tax efficiency

Tax bills play an important role in determining the total value of returns on your investments. Investments in most asset classes are taxable and the taxman axes the profits you make over time. Investments that may appear to have a strong performance can suddenly look pale when your tax bill is factored in. Gold, on the other hand, is a hugely tax-efficient investment avenue. In the UK, all investment-grade gold is VAT free. Additionally, gold coins that have a face value and are considered legal tender in the UK are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT). As an investor, you can save CGT on a threshold of £12,000 in profits in a single tax year. This is a significant amount of tax relief and if you hold onto your gold investments over time and plan any sales by factoring in CGT exemptions year-on-year.

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How to buy gold online?

Buying gold online

One of the biggest disruptions that have changed our world in the last decade has been the mercurial growth of online trading. The precious metals industry has not been left behind. The industry lost no time in embracing new technologies to create a robust online marketplace where gold and silver could be traded.

There are several inherent advantages of buying gold online, however, safety and security remain a key concern for investors. Reputed dealers like Physical Gold, have taken steps to make the online buying process simple, comprehensive and safe. In this article, we will explore how investors can easily purchase gold products online and build a portfolio.

Firstly, find a trustworthy gold dealer. They should have been around for a long time, have a large number of customer reviews and offer good customer service. Next, you can simply set up an online account with that gold company and add gold coins or bars to your basket. Payment options are varied and usually include an array of cards up to £5,000 in value and bank transfer for larger sums. PayPal and American Express are rarely offered due to tight margins in the industry. Good gold dealers may be able to offer advice as to which gold to buy to meet your objectives.

How to buy gold online
Gold bullion coins can be easily bought online

Finding a reputed gold dealer

A reputed gold retailer will have a proven track record of transactions and reliable customer service. When researching a gold dealer on the internet, look for customer feedback and trust ratings. If you cannot find this information about a certain company, it’s perhaps best not to deal with them. Almost all reputed gold dealers will be registered with a regulatory body in the industry, like the BNTA. Visiting their website and going through the list of dealers registered with them can be an easy way to identify the best dealers to buy from. This is often the first step and doing your research diligently can ensure the safety of your transactions with minimal chances of getting ripped off.


Checking the variety of products

Many online dealers will be able to offer you a far greater variety of gold products, than your local high-street gold dealer. Online gold dealerships have thousands of products that you can browse and select from the safety and comfort of your living room. This gives you greater flexibility to find the right products that match your investment objectives. Of course, there are safety considerations when buying gold on the high street. When you buy your gold from a high-street store and leave, your safety could be compromised. These are some of the many important considerations why you should opt to buy your gold online.

How to buy gold online
When buying online, it’s best not to invest in rare and valuable coins as they are hard to sell

Opening an online account

Once you identify a dealer of choice and you have spent enough time going through their website and selecting the products you want, it is time to open an online account. Most reputed dealers will allow you to register for free. Simply add the gold items you want to purchase into the online cart. After you select your products, you can pay for your purchases using a debit or credit card. It’s that simple.

Making online payments

Cards may be used for purchases up to £5,000. If you wish to make purchases over and above this amount, you can do so using bank transfers. Larger purchases will require proof of identification as well. Most reputed dealers use secure payment gateways, so your bank details would not be compromised. At this point, you should also select the method of delivery. Always opt for insured delivery if you intend to collect your gold at your residence. You should also make prior arrangements for safe storage of your gold in your home. Most well-known dealers would also offer you the option of storing your gold in a secure storage facility, arranged by them.

Visit the Physical Gold website for your online purchases

Physical Gold has a very comprehensive online store that uses a 3-D secure system to make payments. Several investors have used our website to buy gold. Go on to our website and register for a free account. By following five simple steps, you can easily make online purchases. If you want to find out more about buying gold online, give us a call on (020) 7060 9992 or drop us an email.


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Which gold coins are a good investment?

Gold investors have several options to choose from when deciding to purchase gold coins as a sound investment. Many people prefer to buy rare and old coins that carry hefty premiums due to their age and scarcity. International coins like the Canadian Maple Leaf and the Gold Krugerrand are popular with investors across the world.

In general, any experienced gold investor will not advise you to buy obscure coins, simply due to their lack of liquidity. These coins are difficult to sell off, even with the assistance of a reputed dealer. Therefore, they wouldn’t qualify as a good investment, since one cannot realise its sale and profits when it is needed the most.

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For UK investors, the best gold coins for investment are Britannias and Sovereign coins. Both are relatively cheap compared to many non-UK coins and even small bars. Buying gold Sovereigns provides a huge choice of options from the age of coins to size. Stick to bullion coins rather than proof finishes which are more for collectors. Liquidity is excellent for these UK coins, so you’ll be able to sell easily at a competitive price. As legal tender coins, any profits are also tax-free.

Which gold coins are a good investment?
This Queen Victoria Double Sovereign is a beautiful coin but carries a premium as a proof coin and due to its age

The gold Britannia

The gold Britannia is an extremely attractive coin for investors. It is often considered to be a coin that should form the backbone of every gold portfolio. The gold Britannia has been around since 1987, and it is produced as a bullion coin. Therefore, it is easily available with low premiums and discounts can be availed from large, reputed dealerships on bulk orders.

The Britannia is available in different sizes and larger coins are a great deal for investors since their production costs are lower and the gold is available at a slightly cheaper price per gram.


The classic Britannia icon on the coin is usually updated every two years by the Royal Mint, which elicits healthy interest from collectors. Of course, it can be purchased VAT and CGT free in the UK, owing to the coin’s status as legal tender. Adding the Britannia to your portfolio can bring good returns in the future. The coin has a strong secondary market, so you shouldn’t have any problems selling it when you have to.

The gold Sovereign

The Sovereign has been part of British coinage for 200 years. The modern sovereign was launched in 1817. Now, it has been removed from circulation and is available as a bullion coin. Easy availability is, of course, an important criterion for choosing the sovereign, as part of your portfolio. Divisibility is also an important consideration, and the sovereign is available in many sizes, including the half-sovereign, the quarter sovereign, and smaller fractional sizes. Like the Britannia, it enjoys a great secondary market and can add balance, liquidity, and divisibility to your portfolio.

The Queen’s Beasts

The Queen’s Beasts is a series of coins minted by the Royal Mint. The coin features Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse and the reverse of the coin depicts one of the 10 Queen’s beasts. There is a lot of interest amongst investors and collectors to acquire the complete set. Due to this, premiums associated with this coin have been rising quicker than other gold coins and certain coins from this series have already appreciated by 40% in one year. These are all great reasons for you to buy this gold coin as a solid investment.

The Lunar series

Another gold coin worth investing in is the Lunar series, also minted and released by the Royal Mint. The series was launched in 2014 and these exquisite gold coins feature animals from the Chinese Zodiac. These are released periodically and only a few have been launched so far. There should be 12 coins in this set, so it makes sense to buy the ones that have already been launched and keep going to complete the set.

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Which is a Better Investment – Gold or Diamonds?

Gold or Diamonds?

Investors often wonder about asset class diversification. When it comes to holding physical assets, of course, there are precious metals. But, what about precious stones? The Queen of all precious stones is the diamond and has been immortalised in song for decades. Dame Shirley Bassey sang – ‘Diamonds are Forever’. Jim Croce sang about a big diamond ring in his song, ‘Big Bad Leroy Brown’. Of course, the Beatles sang, “I’ll buy you a diamond ring, my friend …” So, should you be investing in diamonds? Is it likely to be a better investment than gold?

Unless you’re an expert with years of experience, diamond investment poses huge risks that you could pay over the odds. The diamond market is also far less liquid than the gold market, meaning you may not get the price you want when it comes to selling, and it may take some time. Gold is a far more structured marketplace with transparent pricing and dealers who can help guide you. Gains can be large with diamonds, but gold acts more like a market hedge and security.

Which is a Better Investment - Gold or Diamonds?
The Jacob Diamond is the fifth largest diamond in the world and belongs to the Nizam of Hyderabad, India

Ethical issues

The diamond market has had its fair share of negative publicity, owing to ethical issues of exploitation of poor labourers and employment of children in the industry. The ‘blood diamonds’ controversy is still around and imports of diamonds to the UK and the European Union from South Africa and other diamond producing countries is highly regulated. As an investor, you need to be abreast of these issues surrounding the trade. Gold, on the other hand, does not have this kind of controversial social impact. It has been around for thousands of years and currently, the gold market is extremely transparent and structured.


Intrinsic value

Physical gold investments have an intrinsic value that has been around for thousands of years. Gold is perceived as a repository of value and a safe haven during times of economic adversity. Other asset classes do provide quick returns over the short term. However, there is a good degree of volatility associated with these. Gold is seen as a stable, solid precious metal that has intrinsic value and delivers healthy returns over the long-term. Let us consider the global stock markets. During a stock market crash, the value of your investments can fall to zero. But, this can never happen to gold.

This 250kg gold bar could well be one of the largest in the world
This 250kg gold bar could well be one of the largest in the world

The rising price of gold

As the world stands on the precipice of another major economic crisis, the spot price of gold has already crossed $ 1800 per ounce. So, we are coming close to the peak price of gold, which was achieved at the height of the last recession in 2011. At the time, gold touched an all-time high of $ 1917.90 per ounce. These price rises are driven by investors rushing to hedge their risks and moved their money to gold. As an investor, if you had invested in gold even a year ago, you could already be raking in profits. Of course, gold can provide stability and balance to your portfolio and ensure your investments against adversity. Gold investments can also protect you against market forces like inflation.

Tax benefits

As a UK investor, you can reap good benefits by investing in gold. Gold bars and coins are available in the UK are VAT-free, as they are manufactured using investment-grade gold. Coins that are legal tender in the country also offer the added advantage of the exemption from Capital Gains Tax. Investments in precious stones like diamonds do not carry such benefits.

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Are Gold Britannias a Good Investment?

Investing in Britannia Gold coins

The gold Britannia is perhaps the most famous UK gold coin. The coin is well-known all over the world for its popularity and liquidity. Gold experts believe that it is a flagship coin that every investor needs to start with when building a portfolio. The coin has only been around since 1987, and therefore, does not command high premiums based on age and rarity. It is available with every gold dealer as a bullion coin.

The Britannias track the gold spot price and can appreciate or depreciate with that price. It’s arguably the most popular gold investment in the UK as the coins are very good value due to mass production and their larger size. They’re completely tax-free due to their legal tender status, and their Royal Mint heritage enhances their global appeal.

Are Gold Britannias a Good Investment
The iconic Britannia is also available in silver

The spot price plays a critical role in determining the value of a gold Britannia. Of course, supply and demand for particular coins can vary in the market. Although the coin has only been around for four decades, specific years of issue can be hard to find. These coins may carry premiums up to 5% due to their scarcity. In general, the 1-ounce gold Britannia has been known to command, approximately 98% of the current spot price of gold.

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What are the factors that can affect the investment value of a gold Britannia?

Apart from the spot price, there are a few other factors that may impact the value of a gold Britannia. To start with, it is a bigger coin and provides investors with more gold content. This makes it very attractive as an investable coin. Larger gold coins provide investors with the opportunity to acquire more gold at a lesser price per gram, due to lower production costs. The gold Britannia falls under this category and is considered to be a lucrative coin to invest in. As discussed earlier, scarcity of specific issues and special commemorative issues can escalate the price of those specific coins.

Are Gold Britannias a Good Investment
The Britannia icon, seen here as a national statue, is represented on the coin

Tax efficiency makes it a lucrative investment

The gold Britannia is a highly tax-efficient coin, making it attractive to investors. Since the coin is minted with investment-grade gold, it can be bought VAT free. Similarly to the Gold Sovereign, the Britannia is legal tender in the UK and therefore qualifies for CGT exemption. This is an added fillip for investors, as any profits accrued from the sale of the coin up to £12,000 per tax year can be had without paying any Capital Gains Tax.

Fineness of gold

Since 2013, the gold Britannia is being minted using 24-carat gold with a fineness of 0.999. This is a very powerful reason for investors to acquire the coin. The coins released before 2012 contained 22-carat gold with a fineness of 0.917. Since 1990, the gold alloy used to construct the coin contained silver, instead of copper.

Different dimensions

Another reason for the gold Britannia to be the backbone of every gold portfolio is the variety factor. The coin was initially released in four sizes – 1 ounce, half-ounce, quarter-ounce and one-tenth. However, since 2013, a 5-ounce coin is available, which is very lucrative for investors. Additionally, a fractional coin that is one 20th of an ounce is also available in the market. This has improved, divisibility, as well as variety, making the gold Britannia an excellent investment.

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What is the Difference between a Gold Sovereign and a Half Sovereign?

The sovereign is an iconic British coin that is popular amongst investors and collectors. The modern sovereign has been in existence since 1817, and the coin has witnessed the reigns of several British monarchs. The current version features a design of St George and the Dragon, which was created by the famous coin designer, Benedetto Pistrucci.

The sovereign is available in different forms, owing to separate releases during the reigns of different monarchs. The gold coins issued during the reign of Queen Victoria have three different editions – the young head, the Jubilee head and the old head. These variances make the coin extremely attractive to collectors. In this article, we will explore the differences between a gold sovereign, otherwise known as a full sovereign and a half-sovereign.

Difference between a Gold Sovereign and a Half Sovereign
A full Sovereign from the Sydney Mint, depicting the young head of Queen Victoria (1855).

Differences in size and weight

Many features are identical like the 22-carat alloy mix and front and back design. A full gold Sovereign coin is about the size of a one pence piece and weighs 7.98g, while the half Sovereign is closer to the old halfpenny size and weighs 3.99g. Both have a face value, qualifying them as legal tender in the UK, with the larger coin featuring a £1 value, and the half Sovereign 50p.

The half sovereign goes by that name since it is half the weight of a full sovereign, and has half the gold content. The face value of the half-sovereign is also half a pound. The Bank of England decided to discontinue the gold standard in 1931. Since then, the half-sovereign was minted as a bullion coin. However, it continued to be recognised as legal tender in the UK.


Long history

The introduction of the half-sovereign into British coinage took place in 1544, during the time of King Henry VIII. In contrast, the original sovereign was released during the reign of King Henry VII’s in 1489. However, the circulation of both coins lasted only till 1604. The long hiatus of both sovereigns finally ended in 1817, when they were reintroduced, following the great British re-coinage of 1816. In the years that followed, the half-sovereign, remained in production, until 1926 in the UK. It is interesting to note that Australia continued to use this coin, till 1933. Production of the half-sovereign was restarted only in 1980, however, there were certain special issues for events like the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Dimensions of the half-sovereign

When we speak about modern sovereigns, including the half sovereigns, we are referring to the issues beyond 1817. The dimensions of the modern half-sovereign include a diameter of 19.30 mm and a thickness of 0.99mm. The full sovereign, on the other hand, has a diameter of 22.05 mm and a thickness of 1.52 mm. The half-sovereign, weighing 3.99 g is around half that of the full sovereign, which weighs 7.98 g. The half-sovereign, therefore, contains 0.1176 troy ounces of 22-carat crown gold.

Difference between a Gold Sovereign and a Half Sovereign
This 1914 half-sovereign has the icon of St George and the Dragon, by Benedetto Pistrucci

Divisibility considerations

When building a gold portfolio, divisibility is an important factor. The half-sovereign is an invaluable addition to a gold portfolio since it offers the investor the opportunity to invest in a small portion of gold, around half that of the gold sovereign, which contains approximately a quarter ounce of gold. This makes the half-sovereign a more affordable coin and easier to sell when funding cash flows.

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Tax implications

Both the half-sovereign and the full sovereign are UK legal tender and qualify for CGT exemptions. Since both coins contain investment-grade gold, they can be purchased VAT free.

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How Much are Gold Sovereign Coins Worth?

Value of Gold Sovereigns

The British gold Sovereign coin has been in existence for more than two centuries. The current version was initially issued by the Royal Mint in 1817, having gold content purity of 22 carats for a face value of 1 pound. At the time, the coin was in circulation. But, since 1932, the circulation of these coins has stopped. Now, the Royal Mint issues them as a bullion coin. The gold Sovereign coins available today carry the famous design of St George and the Dragon, created by the Italian designer, Benedetto Pistrucci on the reverse of the coin. The British gold Sovereign has maintained its status as one of the most famous coins in the world. Its liquidity is unparalleled and therefore, very attractive to investors.

How Much are Gold Sovereign Coins Worth
King George III Sovereign – one of the most valuable

How can we calculate the value of a Gold Sovereign?

This is a question frequently asked by many investors. The value of a Gold Sovereign depends on several variables. Firstly, the gold content value can be calculated by multiplying the current gold price by 7.32g. The age and condition of the coin will also impact the worth, with Victorian gold Sovereigns being valued higher than newer coins. Finally, a private collector may pay higher for a particular Sovereign than a jeweller for instance.

Perhaps the most valuable Sovereign is a George III sovereign. These were the ones first minted in 1817 post the great re-coinage of 1816. Few were produced, as the King was deceased by 1820. As a result, these coins were struck for only three years with limited mintage. Falling demand was yet another factor that contributed to the limited production of these coins and there were only 3500 produced by 1819. Of course, today, these coins are considered to be very rare, owing to their limited availability. Recently, one of the George III Sovereigns was sold for £ 186,000 at an auction.

How Much are Gold Sovereign Coins Worth
King George V Half-Sovereign

Scarcity and rarity

These are perhaps the key factors that raised the value of a British gold sovereign. The older Sovereigns go back over centuries and post the reign of King George III, Sovereigns are available from the reign of King George IV, who became the British monarch by 1820. Once again, his reign was short-lived and a new monarch – King William IV acceded to the throne in 1830 and passed away by 1837. As we can see, these frequent changes that took place in the monarchy created limited editions of the gold Sovereign through the reigns of these Kings, and these are hard to come by today, escalating their value as collectable coins


The Sovereigns of Queen Victoria

By 1838, the Victorian ‘shield back’ Sovereign was in circulation and it gained popularity, resulting in the coin being struck regularly at the Royal Mint. During this era, improvements in the quality of the coins were put in place, ensuring that the Sovereigns were produced to a much higher standard. During the start of the Victorian era, the coins featured the young head of the Queen. These Sovereigns can be sold for £300 each, making them fairly valuable.

Proof coins can fetch higher prices

Ordinarily, anyone will tell you that proof coins have a higher quality of finish and are extremely well presented in a polished form. However, the gold content is the same, and therefore these coins may not fetch you higher prices. But the gold Sovereign bucks this trend. For example, there is a series of proof coins that were created in anticipation of the start of King Edward VIII. Upon his abdication, the coins were never released. They are considered to be very rare and one of these coins was sold for £516,000 at an auction in 2014. Some rare modern Sovereigns can also fetch high prices.

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What are Gold Sovereign Coins?

Sovereign coins

Sovereign coins are 22 carat UK gold coins issued by The Royal Mint since 1817. With a face value of £1, they were initially circulated but are now popular amongst investors and collectors. The coin is minted by the Royal Mint, as a bullion coin and some designs of the coin are released in limited numbers. This is one aspect of the gold Sovereign that elicits healthy interest from investors and numismatists alike. The gold Sovereign enjoys a reputation of being one of the most liquid coins in the world.

Investment in these coins is widely regarded as safe and secure, and can also be used as a strategy to create diversification within a traditional investment portfolio, creating a good balance of paper asset classes and physical assets like gold and silver. Due to the scarcity of certain issues of the gold sovereign, the coin may attract high premiums. Their value can rise with the price of gold and also with their scarcity and antiquity. The gold Sovereign provides investors with plenty of options since this iconic British coin has been around for more than 200 years.

What are Gold Sovereign Coins
A 1959 Queen Elizabeth II gold Sovereign

A coin that has seen the reigns of many monarchs

The earliest version of the gold Sovereign was issued in 1489 and is popularly known as the English Gold Sovereign. Today, this is extremely rare to find and it can fetch very high premiums due to its demand and scarcity. These coins were around until 1604. The weighed half a Troy ounce and was originally minted with 23-carat gold. During the reign of King Henry VIII, the gold content was reduced to 22 carats. Years later, during the Great Recoinage of 1816, the gold Sovereign was reintroduced in 1817, effectively replacing the original English Sovereign. By this time, the Coin Act had come into place and stringent technical specifications were introduced for the new Sovereigns, which are followed even today. The gold Sovereign was in circulation until 1932 and has since been released as a bullion coin.


Where are the Sovereigns minted?

Between 1817 and 1917 – a period of hundred years, the gold Sovereign was minted in the UK. However, mintage was shared with other reputed mints across the British Empire after 1917. The new production of the Sovereign was distributed across Canada, Australia and South Africa. By 1957, colonial rule had ended across the world and the Sovereign was once again minted exclusively by the Royal Mint till 2013.

Since then, the Royal Mint has inked a deal with MMTC-PAMP, a company based in India to share mintage of the gold sovereigns. This move was undertaken primarily due to the high demand for gold products in Asia. Although the production has been partly outsourced, strict quality controls continue to be in place and the Sovereigns produced in India are identical to the ones minted in the Welsh-based Royal Mint. The only difference is that the ones produced overseas bear a special ‘I’ mark.

What are Gold Sovereign Coins
A rare half-sovereign of King Henry VIII

The tax efficiency of gold Sovereigns

Gold Sovereigns are manufactured using investment-grade gold. Therefore, they enjoy VAT free status in the UK. Since the coins are considered legal tender in the country, they are also free from capital gains tax. Any gains are tax-free.

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How to buy Gold and Silver Bullion

Buying Gold and Silver Bullion

Gold and silver bullion commonly refer to bars rather than bullion finish coins. Precious metals merchants generally buy and sell both metals so it’s possible to buy gold and silver from the same place. There are certain distinct advantages to buying bullion. The most important advantage is the elimination of counterparty risk and taking control of one’s wealth. Counterparty risk refers to the risk associated with the promise of delivery from a third party. If you invest in gold company stocks, paper gold or other gold instruments, you open yourself up to these risks. Therefore, buying gold and silver bullion can be an excellent strategy to minimise risks and maximise returns.

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Knowing the spot price of gold and silver

The first step in purchasing gold and silver bullion is to know the spot price and how it works. Nowadays, it’s very easy to find out the prevailing spot prices of these precious metals. Most reputed online dealers and regulatory bodies like the LBMA display the spot price on their website. Since the spot price is a dynamically changing number, it will be displayed as a ticker. It’s important to understand that you will never buy gold or silver bullion at the exact spot price. When buying, you would likely pay a small premium, over and above the spot price. Similarly, when selling, the price you achieve will be slightly below the spot price. Researching the spot prices and knowing about the market is an essential first step to buy gold and silver bullion.

How to buy gold and silver bullion
Buying bullion coins can generate healthy returns

Getting to know a reputed dealer

Another important step in making the right investments in gold and silver is to go through a reputed dealer. Firstly, a high-street gold seller will not have a wide choice of products available to purchase. Secondly, making high-value purchases on the high street is usually a risky business. Check out the company’s track record and reviews before placing an order online. It may be worth calling them first to check their customer service. Larger bullion will be better value, but divisibility should also be a consideration.

How to buy Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold bullion bars carry lower production costs

At Physical Gold, every product we sell comes with a buyback guarantee. This assures customers that the gold bullion they buy from us is certified and genuine. This also makes a difference to buyers, as they can sell off their investments easily through the same dealer. It’s important to do your own research when selecting a dealer so that you can pick the right one.


Dangers of buying from Mints

Another way to buy gold and silver coins is to buy it directly from the Royal Mint. If you choose to buy non-UK bullion, there are other reputed mints in the world, like the Perth Mint in Australia, from where you may be able to purchase your bullion online through their websites. However, you may end up paying more for packaging and processing costs. Many reputed mints will also try to sell you proof coins. These are more polished and better looking and attract higher prices due to their finish. However, you must bear in mind that the gold and silver content remains the same. So, you are unlikely to receive a higher price at the time of selling, simply because they are proof coins. If your objective is to maximise your gains, you may be better off picking the right bargains from the secondary market through a dealer.

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