15 Famous Quotes about Silver

Silver has been making waves in the precious metals segment with renewed investor interest. Speculation is rife that the price of the white metal could rise significantly. Many investors have therefore resorted to investing in silver coins and bars. However, in this article, we move away from the market mechanisms of silver and explore 15 popular quotes about silver that can lend a philosophical perspective.



“Our happiness is certainly mixed with the tragedies of life. You have to find the lemonade. You have to find the silver lining in the middle of everything that happens in life.” – Chandra Wilson

American actress Chandra Wilson reflects on life in this quote. She talks about the ups and downs that are experienced by everyone, as a part of life. She says that optimism and positivity are all about finding a silver lining in between those ups and downs. Source:

A large silver bar like this can be a great investment
A large silver bar like this can be a great investment


“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in Beverly Hills, but I was born with a great deal of self-worth.” – Yolanda Hadid

In the statement above, television personality Yolanda Hadid refers to the rich and famous as being born with a silver spoon. However, being rich doesn’t necessarily lead to self-worth. This is the essence of this hard-hitting quote. – Source:



“The air is of silver and pearl; the night is liquid with moonlight.” – Willa Cather

Willa Cather was an American writer who was born in the 19th century. She describes the beauty of nature in this quote by comparing the air to the soft and smooth texture of the white metal. Source:



“For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.” – Martin Luther

Martin Luther, not to be confused with Martin Luther King, was a German philosopher and key figure in the Protestant Reformation, who lived during the 15th century. In his thoughts above, he exemplifies the beauty of nature. He states that a green tree in its natural state is far more beautiful than a tree made of precious metals. Source:



“Gold and silver have always had value, never gone to zero. Can you say the same for stocks and bonds?” – Mark Skousen

The quote from economist Mark Skousen is direct and to the point. He echoes an age-old investor sentiment that precious metals are a great repository of value that can never be destroyed, as opposed to the value generated by the capital markets. Source:



“Education is the silver bullet to improve this nation’s standing worldwide…. and our teachers know that.” – Solomon Ortiz

In this case, Ortiz, a former US representative, speaks about America. But, the quote is relevant to all nations in the world. Indeed, education is clearly the most important building block of a nation. Source:



“Many gold and silver experts will recommend you buy numismatic coins – rare and old coins. If you are not a rare coin expert, I’d encourage you to stay away from them.  New

investors often pay too much for rare coins that are not really rare.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki is a financial expert who is famous as an author of the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. The above statement reflects practical advice that any new silver investor should follow. Source:

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“If the people of Sheffield could only receive a tenth part of what their knives sell for by retail in America, Sheffield might pave its streets with silver.” – William Cobbett

An absolute truth! Manufacturers rarely receive even close to the final retail price for the goods they make. This quote goes back to 1830 and talks about how if Sheffield Knife Makers received the full price, they could pave the streets in silver! Source:



“The Moon is a silver pin-head vast, that holds the heaven’s tent-hangings fast.” – William R. Alger

This poetic line is extracted from a literary work known as ‘The Use of the Moon’, written in 1865 by William Alger. In the quote, the night sky has been referred to as ‘the heaven’s tent-hangings’, and the author visualises the Moon to be a silver pin that holds it all together. Source:



“Gold and silver, like other commodities, have an intrinsic value, which is not arbitrary, but is dependent on their scarcity, the quantity of labour bestowed in procuring them, and the value of the capital employed in the mines which produce them.” – David Ricardo

David Ricardo was a classical British economist who lived during the 18th and 19th centuries. Once again, the quote explains the factors that contribute to the intrinsic value of silver. Source:


Silver coins that are legal tender are capital gains tax exempt in the UK
Silver coins that are legal tender are capital gains tax exempt in the UK


“No lower can a man descend than to interpret his dreams into gold and silver.” – Khalil Gibran

Award-winning author Khalil Gibran talks about the futility of material desires, by saying that if a man only dreams about precious metals and wealth, he can stoop no lower. Source:



“Too many people miss the silver lining, because they’re expecting gold.” – Maurice Setter

Maurice Setter is a former English football player. In the sentence above, he alludes to the recognition of opportunity. He points out that many of us miss a good opportunity, simply because our expectations may be too high. Source: Kathleen J Shields



“Every silver lining has a cloud.” – Mary Kay Ash

This is an interesting reverse quote in many ways. Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay cosmetics points out that the contrary is also true. Thus, every great opportunity carries some element of risk. Source:

10 commandments


“Genius without education is like silver in the mine.” – Benjamin Franklin

Franklin, who needs no introduction, puts forth his thoughts on the value of education. He says, just like the value of silver can only be realised after mining, a person’s intellect must also be developed through education. Source:



“Nobody cares about the bronze or silver medals” – Buzz Aldrin

Here, astronaut Edwin Aldrin is possibly referring to himself as he was the second man on the moon. According to the quote, being first is everything. Source:


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Is There a Limit on Britannia Silver Coins Mintage?

The silver Britannia is an iconic British coin. The coin was released in 1997, due to the popularity of its gold counterpart. The silver Britannia offers investors and easy entry point into the world of precious metals, as the spot price of silver is currently 85 times cheaper than gold.

The coin adds divisibility and stability to any precious metal’s portfolio. Being legal tender in the UK offers investors the added advantage of acquiring the coin CGT free. We will now explore the current and historical limits on the mintage of this iconic piece of British coinage.

Early limits on mintage

In 1997, when the coin was first released into the market, the coin was available with the fineness of .958, indicating 95.8% pure silver. The coin is released in three ways; as proof, uncirculated bullion, and as part of proof sets. Mintage numbers have varied from year to year for each of these categories, but have settled on 2,500 for both proof types, and 100,000 for the bullion coins since 2008.

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The initial limit imposed on the 1-ounce proof orders in 1997 was 16,005. In the same year, the limit for proof sets was set at 11,832. By 1998, the uncirculated bullion mintage reached 88,909. The Royal Mint was responding to its increased demand as a silver bullion coin. However, in the same year, the 1-ounce proof edition of the coin was reduced to 3044. Proof sets orders were also limited to 3044, down from 11,832 in the first year of issue.

Britannia Silver Coins Mintage
The silver Britannia coin

Variable mintage quantities over the next seven years

By 1999, uncirculated bullion amounts of reduced to 69,394 and proof coins were discontinued in both the 1-ounce proof and the sets categories. The next few years saw limited numbers of uncirculated bullion coins being released in the market, ranging from 81,301 in 2000 to 100,000 in 2004. During these years, extremely limited quantities of proof sets and the 1-ounce proof coins were released. The Royal Mint was releasing the coins year-on-year, according to expected demand.

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Further changes to the silver Britannia

Steady streams of 100,000 uncirculated bullion coins were released from 2004 to 2009. An interesting fact to note is that in 2006, a silhouette collection of proof sets was released, which had five styles where the purity of silver was increased to 99.9%, along with gold gilts around the coin. By 2013, the purity of the coin was raised to 999.9 or 99.9%. The popularity of the coin had been greatly enhanced by this time. Mintage has become unlimited since 2013, in an attempt to meet the rising investment demand. The coin is therefore produced according to the volume of the order book.

An interesting anomaly

In 2014, around 17,000 silver Britannia coins were struck at the Royal Mint with a wrong image on the obverse. There had been a mix-up with the Royal Mint’s lunar series – the year of the horse. These coins are commonly known as the ‘Mule Britannia’ and carry substantial premiums at auctions, due to demand from numismatists.

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Gold Investments vs Stocks?

When building a robust portfolio, a mixture of gold and stocks is ideal. Different asset classes have different dynamics. Diversification is one of the key elements in building a strong portfolio and it’s always good to spread your risk. However, a question that gets asked all the time is: “Are gold investments better than stocks?”

A close look at the global capital markets

In 2008, the foundations of the global economy were shaken by the great recession, with the fall of Lehman Bros as a curtain-raiser. At the time, the recession was triggered by a debt crisis that spiralled out of control. 11 years on, it would appear that the global economy never recovered completely. At the time, Greece had debts to the tune of 140% of its GDP. Today, China’s debt levels are at 300% of its GDP. Similarly, Australia is reeling in the middle of a sub-prime housing debt crisis. Australian households have racked up debts that are 200% of income levels.

In addition to this brewing storm, the US and China are currently locked in an ugly trade war. While the US economy appears to be slowing down, the European economy is currently in shambles as a fall-out of the uncertainty created by Brexit. Clearly, it isn’t the right time to invest in stocks.

Gold investment vs stocks
Gold investments provide a safer option during times of market uncertainty

The inverse relationship between gold and the stock market

Stocks can post greater ROI than gold in a good market. Both investments can rise or fall in value. However, while stocks can fall to zero (if a company goes bankrupt), physical gold will always have its intrinsic value. The equity and gold market have track records for recording great returns over the medium and long term. While stocks can pay a dividend as well as an increase in value, those partaking in gold investing are looking purely for capital gain. Gold tends to rise when stocks fall, so the two have an inverse relationship.

Gold as a ‘safe haven’

Gold investors always study historical price charts PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUto understand the price movements of gold. Of course, the price of gold has never fallen to $0.00 and never will. Infact, at the height of the last recession in 2011, gold reached its highest peak of $1917.90 per ounce.

Indeed, gold is considered to be a safe haven by most investors who want to hedge their risks during a time of market turmoil. As the world hurtles forward towards another economic recession, we are witnessing similar trends in the price of gold. The current gold price is $1516.70 per ounce, which indicates that it is starting to peak again. Infact, the price of gold has never fallen below the thousand dollar mark in the last nine years. In the last year, the prices have gone up considerably. Not only does the yellow metal provide stability to your portfolio, but it also acts as an insurance against rough times. Moreover, the price of gold also beats inflation, which makes it an attractive asset class to invest in.

The tax advantages of investing in gold

All investment-grade gold is VAT free in the UK, which makes it even more attractive to investors. If you’re investing in gold coins that have a face value, it’s considered to be legal tender in the UK, and therefore, CGT exempt. So, along with its inherent advantages, gold investments also provide tax relief for you as an investor.

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How Many Types of Gold Carat are there?

The origins of the carat in the gold trade

It is believed that the term ‘carat’ dates back to mediaeval times. The use of carob seeds was associated with the system of weighing things thousands of years ago. It is not known whether these seeds were used to measure gold and other precious metals at the time. However, there is historical evidence of its use during the Greek and Roman periods. There are a total of 24 carats that make up pure gold. The Roman pound was called a ‘Libra’. Historians believe that the Libra was used to measure gold at the time and that it was equal to 24 silver coins, which the Romans called a ‘siliqua’. It is possible that the number 24 has been handed down from these ancient times.

Use of the carat in modern times

A weight of 200 mg was derived as the specific weight of a carat. Numismatic research about the coinage used by the Romans has proved that these subdivisions were associated with the Roman Libra. During the 19th century, the German ‘Mark’ had a weight of 24 carats, equivalent to 4.8 g. Pure gold is way too malleable to be used in the jewellery industry or as a metal for coinage. Consequently, the word ‘carat’ became associated with the measure of pure gold within a resilient alloy.

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Types of Gold Carat
Traditional gold weighing measures used in India

A measure of purity

Pure gold is therefore represented by the number 24 in carats. Each is of equal value and so is 1/24th pure gold by weight. So, 18-carat gold is 18 parts pure gold, with the balance of six parts constituting other alloys and base metals. In reality, it is difficult to measure the actual purity of gold, using scientific methods. One way that has been used in modern times is the use of XRF (X-ray fluorescence). This scientific development analyses the purity of metals, based on the light reflected off it. However, only a surface evaluation is possible. Consequently, the industry still relies on reputed and reliable dealers for the supply of pure gold.


Investment-grade gold

Investment-grade gold is either 22 carat (most common amongst Sovereigns and other popular bullion coins) or 24 carats (now used for some 1oz bullion coins like the Britannia and most gold bars). Even 24-carat gold isn’t completely pure but instead will be somewhere in the region of 99.9% gold. Jewellery can commonly be made of lower carat gold such as 9 carats and 18 carats which are more resilient than higher purities, cheaper and more suited to clasping precious stones.

The different values of carats

Typically, 24-carat gold is considered to be the purest, although it may not be 100% pure. As stated earlier, the purity value of 24-carat gold is evaluated as 999.9, or 99.9%. Similarly, the next number is 22 carats. This is considered to have a gold purity value of 91.6%. Jewellery is usually manufactured with 18-carat gold and purity values thereafter. Gold that has a purity value of 18 carats will usually have a pure gold content of 75%. 14 carats, which has a purity value of 58.5% is also ideal for making jewellery. 10 carat gold with a purity of 41.7% has more base metal content than the gold itself. However, it is widely used in the jewellery industry due to its affordability. When you purchase jewellery, the carat value will be clearly demarcated. Interestingly, US laws state that jewellery made from gold below 10 carats cannot be labelled as gold.

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What’s the Value of Gold Britannia Coins?

The value of a gold Britannia coin is based on the underlying spot price on the market, combined with the supply and demand for the particular coin. Generally, the 1oz gold coin will fetch around 98% of the current spot gold price. Gold Britannia coins have only been around since 1987, but certain years of issue are harder to source than others, so their value is higher than the current year of issue, sometimes by up to 5%

The spot price isn’t the only thing that affects the value of a Britannia

There are other factors that can affect the value of the Britannia. It is a larger coin and provides investors with more gold content at its price. This is simply due to the fact that larger gold coins enjoy lower production costs. When we calculate the cost of production against its price, we can see that the Britannia is available at a lower price per gram.

Easy availability and low premiums

A good thing about investing in the gold Britannia is that the coin does not command any kind of historical or numismatic premium. Apart from a few difficult to acquire years, most Britannia coins are easily available. You can also avail of bulk discounts if you order larger numbers. This enables you to acquire a larger amount of gold for your money, making it a lucrative investment.


A highly tax-efficient investment

Most investors simply focus on the price and ignore other key factors like the impact of taxes. Of course, all investment-grade gold is VAT free in the UK and the gold Britannia benefits from this tax-exempt status. Additionally, there is the double advantage of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exemption, as the Britannia is a UK legal tender coin.

Value of Gold Britannia Coins
The iconic image of Britannia is shared by the gold and the silver version, pictured here

Currency conversions also affect the price

As you may be aware, the spot price of gold in the international markets is always quoted in US dollars. So, when you buy or sell the Britannia in the UK, this price needs to be converted to Sterling. You will need to divide the price in US dollars per ounce by 31.103. After that, you’ll need to look up the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the GBP. Once you apply the exchange rates, the current price of the coin can be derived. Now, we often see several websites in the UK quoting the per ounce price in GBP. But, you need to be aware that these websites have already done the conversions. So, we can see that it’s not just the movement of the spot price that has an impact on the value of a gold Britannia. Currency price fluctuations will always impact the final price of a gold coin.

Premiums need to be factored in as well

Now that we’ve explored the impact of spot prices and global currencies on the buying and selling price of a gold Britannia, let’s take a quick look at premiums. All gold investments need to be made at a premium, charged above or below the spot price. Premiums are charged to compensate for design, delivery and production costs. So, it’s important to factor this as well when calculating the price of a gold Britannia coin.

A winner on all counts

Ultimately, it’s a great coin to invest in. Once the price has been calculated, it’s important to remember that the gold Britannia enjoys a vibrant secondary market, providing liquidity to your investments. All these factors make the gold Britannia a truly versatile coin.

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Buying Gold Tips for Diwali 2019

Now the nights are drawing in and the chill of autumn is in the air, thoughts turn to this year’s Diwali celebrations, which this year falls on Saturday 14th November. With the promise of plenty of delicious food, family time and fun, the buying of gold will as always be a prominent theme in the festivities.

buying gold for Diwali
Gold rings and jewellery

The importance of gold at Diwali

Diwali is known as the Festival of Light. It came about over the centuries thanks to the legend in Hindu culture that the son of King Hima was supposed to be killed by a bite from a venomous snake on the 4th day of his marriage. Legend has it that the only way he survived a slow and painful death was because his wife heaped up all the family gold she could find outside the door. According to the story, the snake became so dazzled by the gold that he couldn’t get to the prince to administer the bite and therefore slithered away.

This is why gold holds such importance at Diwali, symbolising wealth, hope and luck. Golden jewellery and other gifts of gold are exchanged between loved ones in remembrance of the son of King Hima and the gold barrier his wife made to save his life.

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The five days of Diwali

The Diwali festival is over five days, with Diwali itself being on day 3. So, the days and dates in 2020 are:

  • Day One (Thursday, November 12th) – Dhanteras (Day of fortune)
  • Day Two (Friday, November 13th) – Naraka Chaturdasi (Day of knowledge)
  • Day Three (Saturday, November 14th) – Diwali (Day of light)
  • Day Four (Sunday, November 15th) – Annakut (New Year)
  • Day Five (Monday, November 16th) – Bhai Duj (Day of love between siblings)

Investing in gold at Diwali

During recent years, gold has been the investment of choice for many families all year round, not just at Diwali time. High-value investment items such as gold coins and bullion have increased in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Although there is a massive cultural attachment to gold within the Hindu religion, there are shrewd financial gains too.

This is undoubtedly because gold retains its value very well in an ever-changing national currency market. By default, gold is seen as less of a wealthy luxury for the elite but instead as an essential financial security for everyone.

Investment and protection…

When global economies and currencies are more and more unpredictable in a world that seems to lurch from one financial crash to the next, the international price of gold has steadily increased. As the value of Indian currency has reduced in recent years, along with a massive rise in inflation, the purchase of gold bars and coins has increasingly become the prudent and financially reliable way to save for the future. Diwali celebrations offer the ideal time to research the options out there for gold investment and to put some well thought through plans in place.

Buying gold at the best time

Around the time of Diwali, world gold demand rises and therefore its value reaches a peak. This is a very typical trend which happens year after year – infact in 2016, the price jumped massively by 3.9 percent.

With this in mind, if you’ve decided to purchase gold for Diwali this year, either as a present for a loved one or as a sound financial investment, it’s highly worth keeping an eye on the market and not leaving it too late to make your move – i.e get in there early before the prices go up.

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Which Gold Sovereign Coin is the Most Valuable?

The Gold Sovereign – a flagship British coin

The UK gold sovereign is a historic British coin that has been in circulation more than two centuries. They have been issued by the Royal Mint since 1817, as 22 carat gold coins having a face value of one pound. Initially, it was well-known as a circulating coin. However, over the years their circulation has stopped. They are now considered to be a bullion coin, which is attractive to collectors and gold investors. The modern-day Sovereign carries a design of St George and the Dragon on the reverse of the coin. This design was created by the famous designer, Benedetto Pistrucci and his initials appear on the coin.

The Sovereigns of George III

When the Sovereigns were initially minted in 1817, PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUGeorge III was the reigning monarch. Therefore, the coins were produced with an image of his head on the obverse. However, the King died in 1820. So, George III Sovereigns were struck for the duration of only three years. There were other factors that led to limited mintage produced during these years. The coin failed to win popularity at the time and there was a lack of demand. By 1819, only a little more than 3500 were being produced. There was talk of gold being discontinued as a metal used for coinage. This was another factor that contributed to the low numbers being manufactured. As a result, George III Sovereigns have proved to be the most valuable due to their scarcity, with one fetching £186,000 at auction.

The reigns of many monarchs

The British gold Sovereign has witnessed the rule of several monarchs. George IV acceded to the throne in 1820 and now the Sovereigns were produced with his image. William IV became King in 1830 and once again, a new Sovereign was introduced. However, his reign was short-lived and ended in 1837 with his death. It was now the start of the Victorian era and by 1838, the ‘shield back’ Sovereign was being minted regularly at the Royal Mint.

Gold Sovereign coin value
A 1914 half Sovereign from the reign of King George V

The Victorian ‘Young Head’ Sovereign

It was during the reign of Queen Victoria that the Sovereign gained worldwide popularity. From 1842, a massive re-coinage operation was undertaken that lasted three years. New quality control measures ensured that the coin was produced to a high standard and distributed across the world. Of course, these coins featured an image of the young head of Queen Victoria. Of the commonly traded and readily available bullion Gold Sovereigns, the Young Head Victoria tends to be the most valuable with prices around £300 each.

Valuable modern Sovereigns

Proof and rarer modern Sovereigns can also fetch higher prices like the Elizabeth third head, which trades around £400. By 1890, all gold coins prior to the Victorian era were recalled by the government and the demonetisation came into effect in 1891. This is another reason why early Sovereigns are scarce today. The sovereign was discontinued during the start of the First World War in 1914. In 1937, a proof set of Sovereigns were created for the reign of Edward VIII. They were never released as the King abdicated in 1938. These are considered to be very rare and one of them fetched £516,000 at an auction in 2014. Needless to say, the gold sovereign remains one of the most collectable coins in the world today and brings joy to generations of investors and collectors alike.

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20 Gold and Silver Videos from Physical Gold

Precious metal investments need careful thought and planning. In this article, we will review 20 important educational videos that have been published by Physical Gold, one of the most reputed gold dealers in the UK. These videos are an excellent educational tool for experienced and new investors alike. Each section below provides a brief summary of the video and tells you why it’s worth watching.

1oz Silver Coins the Available Options

Silver coins have steadily gained in popularity amongst investors. In this video published by Physical Gold, Daniel Fisher, CEO of the company guides investors on how to make the best decisions when buying 1-ounce silver coins. He reveals his top five choices, with each selection based on a different investor objective. As a silver investor, the video is an excellent guide to making smart silver investments.

5 Reasons to buy Gold Sovereigns

Sovereigns have been around for centuries and enjoy a vibrant secondary market. Of course, this provides excellent liquidity for your portfolio. Divisibility and flexibility can be achieved, as the sovereign is available as a quarter ounce coin. Sovereigns were issued through the reigns of different monarchs, creating excellent variety and easy availability. In this Physical Gold video, five important reasons are unveiled as to why sovereigns can be an important inclusion in your portfolio. Watch the video to learn more.

Gold and silver videos
Several iconic British coins were struck at the Royal Mint

Britannia silver coins – a collectable investment

An insightful video by Physical Gold studies the Britannia silver coins from a collectability standpoint, as well as a sound investment. Britannia silver coins are mass-produced with a purity of 99.9% since 2013 and are available with low premiums. The iconic image of Britannia is updated frequently, making it attractive to collectors. The silver Britannia is also available as a limited-edition proof set and in sets of fractional sizes. The video analyses several factors that make the silver Britannia a great choice for both collectors and investors.


Buying gold online with Physical Gold Ltd

The easiest way to purchase gold is to simply buy online. In this video, Daniel Fisher, CEO and founder of Physical Gold tells us how easy it is. The video walks buyers through five easy steps from creating a free online account on the website to adding products to your shopping cart and finally checking out. Daniel also explains the inherent advantages of purchasing gold online in the video.

Buying gold bars – a guide for investors

Investors are sometimes confused about how to buy gold bars. In this video, purchasing guidelines for investors are discussed in detail. The investor awareness video kicks off with an analysis of the reasons why people buy gold bars, followed by a lesson on how to choose the best bars. Investors should be equipped with good knowledge of buying gold bars after watching this video.

Gold and silver videos
Gold bars have their purity value inscribed on the face

Buying gold – 5 reasons to invest

Daniel Fisher talks about how gold investments can protect you from exposure to global economic turmoil. Five compelling reasons are discussed in the video, including the impending possibility of a housing market crash. The thought-provoking video is a must-watch for every investor.

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6 Hacks to buying the best value gold sovereign coins

The next video from Physical Gold unveils six strategies that investors can employ when buying Sovereigns. Investors are advised to buy the quintuple sovereign, as it’s a much bigger coin and provides greater value for money. Other strategies include buying nearly new pre-owned coins, waiting for a lull in the market and speaking to a dealer to buy a particular Sovereign when its price comes down.

5 best silver coins to invest in

This silver investment video addresses the confusion faced by investors about which silver coins to buy. In the video, Daniel Fisher, founder and CEO of Physical Gold reveals his top five choices in silver coins. The list includes the legendary silver Britannia and Krugerrand. The Fiji 5 kg silver bar is also included as it has a face value.

gold and silver videos
The silver Britannia is a truly iconic British coin

Gold & silver investment jargon explained

The existence of jargon in the world of investments often creates barriers to understanding. Physical Gold discourages the use of jargon and the company has released a video that explains key terminology from the precious metals market. The video is hugely beneficial to investors who are new to the gold and silver market.

Gold Britannias or Gold Sovereigns – which is the best investment?

The flagship coins of British coinage have always been the gold Britannia and Sovereign. For most investors putting together a gold portfolio, these are obvious choices. In an informative video published by Physical Gold, Daniel Fisher compares the two coins based on five essential factors.

Gold coins – collecting as a hobby and for profit

A video that addresses the requirements of both numismatists, as well as investors, is clearly the need of the hour. Physical Gold has responded to that need by publishing an interesting video that advises collectors on how to make money by picking the right coins. The video also covers the exact type of coins that can bring in returns.

Gold investment as part of a balanced investment portfolio

Gold often plays a pivotal role in balancing a portfolio and providing portfolio insurance. In a ground-breaking video, Daniel Fisher, CEO of physical gold reveals seven great ways in which gold can play an important role in providing liquidity, hedging currency risks and fighting inflation.  By watching this video, you can learn how gold can help protect your investments during economic uncertainty.

Gold and silver videos
The large gold bars seen in the movies are called ‘Good-Delivery’ bars and are used by central banks

How much is a gold bar worth?

Gold bars are usually available in a variety of sizes and different weights. Retail bars usually way anywhere between 1 g to 1 kg. This instructional video published by Physical Gold explores five key factors that an investor can use to calculate the actual value of a gold bar.

10 commandments

How to buy gold

Is there a formula for investing effectively in gold coins and bars? Physical Gold has launched a video that lays down five exact steps to do this. From finding a reputable gold dealer and discussing objectives to the eventual buying process, every step is explained in detail in this comprehensive, insightful video.

How to sell gold for the most cash

As the name suggests, this is a video that explains how to sell your gold at the highest possible price. While the spot price of gold is defined by the international market, the video is based on five important principles that can be applied during the selling process, to hit the right price and maximise your profits.

Should I invest in gold or silver?

Every precious metal investment is a different ball game. To address the above question, five key comparisons have been put together in this video by Physical Gold. These points address different investor objectives and highlight the unique advantages that each precious metal can bring to your investment portfolio.

Silver bars or silver coins – which is the best investment?

Investors are hugely attractive to silver because it is 85 times cheaper than gold and holds the promise of rich dividends in the years to come. This illuminating video created by Physical Gold takes a look at four points of comparison between silver bars and coins. The video is extremely helpful for silver investors in making the right choice.

Insider's Guide to gold and silver

Silver investing in 2019 and beyond

The white metal has great prospects in the years to come, according to the experts. This Physical Gold video evaluates the fundamental principles of the silver market. Starting with downside risk, the video assesses the impact of the gold-silver ratio against a backdrop of the economic scenario in the foreseeable future.

The gold price today & investing in gold medium to long term

The Holy Grail of the gold investment market is the spot price. In this back to basics video, Daniel Fisher, founder of Physical Gold teaches investors how to stay abreast of the current gold price and analyse it. He also explains effective strategies and themes that investors can employ when planning their investments with a medium to long-term horizon.


gold and silver videos
The Gold Krugerrand is one of the best-known coins in the world

Understanding the gold price per oz

In yet another video focused on the gold price, Daniel Fisher trains investors on how to understand the fundamentals that drive the spot price of gold. He also explains the impact of market forces and how to use the price to calculate the value of gold coins and bars.

Physical Gold is a highly reputed precious metals broker in the UK.  Please view the video links above to gain an understanding of the market.  The Physical Gold investment team is always open to discuss your investment goals. Contact them today by visiting the company’s website.


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Gold Storage or Delivery?

gold storage

Gold Storage or Delivery

Is gold storage something you’re thinking about?  Are you interested in purchasing physical Gold or silver, but concerned about where you’ll store it?   Our infographic highlights the various options available; to help put your mind at rest.

The main advantage of owning physical gold is that it’s the real thing!  There’s no counterparty risk, as there’s no electronic trading or paper involved.   It’s as real and solid as can be and something that you have the pleasure of holding in your hand.


But how do you keep a precious metal safe and secure?

Insured delivery direct to your door

Delivered to you fully insured, our delivery is discreet, so the whole neighbourhood won’t know what you’re taking delivery of.  It’s packaged in plain, padded envelopes, safely and securely.   We also track every package that we post, which allows us to follow up on any queries and provide reassurance on when you should expect your delivery.    If your gold or silver is in stock, and you place your order before 2pm, then we should be able to get it to you by the next working day. Before 1pm to be precise.     Should your order be out of stock then we’ll aim to deliver it within 2 – 3 days – depending on the stock availability. From 2018 all gold orders benefit from free UK delivery.

Thinking of buying gold? Download the FREE 7 step cheat sheet first

Professional gold storage vaults at the Bank of England
Home safes often have a digital locking device

Gold Storage Options

Once you’ve received your package and signed for it, there are several options for you to consider regarding storage:

Home storage

Many people choose to keep their gold stored safely at home and there are many options available for home storage.  A steel safe is the most obvious choice for safety and security – preferable bolted down to the floor.   But if bolting the safe isn’t an option, then try to keep them safe somewhere out of sight, like in a cupboard, hidden by other items.

You can also use everyday household cupboard items, like tins, packets of cereal, boxes of tea bags etc. to hide and conceal your gold, but it’s important that you remember where you’ve stored it so it doesn’t accidentally get thrown away. There are many different steel safes available for home use. These include fireproof and waterproof ones. There are even models that can be unlocked by using your fingerprints. They can also be installed inside the flooring, underneath the carpet.

There are a number of ingenious secret storage items that you can purchase from, such as clocks or wall sockets, to help you conceal & store your precious metals.

Hiding things under the mattress is also more common than you might think, but whichever home storage option you choose, you must ensure your home insurance covers the total value of the gold.  The advantage of keeping your gold at home is that you know exactly where it is, you can keep it close and touch it, as often as you wish.

10 commandments

Bank Deposit Box

Safety deposit boxes at banks are considered to be extremely safe and secure, so it’s worth visiting your bank to ask about the availability of one if this is of interest to you.   Many banks have been withdrawing these facilities over the past few years though, so there may be a waiting list or a box may be quite difficult to acquire.

Safety Deposit Facility

A third-party safety deposit facility offers boxes for you to rent to keep your small, personal household items safe.  These facilities are usually open 9 – 5pm for you to visit and generally cost between £100 – £1000 per year to rent.

Since tariffs are expensive, it could work well as a short-term arrangement. The benefits of using a safety deposit facility are that your valuable assets are stored away from your home.

Additionally, these boxes are available in various sizes and you can choose one according to your requirements. Of course, one of the disadvantages of this arrangement is that you cannot access the box at any time of your choice. You can only do so when the facility is open. Also, there could be a natural disaster like a flood that could damage your belongings stored inside the box. In many cases, the operator may refuse to re-compensate you for your damages when this happens, simply because their insurance may not cover it

Professional Vault Storage  

The most common (and safest) gold storage option is to arrange for the secure storage of your gold with your chosen dealer, as they have access to secure vaults.  These professional vaults offer 24hr safety and security, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.   The vaults are highly secure and generally don’t allow public visits, but rest assured your gold will be personally allocated and stored separately in a fully segregated account, within your own little section in the vault.

At, pension gold, silver coins and gold coins are stored at Loomis International, UK – one of the UK’s most secure gold storage facilities.     Silver Bars are stored at Network Securities in the Channel Islands – a specialist vault facility that has dual controlled security systems and a direct connection to the local police station.

So if you choose to store your precious metals with us, we can reassure you that all of our stored gold and silver is fully insured, segregated and completely ring-fenced and you can request home delivery of your gold at any time.   However, given the high levels of security involved, it’s often not possible for the public to request to view their gold, but we can assure you that it is there – safe and secure.PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPU


Gold Investment – Storage Solutions

Investors have two main options when it comes to storing their gold. They can either store it at home in a safe or suitable storage solution, or they can have it professionally stored on their behalf. There are many brokers that offer this as a service who will offer to store any gold you buy from them in an allocated vault, or you can also store it in a bank vault. The size of your portfolio will likely determine which option you go for but there are also other things to consider such as ease of access and the responsibility of keeping any gold you store at home safe and secured. The best method of storage is probably to use a combination of different storage methods, as by doing so you spread the risk of anything happening to your gold.

Storage is just one consideration. We reveal all 7 crucial factors to successful gold investing here

Home Storage

Safe storage

Having a safe stored in your home is an ideal solution for people with a smaller number of gold holdings since you can access it at any time. The one downside to storing your gold at home, however, is that you are solely responsible for its security. This means that you will need to ensure any gold is insured, otherwise, you won’t be applicable for any kind of pay-out should anything happen to it. Your home insurance costs are also likely to go up if you have a large amount of gold stored at home.

How should you actually do this?

If you choose to store your gold in this manner, then you should make sure that your safe is bolted to the wall or floor for security reasons and that it is hidden in a secure non-obvious place. It is also wise to let someone you know, and trust have access to its location and passcodes as well, just in case you fall ill or are unable to access it yourself for whatever reason.

There are several home safe options available in the market. You can also choose from a variety of sizes and locking systems. Fireproof safes are an excellent option to protect your valuables at home. These are manufactured using dual-layer steel walls and doors. They are pretty durable and are able to withstand a serious fire hazard and temperatures up to 1000°C. So, you can rest assured your valuables wouldn’t be destroyed. Many home safes feature padded flooring, so your gold and silver items aren’t scratched. Locking systems are pretty secure as well. The new generation home safes are manufactured with an optical fingerprint reader, as well as a digital lock. Several fingerprints can be stored on these safes, allowing access to trusted members of your family. This is also a great emergency option if you are unable to access the safe due to circumstances like ill health. You can have these safes bolted to the floor, secured inside the wall or installed underneath the carpets into your floorboards.

Other forms of storage

One common mistake made by a lot of investors is to hide their gold PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUin a sock drawer or under the mattress, which is often the first-place thieves tend to look. If you’re storing your gold at home but don’t want to use a safe, then any hiding place you use should be subtle or clever enough that most people wouldn’t think to check there. Some people store their gold in everyday items such as fake cookie jars and hollowed out books. This is probably too obvious a hiding place as a lot of people have used these methods in the past. Another aspect to consider is that if you’re going to hide your gold under the floorboards you should also make sure you cover it with something like a cabinet or bookshelf.

Gold Storage
Your gold is a valuable asset and requires to be stored securely

Vaulted storage

Paying to store your gold in a third-party vault, not only delivers confidence that your precious metal is secure, but these types of services are almost always guaranteed to be insured. The benefits of storing your gold in a vault are that it can save on insurance costs and you’ll have peace of mind that your gold is secure. You can access your gold at any time and you’ll be provided with a unique code to allow you to access your vault. Vaults are guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, unlike your personal safe which can be left unattended daily, when you leave the house.

Gold Storage
Gold Stored in a Vault

Bank vaults

Up until a few years ago, it was quite common to store your gold in a bank vault as it was a cheaper option for investors and guaranteed security. Banking hours and bank closures, however, have led consumers to distrust this method of storage, as it means they can’t access their gold whenever they need it. Very few banks offer gold storage services nowadays as the additional security needed is costly. Therefore, you would likely have to travel some distance to access your gold if it was stored in a bank.

Keep your gold safe and secure with Physical Gold

When purchasing gold through Physical Gold you have the choice of protected door to door delivery or high-security storage in one of our specialist vaults. Investing in gold isn’t risk-free so don’t leave yourself open to loss. Choose a solution that’s right for you and always choose a trusted provider. Call for expert advice on 020 7060 9992 or email [email protected].

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