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Understanding The Gold Price Per Ounce Video

Gold Price Per Oz

This video focusses on the gold price. In particular, many investors new to the market, struggle to understand how the gold price works, what moves it and how to calculate prices of physical gold coins and bars.

My aim today is to walk you through some of the basics so you’re better equipped to understand the gold market and profit from it. In particular, I’ll explain 2 crucial concepts.

Concept 1: The price moves constantly

The most important concept to understand is that the gold price is fluid. While the market is open, the price moves constantly. The market closes for only a few hours each day between New York closing and Asia opening. It’s closed at weekends and a small handful of major holidays like New Year.

Currency conversion

The gold price is quoted in US Dollars per ounce and generally then converted to grams and other currencies. So if you need to calculate the price per gram in Sterling, you’ll first need to divide the $ price per ounce by 31.103, then apply the exchange rate. Many gold dealer websites, including our own, will already quote the price in ounces in Sterling terms.

Concept 2: The spot price isn’t where you can buy or sell gold

The price you see quoted as the gold price per ounce,Insider's Guide to gold and silver

is known as the spot price of gold. Despite many assuming this is the price where gold can be bought and sold, it actually only acts as a benchmark from which to start.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to trade gold ETFs, buy a few gold coins or are a central bank moving tonnes of gold bars, the price at which these trades are done will be based on the spot price plus a premium.

Type of gold impacts price

This premium will depend on the type of gold investment and quantity. Generally speaking, you can buy gold electronically at a level nearer to spot price than if you opt to buy physical gold. This is because real gold incurs production, design and delivery costs. The second rule of thumb is that the larger quantity you buy at any one time, the lower the premium you achieve. Finally, older coins will trade at larger margins over the spot price of gold due to it’s historical and rarity value.

How to find out the tax free gold price

Hopefully, that’s shed some light on understanding the gold price per ounce. If you found this video helpful, please view our full array of video tutorials covering a wide number of gold and silver aspects.

Buy and sell gold at the best prices with Physical Gold Ltd

All our gold coins and bars can be bought at the live prices, which are updated on our website every 60 seconds. That way, you can track their prices and try to time your purchase or sale optimally and rest-assured you’re getting the most up-to-date pricing.

If you need any help setting up an account, buying or selling gold, or simply need some guidance, then please call our team on 020 7060 9992.

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Silver Bars Versus Silver Coins Video – Which Is The Best Investment?

Silver Bars or Silver Coins

Investing in silver is the biggest area of growth in the precious metals market, but what is best to invest in, the debate rages on about silver bars versus silver coins. Silver is 85 times cheaper than gold so is accessible to everyone and tempts investors with speculation of huge potential gains.

But what is better for investment? Should you buy silver coins or silver bars?

Today, I’ll take a look at 4 key comparisons between the two to help decide which one suits investment better.


One of the key components of investing is getting the best possible purchase price for your asset in the first place. Certainly, 1oz silver coins are more expensive per gram than larger silver bars like 1kilo and 5 kilo silver bullion. If you’re simply focused on obtaining as much silver for your money as possible, then no doubt, buying big will achieve this. The cost of producing large bars is a far smaller percentage of the overall cost due to its scale and simpler design than coins.

However, coins are fighting back, many of the popular silver bullion coins are now also produced in 10oz and 1 kilo versions too, offering the chance to own silver coins at virtually the same price as silver bars.

Winner: Silver Bars


If you had the choice between buying one silver bar weighing 100 ounces or 100 one-ounce silver coins, then I’d generally recommend the coins for divisibility. Imagine a scenario where you’ve already bought your 100 ounces of silver and the market is moving up quickly.

When you choose to lock in some profit and sell, the large silver bar gives you one chance only. Once you’ve sold, your silver’s gone and you may miss further profits. With the silver coins, you’re able to drip feed the coins away, selling at various points to suit you.

The other scenario is if the financial system really does reach a breaking point. In that case, it would be far more practical to use your 1oz silver coins to barter for bread, milk and petrol than a 100 ounce bar.

Winner: Silver Coins


Next up is the practicalities of storing your silver investment.PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPU

For sure, silver bars are easier to store and take up less space. They’re larger and their rectangular size allows for simple silver stacking.

However, most of the popular 1oz silver investment coins can now be bought in monster boxes. These are specially designed storage boxes, tightly packing 500 coins at a time and permitting easy stacking of these boxes

Winner: Draw

Tax efficiency

The way of avoiding incurring any Capital Gains Tax is to buy and sell UK legal tender silver coins. Common Royal Mint coins such as the silver Britannia, Lunar Series and Queens Beasts range of silver coins are all CGT exempt.

The Royal Mint do not produce silver bars with a face value at present, so selling bars would be taxable. Now, that may not be an issue if your profits are under the tax threshold of around £12,000. But for many, looking to benefit from silver’s price potential, it’s perhaps not a risk worth taking.

Winner: Silver coins

Read our article: The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Silver

Overall – bars or coins – which is the best investment?

So which type of silver investment wins overall? I’d recommend starting your silver investment with silver coins. Sticking to British coins provides good value, divisibility, tax efficiency and the chance to store in monster boxes.

But as you build your silver portfolio, there’s definitely a place for adding silver bars. This can bring the overall purchase cost per gram down by a few per cent and combine well in all areas with the silver coins.

If you found this video helpful, don’t forget we have loads more videos covering all aspects of gold and silver investing. Check them out here.

Invest in Silver Bars and Coins with Physical Gold

We’re the fastest growing dealer of silver coins and bars in the UK. Not only do we have a huge choice, but we also exclusively deliver the silver to your door! Combine this with live pricing and quantity discounts, it’s easy to see why we’re so popular for silver!

If you need advice or guidance about silver bars versus silver coins, or anything else! Then don’t hesitate to call a member of our expert team on 020 7060 9992. Alternatively, engage on our live chat on the website or leave us a message here.

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6 Hacks To Buying The Best Value Sovereign Coins Video

Best Value Sovereign Coins

In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the Royal Mint’s flagship gold coin The Sovereign. For keen investors, I’ll reveal 6 smart ways that you can buy Sovereign coins for the best value.

The modern Sovereign has been around for more than 200 years so there’s plenty of secondary liquidity and choice when it comes to buying. Exploiting these proven methods will help you build the best value Gold Sovereign portfolio.

1. Buy the current year of issue

With older Sovereign coins fetching a premium for their age, rarity and desirability, it makes sense to focus on the most recent Sovereign year of issuance which commands a lower premium. Avoid buying them in the last month or so of the year when premiums can rise as supplies dwindle in preparation for the next year’s issue.

Buying the current Sovereign coin is a low price option as the coins are plentiful and most dealers will have them in stock so you’re able to shop around for the best prices. With wide availability, an extensive volume discount is offered by dealers on the latest Sovereign. So if you’re looking to buy a fair amount of Sovereigns, then you’re rewarded handsomely with progressive price reductions.

2. Buy big coins!

The full Sovereign is a relatively small coin, weighing around a quarter of an ounce. PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUOne way of achieving improved value is to opt for the quintuple Sovereign, or £5 gold coin as it’s also known. Make sure the dealer isn’t charging a commemorative issue premium for these coins and you could bag a bargain. With its huge size, the £5 gold coin benefits from a lower production cost per coin.

3. Nearly new pre-owned coins

Sometimes offering even lower prices than brand new coins, are nearly-new Sovereigns. Perhaps gold dealers have bought Sovereigns back from customers which are between 3 and 10 years old. They’re too recent to command a historical value yet, but may be offered at a discount to clear stock. We actually call this product ‘Best Value Sovereign’ in our online store. If you don’t mind us choosing the year and monarch, then you can end up getting a lot of gold for your money.

4. Buy when the market is quiet

Just like any other market, sales are on when demand is low. Premiums on Sovereigns can reduce when interest in gold is low. So if you have patience, waiting to buy your Sovereigns during a quiet patch gives you a little more negotiation than when demand outstrips supply.

5. Speak to a dealer

Again, patience is key for this one. If you’re willing to wait, then you could achieve a 1-2% discount off website prices. Let your gold dealer know which coins you’re after and they may be able to pair you with a seller. When a dealer’s customer wants to sell their Sovereigns, they can then call you to snap them up. This prevents selling back into the wholesale market and the saving can be passed onto you!

Read our the common questions about Sovereign coins and our expert answers

6. Buy when a particular Sovereign coin’s premium falls

With such a variety of Sovereign coins available, it’s no surprise that premiums vary considerably between new ones and Victoria Young Headshield back coins. Best value doesn’t necessarily mean the lowest price.

Again, you may wish to build a relationship with a good gold dealer. Letting them know that you’re after a particular monarch and quantity of coins means they can call you when premiums fall.

So an older Sovereign coin which usually trades at a higher premium may have a brief period of higher supply which lowers its market premium. Their premium returns to usual levels once the supply is mopped up, so buying in the dip can reap great value.

Similarly, you may take a view that there’s a good chance that premiums of a particular Sovereign issue will rise in the future. For example, buying on a jubilee year may offer value at the time as it may become collectable in future years.

10 commandments when selling gold coins

Buy great value Sovereigns from Physical Gold

So there you have it, 6 amazing hacks to obtaining the best value Sovereigns available.

If you found this video useful, please take a look at our full suite of 20 video guides covering all aspects of gold and silver investment.. If you’re looking to buy great value Sovereigns, then check out our online Sovereign store at

If you need guidance on which coins or bars to buy, how to store, or how to buy online, then don’t hesitate to call our team on 020 7060 9992.

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Silver Investing in 2022 and Beyond Video

Silver investing now and in the coming years

In this video, we’ll take a look at silver’s prospects for 2022 and beyond. Over the past 5 years, interest in silver has grown exponentially to the point where we now get almost as many silver enquiries as gold.

So is silver a worthwhile investment in 2020 and 21, and what can we expect from it, we examine silver investing in 2022?

I’d like to start by looking at downside risk. The silver price has fallen from around £13 an ounce at the start of 2017, to £12.50/oz the following year, and nearer to £12 an ounce in 2019. Clearly, the prospect of owning a depreciating asset is unappealing.

Downside risk

However, unlike gold, silver’s demand consists predominantly from industrial use. As the world’s most conductive material, silver is used in most electronic components, solar panels, photography and medicines. The digital age is only going to develop over the coming years, creating new electronic demands on silver. The search for alternative energy will lead to increasing silver demand with electric cars and electric solar energy. So with industrial demand rising, downside risk to silver is minimal.

Gold-Silver ratio

It’s also fair to say that the silver price has suffered far worse in recent years than the gold price, with clear suggestions that it’s been oversold. The ratio between the two metals’ prices has widened from a long term average of 47:1 to 70:1 a few years ago, and now an incredible 95:1.

This theme may scare inexperienced investors, but this would suggest a buying opportunity in 2020 for silver. If you can lock in prices when the silver price is so low, your upside becomes magnified.  The silver market is far smaller than that of gold, so prices can be more volatile. It also means that the price can move up in percentage terms far quicker and far greater.

Shop Silver Coins

Global economy

The silver price could well receive a double boost over the coming years.

New Call-to-action

As well as the rising industrial demand, there’s plenty of uncertainty in the global economy to boost silver as a safe haven. 2019 and beyond marks a turn in the economic cycle. The middle of 2018 saw property prices begin to fall and global stock markets start to decline from their 9-year bull run. After nearly a decade of rising stock and property prices, the global economy is set for a big correction, especially with interest rates now on the rise. Throw in Brexit and a growing car leasing credit bubble, and safe havens could well become the flavour of the month once again. Gold will likely rise first, with silver following behind. But once silver starts its upward trend, the pace of increase will outstrip that of gold.


A lot of investors ask me whether they should buy gold or silver. After all the two metals are quite different. For me, there’s a strong case to own both. Diversification is key in today’s digital globalised economy, so investing in silver and gold is a great way to hedge your hedge!

CGT tax free

By sticking to Silver Britannia coins, any profit you make is also free from Capital Gains Tax!

Silver investing in 2020 with Physical Gold Ltd

So there you have it. 2020 and beyond are set to be exciting years for silver investing. Courage may be needed to enter a market which has fallen in value, but history will tell you, that’s the exact time to stack your claim.

If you feel silver could play a role in your investment portfolio, or you simply want to buy some silver coins or bars, then don’t hesitate to call our team of experts on 020 7060 9992.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. If so, please check out all 20 videos in the gold & silver investment guide series.

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Should I Invest In Gold Or Silver? – Physical Gold Video

Silver investing now and in the coming years

In this video, we’ll take a look at silver’s prospects for 2020 and beyond. Over the past 5 years, interest in silver has grown exponentially to the point where we now get almost as many silver enquiries as gold.

So is silver a worthwhile investment in 2022 and beyond, and what can we expect from it, we examine silver investing in 2022?

I’d like to start by looking at downside risk. The silver price fell from around £13 an ounce at the start of 2017, to £12.50/oz the following year, and nearer to £12 an ounce in 2019. Clearly, the prospect of owning a depreciating asset is unappealing.

Downside risk

However, unlike gold, silver’s demand consists predominantly from industrial use. As the world’s most conductive material, silver is used in most electronic components, solar panels, photography and medicines. The digital age is only going to develop over the coming years, creating new electronic demands on silver. The search for alternative energy will lead to increasing silver demand with electric cars and electric solar energy. So with industrial demand rising, downside risk to silver is minimal.

Gold-Silver ratio

It’s also fair to say that the silver price has suffered far worse in recent years than the gold price, with clear suggestions that it’s been oversold. The ratio between the two metals’ prices has widened from a long term average of 47:1 to 70:1 a few years ago, and now an incredible 95:1.

This theme may scare inexperienced investors, but this would suggest a buying opportunity in 2022 for silver. If you can lock in prices when the silver price is so low, your upside becomes magnified.  The silver market is far smaller than that of gold, so prices can be more volatile. It also means that the price can move up in percentage terms far quicker and far greater.

Shop Silver Coins

Global economy

The silver price could well receive a double boost over the coming years.

New Call-to-action

As well as the rising industrial demand, there’s plenty of uncertainty in the global economy to boost silver as a safe haven. 2019 and beyond marked a turn in the economic cycle. The middle of 2018 saw property prices begin to fall and global stock markets start to decline from their 9-year bull run. After nearly a decade of rising stock and property prices, the global economy is set for a big correction, especially with interest rates now on the rise. Throw in Brexit and a growing car leasing credit bubble, and safe havens could well become the flavour of the month once again. Gold will likely rise first, with silver following behind. But once silver starts its upward trend, the pace of increase will outstrip that of gold.


A lot of investors ask me whether they should buy gold or silver. After all the two metals are quite different. For me, there’s a strong case to own both. Diversification is key in today’s digital globalised economy, so investing in silver and gold is a great way to hedge your hedge!

Now tax free

By sticking to Silver Britannia coins, any profit you make is also free from Capital Gains Tax!

Silver investing in 2020 with Physical Gold Ltd

So there you have it. 2020 and beyond are set to be exciting years for silver investing. Courage may be needed to enter a market which has fallen in value, but history will tell you, that’s the exact time to stack your claim.

If you feel silver could play a role in your investment portfolio, or you simply want to buy some silver coins or bars, then don’t hesitate to call our team of experts on 020 7060 9992 for any guidance you need.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. If so, please check out all 20 videos in the gold & silver investment guide series.

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How to Buy Gold – A Physical Gold Ltd Video

5 Step Guide – How to Buy Gold

In this video, I’ll be revealing how to buy gold effectively. Clearly, there are many ways you can gain exposure to the gold market and buy gold itself – from gold jewellery, gold ETFs and gold mining shares.

But today I’ll be focussing on the 5 exact steps you need to take to buy physical gold coins or bars as an investment.

1. Find a reputable gold dealer

The best place to start is to find a gold broker. A top class specialist gold dealer will be able to provide low prices, choice, guidance, authenticity and a clear buyback process.

Ensure the gold dealer you choose is credible and has a track record. They should be members of leading associations like the and have excellent customer reviews.

You may find that different dealers specialise in different areas, so you should select based on which seems the best fit with your objectives. For instance, some may focus on tax efficient gold investments, while others specialise in collectable coins.

Some dealers offer a buyback guarantee and certificates of authenticity with every purchase.

2. Discuss your objectives

The most effective way to ensure you’re on the right path PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUis to combine your own independent research with the guidance of an expert gold dealer. Different types of physical gold suit various objectives better, so it’s always best to share your aims with the dealer.

Building a trusting relationship can produce fantastic guidance and prevent you from buying the wrong type of gold for your needs.

Considerations will be how much you wish to invest, whether you want to buy regularly, your investment horizon and the purpose of your investment.

 3. Select the best solution

There are three main solutions for buying physical gold. It may be that one suits your needs better, or that you combine more than one solution.

Investing in your pension suits those with larger budgets and a long-term time frame. Tax relief is granted when buying gold bars within a SIPP, so it can be a cost-effective way of buying. Considerations would be that paperwork can take a while and you must have the correct pension to qualify for a SIPP in the first place

Buying gold outside of a pension is more flexible. You can start with buying one small bar or coin, and your money isn’t tied in until retirement like with a pension. With this route to market, you have the choice between buying gold coins or bars, or a mix of both. Your dealer should help steer you towards which is best for you, depending on value, divisibility, tax efficiency and liquidity.

Buying gold on a regular basis, like with Physical Gold’s Monthly Saver, provides access to the market for those without large available capital to invest. Buying monthly will gradually build a nest egg and enable you to exploit any price drops in the market.

4. Decide on storage or delivery

Insider's Guide to gold and silverDepending on the solution you select above, you may have the choice between receiving your gold directly or having your gold dealer store it for you.

Receiving your gold is ideal. You can enjoy the comfort of having direct access and enjoy its tangibility. In all likelihood, storing it yourself can be cheaper than paying someone else to do it for you. However, you need to ensure that your gold is stored safely and is fully insured. It’s not worth cutting corners on cost and put your gold at risk. Owning gold is about reducing risk, not taking on worry.

If selecting professional storage with your dealer, make sure your gold is fully allocated and segregated. In other words, it shouldn’t be leveraged and should be ring-fenced from everyone.

5. Payment and ID

The final stage is making payment for your gold purchase. When purchasing online from a gold dealer, you can usually pay with a debit or credit card up to £5,000 and with online banking up to any amount.

When buying £10,000 or more in any one go, you’ll be asked by the dealer to provide two forms of ID for anti-money laundering.

How to Buy gold from Physical Gold

So, that’s your 5 steps. Clearly, the success depends largely on how well you select a gold dealer. Bad guidance can lead to you paying over the odds or buying obscure gold. So do your research and speak to them on the phone before you choose. Our team at Physical Gold are available to offer you as much or as little guidance as you need. We can help to select gold, as well as answer questions on storage, payment, selling and buying. Call us on 020 7060 9992.

If you liked this video, we have 20 in a series of gold & silver video guides.

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How To Sell Gold For The Most Cash Video

How To Sell Gold

In this video, we look at the best ways to sell gold at the highest possible price. Specifically, I’ll focus on selling your gold coins or bars at the best profit, but many of the principles can also be applied to selling gold jewellery. I’ll reveal step-by-step, the five best techniques to sell gold for the most cash.

1. Look after your gold

This is a simple one. Just like maintaining your property, gold is a physical asset, so the price you achieve will be affected by its condition. 24 carat gold is especially soft and liable to scratching so handle and store with care and you’ll be able to achieve a higher price than selling scratched, chipped and dirty items.

2. Don’t buy obscure coins in the first place

This requires some forward thinking. Buying the most recognisable gold coins prove to be the easiest to sell. Let’s draw that comparison to property again. When you select which gold to buy, try to emulate buying that 2 bedrooms flat close to a train station. The more desirable your asset, the more buyers you have and the better price you’ll receive. Desperation to sell obscure gold can lead to accepting reduced prices.

Focus on balance and variety

Buying a variety of gold coins can also help squeeze extra profit out of your investment. Older and commemorative coins, for example, can command a higher price than newer coins due to scarcity and desirability.

What many investors don’t realise is that coin premiums are not fixed. Infact, they can vary by up to 20% depending on supply and market dynamics. So selling the same coin when supply is tight can yield a far higher price than selling at other times. How do we know which premiums will spike? We don’t. So owning a variety of coins increases the chances that you can sell the right coins at the right time to increases your sale price.

Enjoyed this video? Check out all 20 gold & silver video guides here.

3. Plan ahead when selling

Planning your sale can boost your profits in 2 ways.

Firstly, it enables you to watch underlying gold prices to strategically sell items on days when the price spikes. The gold price can easily move 2-3% in a day so pulling the trigger on those days rather than waiting until you need the money can enhance your sale price.

Working with a gold dealer will enhance prices

Secondly, providing your gold dealer with 10 commandmentsnotice of your intentions can enable them to find a specific buyer for your items, which can boost the price achieved by another couple of percent. Calling a dealer on the day you wish to sell will achieve a standard rate where your gold is likely sold into the wholesale market. By telling the dealer you wish to sell certain gold items over the ensuing month, gives them an opportunity to squeeze out more profit for you.

And don’t forget, that investing in gold is a medium to long term strategy. So the longer term you plan, the higher your sale price is likely to be. That’s because the gold price can be volatile, so short term sales can be at risk of reduced profits. Over the long term, market dips have more chance of being overcome.

4. Consider Capital Gains Tax when you buy

If you’re only selling a small amount of gold, tax won’t impact you. But for those making profits of more than £12k from where they bought the gold, tax considerations can really impact the final cash you receive.

That’s because Capital Gains Tax of up to 28% is applied to gains made over the £12k threshold. But this can be avoided altogether, boosting your profits massively. By focussing your gold investment on UK legal tender gold coins, any profits when you do come to sell, are free from CGT. That’s because the Government aren’t able to tax profits made on legal tender.

[button size=”medium” style=”primary” text=”Sell Your Gold” link=”” target=”_blank”]

5. Shop around

Using a reputable gold dealer usually means you get a buyback guarantee for the gold they sell you. This provides a quick and easy exit strategy when you wish to sell. But it’s always worth making a few calls to other gold brokers. Depending on their stocks, some dealers may pay slightly more on any given day for a certain coin, bar or jewellery than others. Generally, cash for gold business will try to exploit your lack of expertise and offer vastly reduced prices. Read our article on How to find out the tax free gold price.

Private collectors may pay more

In fact, if you have time and patience, it’s also worth testing the private market if you have coins with more of collectable value. While large gold dealers will provide a fair price for the gold content, private buyers may be willing to pay higher premiums based more on their desire to complete a collection or to own a unique piece of gold.

Sell your gold with us

So there you have it. 5 simple strategies about how to sell gold at the highest price. If you liked this video, download our more detailed 10 commandments when selling your gold coins from our website

If you’d like to sell your gold coins, bars or jewellery, then call a member of our team on 020 7060 9992. They’ll provide an indicative live price and email over a step-by-step process to complete your sale.

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How Much Is A Gold Bar Worth? – Physical Gold Ltd Video

Value of gold bars

When most people think of gold, they imagine the classic gold bars from films. But how much is a gold bar actually worth?

In this video, you’ll discover the 5 proven factors to calculate the value of a gold bar. By the end, you’ll learn how to buy and sell gold bars at the optimum price.

1. Gold spot price

The starting point with calculating the value of a gold bar is the current spot price. This is a moving gold price, displayed in ounces and grams and in various currencies. This isn’t the price where you can buy and sell gold but instead acts as a benchmark to calculate prices. You can see live prices at the top of websites like our own and historical price fixes on the LBMA website.

2. Weight

It may come as no surprise that gold bars are minted in a PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUlarge array of sizes and weights. The classic brick-like gold bars we see depicted in the media are known as Good-Delivery bars and weigh a whopping 400 ounces! These bars are worth several hundred thousand pounds each and is primarily traded between central banks.

Retail sizes are also commonly available from 1g to 1oz, 100g, up to 1kg. The next step to calculating the value of a gold bar is to multiply the spot price with the weight. So if the spot price of gold is £30/g and the gold bar weighs 100g, we simply multiply £30 x 100g = £3,000.

Find out how to buy 1kg gold bars here.

3. Buying or selling premium

As I mentioned at the beginning, £3,000 isn’t the price you can necessarily buy and sell the gold bar at. In fact, you’ll pay slightly more when buying the bar and receive slightly less when selling it. This is known as the bid/offer spread. An easy comparison would be when obtaining travel currency. The Sterling Dollar rate may be quoted at 1.33, but you can buy Dollars at 1.30 and sell at 1.35.

Because gold bars have no historical value, the premiums you’ll pay above the spot price are modest. Coins, on the other hand, can be worth more per gram due to a historical and scarcity value. We study the merits of gold coins versus gold bar investment, focussing on five key factors.

Higher quantity and size reduces the premium

The general rule of thumb is that the larger the gold bar, the lower the premium you’ll have to pay. Similarly, buying a large number of bars will also reduce your price per gram.

The bar brand can also impact the value when buying. Certain top-end Swiss brands will be more expensive than a near-identical bar of the same weight, manufactured by a lesser-known brand.

Focus on value, not brand

My advice is to buy the best value bar as long as its gold content is 99.99% pure.

When selling a gold bar, you’ll likely receive a slight discount to the spot price value, usually around 2%.

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4. Tax impact

One overlooked aspect of a gold bar’s value is Tax. Gold bars are VAT-exempt so tax doesn’t play a role in its value when buying. However, when selling gold bars, it’s possible any price you receive will be taxed for Capital Gains. This will only apply if you’ve made more than £12,000 profit on the sale when compared to the price you paid. Even then, tax is only applicable to the profit above this threshold. It’s also possible to sell some gold bars before the tax year-end and some afterwards to spread your profit and avoid incurring tax.

If you are considering purchasing a larger quantity of gold and want to remain tax-efficient, then UK coins could be a better option than gold bars due to their CGT-free status.

5. Timing

Clearly, the value of your gold bar will vary with time. While the gold spot price moves, so will the value of your gold bar.

But to really maximize the price at which you sell your bar, or minimise the price at which you buy, you should consider market sentiment. If you can buy when the market is very quiet, there’s every chance that gold dealers will reduce premiums or offer sales to move stock.

In the same way, if you can sell your gold bars when market demand is high, then dealers may improve the prices they’ll pay, as they know they can re-sell them quickly.

New Call-to-action

Buy gold bars from Physical Gold

If you’re looking to buy or sell gold bars, or want some guidance on the market, then feel free to contact us at

Our team are available 7 days a week on 020 7060 9992, live chat on the website, or you can leave a callback request here.

If you found this video useful, then please check out our other videos here which cover our most common questions on both gold and silver investment (including bars and coins).


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Gold Investment – Keeping a Balanced Portfolio Video

Gold investment’s role in a balanced portfolio

In this video we focus on the crucial function gold performs in a balanced investment portfolio. Specifically, I’ll reveal 7 amazing roles gold investment plays and exactly how you can use gold to enhance long term returns and provide portfolio insurance.

1. Reduces inflation risk

While different assets can provide varying returns in your portfolio, inflation always needs to be factored in. In other words, if an equity fund returns 5% year on year but inflation is at 3%, then your money has only really grown by 2%. Some assets like bonds have fixed returns, meaning their actual return after inflation can even be negative if inflation rises. This is certainly true of cash which may return around 1% in the bank while inflation stands close to 3%.

Gold has historically more than kept pace with inflation, providing a degree of wealth preservation.

2. Currency hedge

With traditional currencies such as the Dollar,Insider's Guide to gold and silverSterling and the Euro coming under continued pressure, seeking protection from devaluation is essential. In the UK, it’s likely most investors will hold assets based in Sterling. With events such as Brexit, political instability and mounting national debt, every asset within the portfolio can be exposed to a fall in Sterling’s value.

Owning gold in the portfolio protects against a weak Pound. In fact, as Sterling weakens, the value of your gold rises, regardless of the underlying gold price. Read our study Gold v Paper Money.

3. Liquidity

Gold is globally recognised and liquid, especially if you own bullion coins or bars. Not only can gold be converted back into cash quickly anywhere around the world, but it can also be sold in small quantities, enabling flexibility to liquidate part of your holding.

This high degree of liquidity enables the adventurous investor to combine gold investment with less liquid assets such as property and fine wine. Read our analysis or gold investment versus property.

4. Balance and portfolio insurance

A majority of a balanced portfolio’s assets are dependent on a strong economy to perform well. Stocks and property prices will perform well when an economy is thriving. 2008 was a stark reminder that when the global economy breaks, all your assets can fall in value at the same time. Gold is known as a safe haven asset, meaning it has a particular appeal to investors in times of economic uncertainty. This increased demand, in turn, pushes up its price.

So owning some gold alongside the other economy-dependent assets spreads investment risk in a unique way so that even in a recession, your portfolio value is protected. The majority of independent financial advisors would always advise investors to seek a balanced portfolio of investments.

5. Tax efficiency

Tax plays a crucial role in calculating your investment returns. Tax is applied to income on cash in the bank and dividends on shares. It is deducted from gains made on assets appreciating. So what can seem like a strong performing asset, can actually underperform once the tax is deducted.

There are various ways that gold investment can be completely tax free. Gold bullion, for example, qualifies for a UK SIPP pension. That means you get tax relief off your purchase price and any gains made are completely protected from tax.

You can even achieve tax efficiency with gold investing outside of your pension. Investment grade gold is VAT exempt to buy in the UK, while UK legal tender gold coins are also free from Capital Gains Tax.

6. Reduces volatility

PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUPredicting returns on investment can be difficult, especially when your portfolio consists of a multitude of assets. Assets with variable returns like shares and gold can enjoy periods of high appreciation, but also phases of depreciation. This can impact planning. For instance, your portfolio may be worth £100k and you plan to retire in 5 years based on your expectations for its performance. If in that period, there’s a stock market crash, then your portfolio can fall in value by 30%, leaving your plans in tatters.

By owning a percentage of gold in your investment portfolio, it actually reduces the overall volatility of its overall value. If stocks and property fall in value, gold is likely to rise. This irons out volatility and enables a more predictable performance.

7. No counterparty risk

Owning bonds, stocks and even cash, essentially amounts to owning pieces of paper with the promise of value. History has demonstrated that this perceived value can fall to zero overnight. This happens if a company goes bust as Lehman Brothers did, a Government defaults on its bond repayments or there’s a run on a currency.

Focusing on physical gold bars and coins reduces this exposure to counterparty risk. Holding the real thing enables you to own a tangible asset with intrinsic value. In a growing digital age, where stock values are increasingly based on future potential rather than profits and the threat from cybercrime, physical gold provides a simple comfort in a complicated world.

If you’ve enjoyed today’s video, please feel free see all 20 of our video guides in the series.

Add balance to your portfolio with Physical Gold

If you’d like to discuss how best gold coins or bars can provide a great balance to your finances, call 020 7060 9992 to speak to a member of our knowledgable team.

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Gold Coins – Collecting as a Hobby and For Profit Video

Gold Coin Collecting

In this video, we discuss how gold coin collecting can also produce a healthy profit if done correctly. We used to consider gold investors and hobbyist coin collectors as two different groups of people.

But, we’re increasingly asked by those who enjoy accumulating coins as a hobby, which ones are best to also turn a profit.

So I thought I’d look at some of the best ways to combine a passion for collecting coins with a desire to make money! I’ll run through step-by-step, how best to collect gold coins AND make money.

I’ll even be telling you exactly what type of coins to focus on to maximise returns.

Today, I’ll cover 2 main areas. Firstly, which type of coins to focus on and then how to buy and sell them for the biggest profit.

Type of coin to collect

So which coins are the best coins to collect in the first place?

Choosing coins with your head, rather than buying from the heart, will more likely result in the most profitable choice. Too many coin collectors buy coins based on personal desire or preference, rather than buying for more logical reasons. Going down the route of very rare or obscure collectable or numismatic coins can be risky as they can be illiquid and require high degrees of knowledge.

This doesn’t mean you should stick simply to mass-produced bullion coins because they’re the cheapest. It’s important you achieve a balance between value and enjoying the gold coin collecting process.

Gold Britannias – A Great All-Rounder

A great example would be the Gold Britannia coin. PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUThis happens to be our best-selling investment coin for larger investors as premiums are low and the coin benefits from being Capital Gains Tax free, so any profit is yours to keep!

But unlike many other mass-produced coins, the design of the coin’s iconic Britannia image is updated every couple of years. This makes the coin highly collectable, but without demanding the high cost associated with collectable coins.

Queens Beast series

Another great example of combining investment with a collectors hobby is the Queens Beast Series of coins. Like the Britannia, these coins are produced by the Royal Mint and benefit from being tax efficient and well-known. Two coins are released each year, with a total of ten coins in all. Each coin is beautifully designed and features Queen Elizabeth on the front, and one of ten heraldic beasts on the reverse.

The challenge of collecting all ten coins, and their quarter ounce and silver versions if you like, is satisfying, but being part of a set means premiums should rise quicker than on regular mass-produced coins. We’ve seen values of some of these coins increase by 40% in a year, even when the gold price has remained the same.

How to buy and sell

Next, I reveal how best to collect and buy coins. The key here is to develop a relationship with a reputable UK gold dealer. Dealers such as Physical Gold will offer the best access and choice to collectable coins, meaning you can base choices on value and upside potential rather than simply what’s available.

When buying limited issue coins such as the Lunar series and Queens Beast coins, being on a top dealer’s mailing list will mean you’ll hear about these coins before others. Generally, collectable coins will have the lowest premium when first released and can sharply increase in cost as stocks run low and time elapses. So getting in as soon as a coin is launched will lower your purchase price and increase profits.

If you have a really good relationship with a dealer, they may be able to call you when opportunities on older numismatic coins arise. With large customer bases, dealers sometimes buyback collectable older coins and can offer these at a discount to those who’ve expressed interest in such deals.

So, how about selling?

Insider's Guide to gold and silverWell, if you have time, selling individual coins privately will usually yield the highest prices. Posting the coin on a platform like eBay should gauge if there are other collectors willing to pay a premium for your coin to complete a set they’re collecting.

Alternatively, selling back to your gold dealer is a simple and quick path to lock in your profit, as you can quickly turn around a sale when the gold price hits a certain level. If time is on your hands, then working with a gold dealer can achieve a higher sale price if they can match you with a specific buyer.

So there you have it, if you like the idea of collecting beautiful gold coins as a hobby, but want to be smart in the way you do it, then follow these basic guidelines. And remember, my number one rule to selling coins at the highest price, is ensuring you select the right coins in the first place.

Buy beautiful collectable gold coins from Physical Gold

We stock an array of fantastic gold coins, ideal for collectors and investors alike. If you need any help or guidance about gold coin collecting, our knowledgable team are available on 020 7060 9992 or on the live chat function on the website.

If you found this video helpful, we have 20 of our top video guides covering both gold and silver coins and bars together on this page.

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Gold Britannias or Gold Sovereigns – Which is the Best Investment?

Britannias versus Sovereigns

This article focuses on the two main UK investment coins – Gold Britannias and Gold Sovereigns.

For UK investors especially, these two coins are the go-to choice when putting together a gold portfolio.

But which ones are better? The Britannia or Sovereign? I’ll look at 5 factors to compare the two coins.

1. Price

Let’s start at the most obvious place, with the price. The Britannia is around four times bigger than the Sovereign, weighing 1 troy ounce. That means, its price is far higher, so for those with very modest means, the smaller Sovereign coin provides access to the market where perhaps the Britannia is out of reach.

For most investors though, a larger allocation to gold is granted, so the price per gram between the two coins can be compared. With its larger size, Britannia’s production cost is lower as a percentage of the price, allowing for a lower price per gram. So if you’re looking for the most gold coin weight for your money, then gold Britannias are the better choice.

Winner: Britannia


2. Variety

While there is the occasional special edition gold Britannia launches, usually, there is one type of coin to choose from – the standard 1oz bullion coin. Fractional versions also exist, allowing the investor to buy half, quarter and tenth ounce version, but these can be expensive for the privilege.

As Britannias have only been around since 1987, PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUno coins really have historical or numismatic value. Yes, coin designs are updated every few years, but the variety with gold Britannias is very limited.

In contrast, the modern gold Sovereign has been around for 200 years. Like the gold Britannia, there is also various size option including Half Sovereigns, Double and even Quintuple Sovereigns!

But it’s the variety in age and monarch which really creates investment options. Sovereign coins can be bought with the current Queen on the front, but also there is a strong market in gold Sovereigns featuring King George, King Edward and Queen Victoria. The latter coins even vary between 3 different types of design, the Young head, jubilee head and old head versions and can be worth substantially more than newer Sovereigns.

Owning a variety of Sovereigns adds balance to an investment portfolio. It varies your upside potential between just owning bullion coins and perhaps also benefiting from numismatic gains.

I’m a strong believer in mixing the coins your own rather than owning all of one type, as it creates other profit opportunities.

Winner: Sovereign

 3. Divisibility

One of the most overlooked aspects of buying physical gold is obtaining divisibility within your portfolio.

This is one of the main reasons investors opt for gold coins rather than bars, it gives them the flexibility to sell small parts of their holding when they need.

Clearly, gold Sovereigns offer four times the divisibility of the standard 1oz Britannia. Yes, you can buy quarter and half ounce gold Britannias, but they’re a less economic method of obtaining flexibility than owning Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns.

So if you’re putting together a modest portfolio of coins – say £2-£5k – then we’d always recommend gold Sovereigns so that you can own a variety of coins and keep flexible.

However, for those looking to invest larger amounts, say £10k+, then you could still buy enough gold Britannias to achieve a great degree of divisibility.

Winner: Sovereign, unless you’re investing £10k+


4. Tax Efficiency

This one’s simple. Both the Sovereign and Britannia are VAT exempt when buying them as they qualify as investment grade gold.

In a similar way, any profits made on either coin are also free from Capital Gains Tax. That’s because both coins feature a face value and so qualify as legal tender in the UK. Selling any legal tender currency is free from Capital Gains tax.

Winner:               Tie

5. Liquidity

The second-hand market in any asset class is 10 commandmentscrucial when considering its merits as an investment. You can buy the best asset for capital gains in the world at a great price, but if no-one wants it when you come to sell, it fails as an investment.

Luckily, both the Sovereign and Britannia are highly sought and liquid coins globally. In the UK both coins are popular due to their tax free status. They can be sold in a matter of hours.

Globally, the Sovereign is better known as it’s been around for a lot longer than the Britannia. But the playing field is quickly changing. Since 2013, the Britannia has been minted as a 24 carat coin. While this doesn’t make any difference to gold content, it opens up the lucrative Asian market. In a land where only 24 carat appeals, the growing Chinese market love the Britannia but are more tentative towards the 22 carat Sovereign.

However, liquidity when buying is switched. While the latest year’s issue of either coin is plentiful and easy to obtain, buying pre-owned coins is a different matter.

If you wish to buy second-hand Britannias, they’re not always easy to buy when you want them. That’s because they’ve only been around for 30-odd years so there are less on the market.

In contrast, with the Sovereign’s long trading history, you’re able to obtain most types of gold Sovereign from any age, more or less when you want.

Winner: Sovereigns….just

Conclusion – gold Britannias or Sovereigns?

So there you have it, we’ve looked at 5 of the most important considerations when choosing gold coins for investment.

Ideally, owning a mixture of both, and in a range of ages and sizes, produces the most balanced portfolio. But that’s not always attainable for everyone’s financial means.

For the smaller investor, Sovereigns is the best starting point. For those seeking simplicity and the lowest purchase price, Britannias are the choice.

Either way, you won’t go wrong when investing in gold Britannias or gold Sovereigns. Silver Britannia coins are also available.

Contact a gold investment expert when buying Britannias and Sovereigns

Don’t forget that our team are here if you need any guidance on buying gold coins. Our Directors Pick is a popular choice if you want to own a gold portfolio of mixed UK coins but prefer our expertise to pick a balanced choice. You can leave a message on our Contact Us page, call our team on 020 7060 9992, or engage in the live chat function on the website.

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Gold Silver Investment Jargon Explained Video

Gold and Silver Investment Jargon

Complicated jargon exists everywhere in life. Within the investment world, jargon can sometimes prevent you from understanding the details of the investment, or cloud key facts.

Some terminology stems from the historical use of words, while others seem convenient for financial advisors to validate their existence to explain these complications.

At Physical Gold, we believe in stripping back jargon to simplify what should really be very straightforward assets – gold and silver.

This video unravels a few select pieces of jargon which crop up time and again. For the full list of investment jargon busting, click here.

1. Bullion

This is one of the most widely used terms in the market but can refer to a number of things. Some people use the term as a blanket expression for non-numismatic gold. So any low-priced gold coins and bars. This tends to be when the price is the focus and suits those wishing to avoid paying premiums for more valuable older coins.

It can also be used to explain a certain type of coin production. Most of the main gold investment coins will be produced to a number of finishes, each with their corresponding price. Bullion finish is the most basic and cheapest finish, so is targeted at the investment market, where quantity and price are the primary focus. In contrast, proof finish coins, are struck 2-3 times when minted and offer a more detailed, albeit expensive finish.

Finally, the term bullion can be used to refer to gold or silver bars. Bullion is used interchangeably with bars and wafers to focus on this area of the market rather than coins.

My recommendation is to ask questions if it’s unclear which of these meanings is being indicated.

2. Alloy, purity, carat

Very simply, alloy denotes the mix of metals within a PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUcoin and ties in with a coin’s purity and carat. Investment grade coins will all be of a purity of at least 958 parts gold per 1,000. The terms carat and purity refer to the same thing. A coin of 958 per 1,000 purity is known as being 22 carat, while a coin of at least 995 parts gold or silver are referred to as 24 carat.

Alloys are used to toughen up a coin and minimise scratches. Some of the most common alloys in popular coins such as Sovereigns will be silver and copper.

One of the biggest misconceptions with carats and purity is that 24 carat coins are far better and more valuable than 22 carats. Looking at the Gold and Silver Britannia coin is a useful example.

Up until 2013, the Britannia was produced as a 22 carat coin. While it weighed around 34g in total, the gold or silver content was 31.103g (1oz). Coins produced after 2013 were minted as 24 carat coins. The newer coins still only contain 31.103g of pure precious metal and that is now also their total weight. So in other words, both coin purities still contained exactly 1oz of pure gold or silver.

3. Face Value

While this term is simpler to understand, its implications are crucial to precious metals investors.

When a coin benefits from having a face value, that means that the mint who produced the coin have actually allocated a face value in that country’s currency to the coin. This face value will be shown either on the front or back of the coin. In theory, that means you are legally allowed to walk into a shop in the relevant country and use the gold or silver coin to buy goods up to the face value.

Now, this may sound ridiculous because the face value of a Gold Britannia, for instance, is £100, while the coin’s gold content is worth ten times that. This is where the implications come in useful.

Any coin with a face value cannot be taxed for capital gains for residents of that country. In other words, if a UK investor buys £20,000 of Britannia coins and sells them 5 years later for £50,000, their profit of £30,000 is completely tax free!

4. Segregated

Next up is a term used in the storage of gold and silver. If you choose not to physically hold your coins or bars, then many dealers can offer storage solutions. But beware, not all solutions are the same.

If gold or silver is segregated, it means that it’s legally ring-fenced as yours. That means it isn’t mixed in as a pooled investment with other investors’ gold and crucially cannot be touched by any counterparty.

For investors seeking absolute security and minimal risk, segregated storage is the only way.

5. Premium

This final piece of investment jargon is bandied around when talking about the price of physical gold and silver. Rather than indicating a top end item, it refers to the spread over the gold or silver spot price of various coins and bars.

It’s important to understand that when buying any gold or silver, whether electronic or physical, you will always buy at a premium over the live spot price.

That premium varies according to a few factors.

Firstly, coins and bars trade at a higher premium than electronic gold and silver ETFs as they have to encompass production, design and delivery costs.

Secondly, the type of coin or bar will dictate the level of premium. Brand new mass-produced bullion coins are attainable at lower premiums, then rarer old gold coins.

Finally, quantity plays a large role in the premium. Buying one coin will cost a higher premium than buying 100 coins. Similarly, buying a small 5g gold bar will cost a higher premium than a huge 1kg bar.

New call-to-action

Our team are here to make gold and silver simple

So there, you have it, 5 key pieces of jargon busted for you. Any dealer who cannot explain these, shouldn’t be used. Websites should clearly display live prices for various quantities of coins and bars, and each product should have a comprehensive description so you know what you’re buying. If you found this video helpful, be sure to check out 20 of our best video guides.

If you have questions regarding specific gold & silver investment jargon or are seeking guidance on how to invest, then our expert team are here to help. You can either call us on 020 7060 9992, engage on live chat or leave a call back request on our contact us page.

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Five Best Silver Coins To Invest In Video

Best Silver Coins for Investment

With so many different silver coins now on the market, a question we get asked time and time again, is – “Which silver coins are best for investment?”.

So today, I’m going to reveal my top 5 silver coins which you can buy TODAY to achieve the best balance, returns and tax efficiency.

1. Silver Britannia

The starting point and backbone of any silver portfolio should be the UK Britannia.

This coin ticks all of the boxes. As a mass-produced silver bullion coin, premiums are low and it’s easy to buy in large quantities from precious metals dealers. Not only that, but most dealers will offer tiered price savings at regular quantity points to reward you for buying in bulk. If you can afford to buy 500 Britannias, they’ll arrive packed in a monster box, perfect for storing.

But that’s not all.

The Royal Mint produced Britannia is also legal tender in the UK. Why is that important to me? Well, if silver performs the way we expect over the coming years, and its value explodes, then cashing in your profits on silver coins could cause a capital gains tax issue. But any UK legal tender coin is Capital Gains Tax free to UK residents. So you get to keep ALL of your profits!

2. Silver Krugerrand

Next up is the infamous silver Krugerrand.

Possibly the best-known coin in the world, the Krugerrand has been issued in gold for over 50 years and is the most plentiful 1oz coin on the market. For that reason, the coin benefits from a super strong secondary market and can be easily traded around the world. It’s possibly the most common coin in continental Europe.

It’s quite surprising then that despite the success of the gold coin, the Silver Krugerrand only launched in 2018 for the first time. I’d recommend adding this iconic coin to your portfolio to provide value and liquidity.

3. Royal Mint Lunar Series

Balance is key to any investment portfolio, PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUand the same goes for silver. So to provide a different angle to your portfolio, I’d recommend the Royal Mint Lunar Series.

Like the Britannia, the coin qualifies as legal tender, so any profits are CGT-free. But these coins add a whole new dimension to your portfolio. Each of the twelve coins in the series features an animal from the Chinese calendar and is released on its corresponding year. 2019 for instance, witnesses the release of the Year of the Pig coin.

This is clever marketing by the Royal Mint. These silver coins benefit from a collectability factor as buyers seek to own every coin in the set. But the Chinese theme means demand is strong from Asia, a market the Mint is targeting to increase its reach.

With each coin having a restricted mintage, prices tend to increase quickly when supplies run dry – boosting profits.

4. Argor Heraeus 5KG Silver Bar

Fourth in my list is a little leftfield – It’s the Argor-Heraeus produced Fiji 5kg silver bar.

I know what you’re thinking….That’s a silver bar, not a coin, right? Well, yes and no. Clearly, it appears to be a silver bar, but when you look closer, it has a twist. Each of these huge 5kilo bars has a Fijian face value. This coin is not CGT-exempt for UK investors.

It makes sense to add some of these to your silver portfolio as the huge size, reduces relative production costs, especially when compared to 1oz coins. So by owning some of these ‘coin bars’ as we call them, you can bring the average cost of your holding down, and boost profits!

Shop Silver Coins

5. Royal Mint Queens Beasts Series

Last up is the Silver Queens Beast range of coins. These play a similar role to the Lunar coins.

  • Legal tender and therefore tax free –
  • Part of a collectable series –
  • Limited mintage –

But the Queens Beast coins also come in two sizes. 2oz bullion coins and massive 10oz versions. We’ve already seen premiums on these coins increase quicker than regular coins as each year passes.

So there you have it. 5 best silver coins to really boost your investment portfolio. Of course, there are many other silver coins available. So if you feel passionate about any coins I haven’t highlighted today, get in touch. If you found this video useful, be sure to check out all 20 of our video tutorials.

Buy the five best silver coins from a trusted source

When you’re ready to start investing in the best silver coins, there’s no better place than with the Physical Gold. We have a track record stretching back to 2008 and have a huge selection of silver coins and bars which can be ordered online, including our five best silver coins. If you need guidance, don’t hesitate to call our team on 020 7060 9992.

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Buying Gold – 5 Reasons To Invest Video

Reasons to Invest in Gold

We all know that the world we now live in is evolving at the fastest pace in history. Globalisation, technology and devalued currencies are leading to huge changes that are set to impact us all.

While the rise of the internet provides us with unprecedented access to consumer goods, it’s also quickly eroding the global economy as we know it. Margins are being squeezed, leading to high street giants closing down and job losses. Most of us have escaped these changes so far, but the bubbles being created in the stock and housing markets and record levels of national debts will cause a huge market adjustment in the coming years.

Investing in gold is the best way to protect ourselves from many of these dangers. Today, I want to highlight 5 compelling reasons to invest in gold.

1. Protection from a house market crash

In the UK, we’re a nation obsessed with property ownership and it’s easy to understand why. House prices have rocketed over the past decade in a market where investors have benefited from record low-interest rates and easy money. 5% deposits and low mortgage APRs have granted buyers easy access to the market. A competitive mortgage market has thrived on offering interest-only mortgages.

As prices have risen year on year, many house owners have remortgaged and pushed borrowing to its limits. But now we’re entering a period where all these dynamics are reversing at the same time.

Interest rates have now risen both in the UK and US, with promises of more hikes to come. No longer can mortgages be obtained with tiny deposits or interest-only repayments. New mortgages and remortgages are now based on higher rates, deposit requirements are higher and monthly repayments are sky-rocketing.  All of this is set against a backdrop of falling house prices.

With the average UK resident highly exposed to the property market, a crash in prices will impact us all. Repossessions will hit lenders hard, while stock markets will decline as less disposable income crimps corporate profits.

Owning gold offers protection against such market crashes. As a safe haven asset, it’s gold investors who will benefit when the markets go through a prolonged period of pain. Have a read of our study, Gold Investment versus Property.

New Call-to-action

2. Tax efficiency

A good reflection of how much tax can reduce your investment returns is the fact that every financial adviser will encourage you to fill your annual ISA allowance before you look at anything else.

However, returns on cash ISAs are lower than inflation, effectively reducing the buying power of your money. Even equity ISAs remain very exposed to market bubbles, and annual limits reduce the amount you can invest.

If the right type of gold is bought, then it can be a completely tax-free investment, with no annual limits whatsoever.

Any investment grade gold is exempt from VAT. Two elements are needed to qualify. The gold needs to be in the form of a coin or bar, and its purity needs to be 22 carats or higher. SO if you stick to these types of gold, you’ll pay no tax when you buy.

Even better, is that certain gold coins are also free from Capital Gains Tax. This means that unlike every other asset in the UK (except your primary residence), any profits made in this type of gold cannot be taxed.

To qualify, gold coins need to be UK legal tender. In other words, if it has a face value, it is classified as legal tender. Any profits made on selling legal tender are tax-free to UK residents!

3. No counterparty risk

Owning a variety of investments is a great way to diversify. PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUBut most investments are based on a piece of paper confirming your ownership. These so-called paper assets are great when things are going well, but can fall to zero overnight when matters turn sour.

Owning stocks has one huge risk, you’re depending on one particular company to perform. Look what happened to the entire banking sector in 2008. Values of bank shares plummeted in a matter of weeks.

Bonds are similar. Even owning Government bonds means you’re exposed to political choices. Italy is a great example where huge debts and political instability have led to plummeting prices.

Even cash in the bank and credit cards can be vulnerable to cybercrime and online fraud.

Owning physical gold means taking personal possession of the gold coins and bars you’ve bought. It doesn’t matter how a certain company performs, your gold always has an intrinsic value. In today’s digital globalised economy, the threat to paper assets and cybercrime is growing.

4. Liquidity

Gold can be traded anywhere around the world. It has a historical track record stretching back more than 5,000 years and the gold spot price is published daily. Gold coins allow for selling small parts of your asset when you need, so you can sell whatever quantity you want at the prevailing rate.

Compare this to the inflexibility of selling a property where the whole asset is sold, providing no scope to sell only part of it. Sales can extend to months or even years.

Check out our full suite of video tutorials here

5. Currency devaluation

Last but not least is the growing threat to today’s global currencies. Actually, global currency systems change every 30-40 years. We’ve seen a traditional gold standard, evolve into a gold exchange standard, then the Bretton Woods system, and finally into the US Dollar standard.

The problem with so-called Fiat currency like the Dollar is that its value becomes undermined as US Governments print more and more of it. Unchecked US debts in the Trillions further devalue the currency.

In Europe, we’re also seeing the dismantling of the Euro with Brexit. There’s a significant threat that other European countries will also withdraw in the coming years.

No doubt, when deflation and then inflation take hold, Governments around the world will seek a new system and new solution to replace the US Dollar standard. In that case, they’ll look at what’s worked best in the past, and likely return to gold.

This could be catastrophic if you’re holding all your assets in Dollars, Euros or Pounds, but provide huge riches if you already own gold.


There are many other benefits and reasons to invest in gold, a handful of which I’ve covered in today’s video. The key is recognising that the global economy is at breaking point and it’s a matter of when, not if, it will implode. Reverting to owning gold, takes the guessing game away, securing you in the knowledge that you’re prepared for any outcome.

We’re here to help

If you have questions about how to get started with gold investment, then please contact us by calling 020 7060 9992, using the live chat widget on the website, or by contacting us here. Our expert team has helped thousands of people with their first foray into gold.


20 Gold and Silver Videos from Physical Gold

Gold & Silver Video Guides

If the content is queen for websites, then the king must be multimedia content! With this in mind, Physical Gold set out to create 20 gold and silver industry videos, related to questions and topics, we are frequently asked about relating to the gold and silver industry.

Precious metal investments need careful thought and planning. In this article, we will review 20 important educational videos that have been published by Physical Gold, one of the most reputed gold dealers in the UK. These videos are an excellent educational tool for experienced and new investors alike. Each section below provides a brief summary of the video and tells you why it’s worth watching.

We have published these on YouTube, so, why not click on any of the 20 videos below and learn what Daniel Fisher, the CEO of Physical Gold has to say on each of the topics.

1)    1oz silver coins – the available options

Silver coins have steadily gained in popularity amongst investors. Learn about the value of buying 1oz silver coins, including the Krugerrand, Canadian Maple LeafAustralian Silver Kangaroo, the UK Royal Mint’s Lunar series and annual Britannia coin. In this video published by Physical Gold, Daniel Fisher, CEO some valuable insights are shared as to why this coin denomination is great to add to a portfolio as well as the tax-efficiency benefits, which are available for UK residents.

This video guides investors on how to make the best decisions when buying 1-ounce silver coins. Daniel reveals his top five choices, with each selection based on a different investor objective. As a silver investor, the video is an excellent guide to making smart silver investments.

2)    5 Reasons to buy gold sovereigns

Sovereigns have been around for centuries and enjoy a vibrant secondary market. Of course, this provides excellent liquidity for your portfolio. Divisibility and flexibility can be achieved, as the sovereign is available as a quarter ounce coin. Sovereigns were issued through the reigns of different monarchs, creating excellent variety and easy availability. In this Physical Gold video, five important reasons are unveiled as to why sovereigns can be an important inclusion in your portfolio. Watch the video to learn more.


 3)    Britannia silver coins – a collectable investment

This video focuses on the fact that any investor thinking about buying silver should seriously consider buying the Britannia silver coin. An ideal low-priced 99.9% pure coin (since 2013) and are available with low premiums. The iconic image of Britannia is updated frequently, making it attractive to collectors. The silver Britannia is also available as a limited-edition proof set and in sets of fractional sizes.

The Britannia’s history is explored as well as investment potential, tax-efficient status as well as various options including proof sets and storage solutions. The video analyses several factors that make the silver Britannia a great choice for both collectors and investors.

4)    Buying gold online with Physical Gold LTD

The easiest way to purchase gold is to simply buy online. In this video, Daniel Fisher, CEO and founder of Physical Gold tells us how easy it is. The video walks buyers through five easy steps from creating a free online account on the website to adding products to your shopping cart and finally checking out. Daniel also explains the inherent advantages of purchasing gold online in the video.

Gold and silver videos
Several iconic British coins were struck at the Royal Mint

5)    Buying gold bars – a guide for investors

Why buy gold bars rather than gold coins? This video reveals all and expands upon many of the benefits and the investment philosophy to adopt when buying gold bars. Listen here to some quality investment tips and how having a combination of bars with differing sizes, weights and quantities all make perfect investment sense!

The investor awareness video kicks off with an analysis of the reasons why people buy gold bars, followed by a lesson on how to choose the best bars. Investors should be equipped with good knowledge of buying gold bars after watching this video.

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6)    Buying gold – 5 reasons to invest

We could have written 55 reasons but limited ourselves to just five within this video! Daniel Fisher talks about how gold investments can protect you from exposure to global economic turmoil. Five compelling reasons are discussed in the video, including the impending possibility of a housing market crash. The thought-provoking video is a must-watch for every investor.

7)    6 Hacks to buying the best value gold sovereign coins

The next video from Physical Gold unveils six strategies that investors can employ when buying Sovereigns. So, you might be sold on the idea of buying gold sovereign coins, produced by the UK Royal Mint. But, how do you get the best value for your money when buying them This is the question posed and answered within this video, which explores a range of approaches (hacks) to getting more gold Sovereign coins for your money!

Investors are advised to buy the quintuple sovereign, as it’s a much bigger coin and provides greater value for money. Other strategies include buying nearly new used coins, waiting for a lull in the market and speaking to a dealer to buy a particular Sovereign when its price comes down.

Gold and silver videos
Gold bars have their purity value inscribed on the face

8)    5 best silver coins to invest in

This silver investment video addresses the confusion faced by investors about which silver coins to buy. In the video, Daniel Fisher, founder, and CEO of Physical Gold reveals his top five choices in silver coins. Analysts are predicting an explosive price rise for silver in the future, but which coins do you buy Daniel reveals all in this highly informative video, which selects five of the best silver coins, which can leave investors with no doubt as to which coins, they should buy. The list includes the legendary silver Britannia and Krugerrand. The Fiji 5 kg silver bar is also included as it has a face value.

9)    Gold & silver investment jargon explained

Insider's Guide to gold and silver


Do you know your alloys from your carats Learn about these and other gold and silver industry jargon terms in this helpful video. Listen to understand what the terms mean and blast away any myths or misunderstandings from the crevices of your mind! This video is an excellent educational tool for investors and the general public alike!

10) Gold Britannias or Gold Sovereigns – which is the best investment?

The flagship coins of British coinage have always been the gold Britannia and Sovereign.

Do you like the idea of investing in Gold Britannias and Gold Sovereigns, but only have funds for one, so which do you choose Daniel answers all in this informative video, Daniel Fisher explains the investment rationale behind both gold coins based on five essential factors. Learn about both coins in terms of tax efficiency, liquidity, and other factors too!

11) Gold coins – collecting as a hobby and for profit

Collecting coins makes you a Numismatist, but is it possible to make a profit too. The answer is YES, learn how in this Physical Gold video which explains how coin collecting is not only for fun but is for profit too! As with all investments, it’s important to let your head rule rather than your heart, so why not become an informed numismatic investor?

12) Gold investment as part of a balanced investment portfolio

Balanced it’s such a lovely word, especially when it’s used in the phrase “balanced investment portfolio”. Gold often plays a pivotal role in balancing a portfolio and providing portfolio insurance. In a ground-breaking video, Daniel Fisher, CEO of physical gold reveals seven great ways in which gold can play an important role in providing liquidity, hedging currency risks, and fighting inflation.  By watching this video, you can learn how gold can help protect your investments during economic uncertainty.

Gold and silver videos
The large gold bars seen in the movies are called ‘Good-Delivery’ bars and are used by central banks

13) How much is a gold bar worth?

There are so many different factors, which determine the value of a gold bar? So, how much is a gold bar worth? Find out by watching this video, which gives viewers the “lowdown” on the calculation process behind valuing gold bars and how this can be used to the advantage of informed, streetwise and “savvy” gold investors.

14) How to buy gold

Is there a formula for investing effectively in gold coins and bars? Open your eyes to the world of gold investment by watching Physical Gold’s video “How to buy gold”. It sounds like an easy question to answer, but we explore “buying gold well” here and guide listeners through the steps to a healthy buying process. From finding a reputable gold dealer and discussing objectives to the eventual buying process, every step is explained in detail in this comprehensive, insightful video. Many think that gold is only for the extremely wealthy, but Daniel also explores more affordable monthly saving options too.

10 commandments15) How to sell gold for the most cash

Do, you own some gold and want to realise the highest cash price for it? Of course, you do! Daniel Fisher explores the various techniques here and learns how to maximise your profits, with a particular emphasis on buying correctly in the first place. Are you intrigued to learn more about selling, then simply click on the video!

16) Should I invest in gold or silver?

We know the answer to this question, but the video explores the often-asked question of should people invest in gold and silver Daniel guides viewers through the many reasons that investors should consider these precious metals and the contrast between investing in the two of them.

gold and silver videos
The silver Britannia is a truly iconic British coin

17) Silver bars or silver coins – which is the best investment?

So, you have decided on investing in silver – but what suits your investment purposes better, silver bars or coins? Investors are hugely attracted to silver because it is 85 times cheaper than gold and holds the promise of rich dividends in the years to come. This illuminating video created by Physical Gold takes a look at four points of comparison between silver bars and coins. The video is extremely helpful for silver investors in making the right choice.

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18) Silver investing in 2019 and beyond

We have come to 2019 and silver investment has now been popular for millennia. So, we can predict with optimism that silver will flourish into the future, it’s safer than low-interest earning cash. Listen to Daniel in this video to hear his views on the investment potential of silver in 2019 and in years to come.

19) The Gold price today & investing in gold medium to long term

The Holy Grail of the gold investment market is the spot price. In this back to basics video, Daniel Fisher, founder of Physical Gold teaches investors how to stay abreast of the current gold price and analyse it. He also explains effective strategies and themes that investors can employ when planning their investments with a medium to long-term horizon.

gold and silver videos
The Gold Krugerrand is one of the best-known coins in the world

20) Understanding the gold price per oz

Why is gold priced per oz (ounce), what is the spot price and why is this so important Daniel discusses this and more in our final of 20 videos. If you haven’t watched any then watch this video, which is highly educational to investors, Numismatists, and quizzers alike!

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