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Despite higher prices, gold fever to hit this season

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Higher gold price will add 10m annual ounces by 2020

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Isle of Man Angel

angel coin

The Angel coin is a lesser-known UK bullion gold coin issued by the British Pobjoy Mint in the Isle of Man. Well regarded for its beautiful depiction of the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon on its reverse, this coin appeals to collectors and investors alike.

Based on the French Angelot coin, it was originally minted in England under Edward IV in 1465. Rumour has it that the coin was thought to bring healing powers to those suffering from the disease scrofula or the ‘King’s evil’.

Nowadays, it’s seen as a viable 24 carat alternative to the Royal Mint’s 1oz Britannia coin, offering the same tax-free status due to its recognition as legal tender. Despite this, they remain less popular and less liquid than their Royal Mint counterparts. Certainly welcome as part of a mixed tax-free portfolio.

The Angel coin

Country: UK
Face Value: n/a
Gold Content: 1 ounce (31.103g)
Purity: 999.9
Gross Weight: 31.2013g
Coin Diameter: 32.70mm
First year of issue: 2006


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Tax-Free Gold explained

You’ve probably heard that Tax-Free Gold offers balance and portfolio protection,

but do you know about the other benefits of gold, such as being:

  • VAT-Exempt
  • CGT-free
  • Liquid and flexible

This means you can make significant savings, on any gains, given the current rate of VAT.

Video Transcript:

You’ve probably heard that gold offers balance & portfolio protection, but did you know about its other benefits?

Here at Physical, all our gold coins are V-A-T exempt AND Capital Gains Tax free, so you won’t have to share any profit with the taxman.

And because we only sell world-renowned coins, they’re as liquid as cash – especially with our ‘Buyback Guarantee’.

We specialise in making it incredibly easy to invest in real, solid, tax-efficient gold coins.  And our purchasing power means we can offer you tax-free Royal Mint coins at market leading rates…

If you want brand new coins, look no further than our ‘Bullion Coins’ category. These uncirculated coins provide the lowest-cost option for those seeking the most tax free gold for their money.

Our ‘Enhanced Performance’ coins are pre-owned, Royal Mint coins, offered at discounted prices. These have an intrinsic value – reflecting their increased scarcity and desirability. This option maximises your opportunity for increased returns when the markets rise, and offers protection if the gold price should fall.

If you like the idea of the ‘Enhanced Performance’ coins but don’t know which ones to choose, then our ‘Director’s Pick’ is a great solution. Our experts will hand-pick a mix of coins from this category – creating a bespoke portfolio, especially for you.

Regardless of which tax free coins you choose, you can rest assured that they’ve undergone diligent checks by our team of experts – so you own the best quality gold on the market.

We also offer secure, insured delivery to your home, or you can opt to use our segregated storage facility.

So if you’re interested in gold – to hedge against unstable markets, and want something tangible, easy to sell, and tax efficient,…then Tax Free Gold Coins tick ALL the boxes. Tax-free gold at market leading prices.


Pension Gold explained

Add Pension Gold to your portfolio

With pension libertaions enabling you to take more of your pension pot as a cash lump sum, now is the time to plan ahread.

Adding gold bullion to your SIPP provides balance and reduces overall volatility, so your future pension value is more predictable.

Make your pension work harder for you;

This guide will help you:

  • Learn how to make your pension work harder for you
  • Plan a tax-efficient future
  • Add balance and protection to your other assets

Video Transcript:

Planning for your retirement can sometimes be complicated and full of uncertainty.

With the threat of volatile markets, many people these days are unsure if they’ll be able to retire when they’d planned; or have the standard of living they’d anticipated. specialise in making it easy to invest in tax-efficient, solid, physical gold as part of your pension.

Gold bars reduce the overall risk to your pension by providing stability to any other investments you may have; giving you a balanced pension, for increased peace of mind.

As part of a pension investment, gold receives tax relief of up to 45% for higher tax payers; and is free from capital gains tax on any profits made on your gold bullion SIPP.

Not only that, gold is quick and easy to transfer, so if you need to change your holding at anytime you have the liquidity and flexibility to do so.

With your pension gold is securely stored in one of the UK’s leading metals depositories and fully insured through Lloyds of London.

All this combined makes gold bullion the perfect ingredient for a long term balanced pension.

So whether you already have a pension or need to set one up, have a solution to suit you. – Bringing stability and balance to your long term pension


Monthly Saver explained

Gold Monthly Saver

Our Monthly Saver is a new way of looking at your saving needs. With interest rates at record lows, sticking to what you’ve always done and saving with your bank or in an ISA, will provide almost no returns at all. When you factor in inflation, your hard earned money is actually losing value. In today’s uncertain world, building a nest egg for unexpected events is more crucial than ever. So is the time now right to consider something different – saving with gold!?

This guide will help you;

  • Make your savings work harder, with no VAT and no CGT          
  • Make regular, easy monthly payments, from as little as £250
  • Consider a tax-efficient alternative to an ISA or bank savings
  • Cost average gold

This means you can make significant savings, on any gains, given the current rate of VAT.

Video Transcript:

Gold and silver are renowned for offering balance and portfolio protection, but did you know that you can invest in relatively modest amounts, on a regular basis? specialise in offering a monthly scheme to invest in real, solid, tax-efficient gold & silver coins.

Saving with gold or silver is safe, secure and has historically delivered great returns. And you can start saving regularly with us, from as little as £150 per month for silver or £250 for gold.

The gold and silver coins in our Monthly Saver are free from both UK V-A-T and Capital Gains Tax...  A significant saving for savvy investors.

With interest rates still low, the returns on gold & silver may prove to be a better option than high street banks. And saving with us is just as easy, and flexible, as a regular savings account or ISA.

We also realise things can change.  So, if you need to stop saving for any reason, just let us know. Then, when you’re ready to start again, simply give us a call.  It couldn’t be easier.

So, if you’re tired of low returns in the bank, why not be more tax-efficient & start saving in gold or silver. – helping you build a tax-efficient nest egg for your future.


Capital Gains Tax – All you need to know

What is Capital Gains Tax?

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax levied on individuals and corporations when they sell/dispose of an asset and make a profit (a capital gain). For you and I, that means a tax on any profit you make from selling a chargeable asset such as shares or a second home. The tax only applies once the particular asset is sold and a profit has been made, rather than when the asset is still held.

The tax is calculated annually on an individuals net gains. So for instance, if you sell 2 different shares during the year and one makes a loss while the other profits, your annual capital gain will be the net profit of the two.

The current rate of Capital Gains paid, varies between 18% and 28%, depending on whether youre a lower or higher rate taxpayer.

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Are there any exemptions?

The good news is that not all capital sales are chargeable. Any gains made on an ISA or pension are protected from CGT. Additionally, selling premium bonds, UK gilts, your primary residence, or a private car are all tax-free. Oh, and betting, the lottery and pools also escape incurring CGT.

Is there CGT on gold and silver

Just like any other capital asset, selling gold or silver at a profit can incur CGT. However, tax efficiency is our thing. We just hate the idea of having to share any profits from gold or silver, if we don’t have to.

Two of the most popular ways of avoiding CGT are by buying UK tax-free coins and Pension Gold.

Coins produced by the Royal Mint, which qualify as legal tender, are not subject to CGT as the Treasury cannot tax the movement of legal currency. This covers Gold Sovereigns, Britannias and Angels. There is no upper limit either, which is why so many customers focus on these coins as a tax-free store of wealth.

Our Pension Gold product has also proved to be a popular way of benefiting from rising gold prices without paying tax. Any profits from gold bullion, held within your Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP), are sheltered from CGT.

If all this sounds complicated, dont worry, we specialise in guiding you to the most tax-efficient gold and silver.

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Can I sell other gold or silver without paying CGT?

Everyone in the UK is allowed to make a profit on sales of 11,100 each tax year without paying CGT. This means if you buy modest amounts of taxable gold or silver, say 5,000; even if the price has doubled when you come to sell, you’ll still fall within your tax-free annual limit.

However, if you also need to sell other taxable assets, such as shares, in the same tax year, you’ll probably wish you owned more tax-free gold or silver.

With this in mind, you could sell small values of your taxable gold or silver so that you fall within your allowance. The annual calculations run from 6 April to the following 5 April, so you could sell some coins before year-end and some just afterwards.


The good news is that we focus on selling gold and silver coins which will never be liable for Capital Gains Tax. So if you’re wondering if silver or gold is the tax-free investment you’re looking for, you should look no further than the UK legal tender coins. Both gold and silver versions are very popular, partly due to their tax-free nature, but also because they’re very liquid. So investing in them means they’re easy to sell at optimum prices, without sharing your profits with the Treasury.


Philharmonic Gold Coin

Philharmonic gold coin

The Philharmonic gold coin

Country: Austria
Face Value: 1989 – 2001 = 2000 Schillings, 2002 – Present = 100 Euro
Gold Content: 1 ounce (31.104g)
Purity: 99.99% (24 karat)
Gross Weight: 31.105g
Coin Diameter: 37mm
First year of issue: 1989

The Austrian bullion coin is called the Philharmonic gold coin and was fist issued by the Austrian mint in Vienna in 1989.

The Philharmonic coin is 24 karat gold and has a current face value of 100 Euros although Philharmonic’s produced between 1989-2001 had a face value of 2000 Schillings. This coin had the highest value of any gold bullion coin when it was denominated in Schillings.

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The coin started trading on 10th October 1989 and two versions were made available. The first version was a one-ounce coin and the second, a quarter ounce. Subsequently, newer versions were released in 1991 and 1994. These were one-tenth and a half ounce version respectively. When we compare these coins, we can see that they are identical except for the weight and face value displayed. Then in 2014, a one twenty-fifth ounce coin was also released with a face value of 4 euros at the time.

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According to the World Gold Council, the Austrian Philharmonic was the best selling gold coin worldwide in 1992, 1995 and 1996 and has proved a popular choice for those wishing to add 24 karat coins to their portfolio. True to its reputation as one of the best-selling coins of all time, 14 million Austrian Philharmonics were sold since its release in 1989 till 2012. This incredible number actually weighs around 329 tons of gold if put together.

The obverse displays the great organ in the Golden Hall in Vienna’s Musikverein, the concert hall of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, date of issue, and face value in Euros (prior to 2002 in Schillings)

The reverse of the coin features a design of musical instruments representing the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the text Wiener Philharmoniker.

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The Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin has certain amazing facts to its name that have been added over time. The 15th anniversary of the coin was commemorated by the Austrian Mint by issuing a 1,000-ounce version of the coin called the ‘Big Phil’ as a limited edition. This huge coin had a face value of 100,000 euros and only 15 of them were produced. The large coin packed 31.103 kg of .999 pure gold, making it one of the most valuable coins to be released. Contrary to expectations, however, the Austrian Mint commemorated the 20th anniversary of the coin by issuing a 20-ounce version of the coin. Nevertheless, this was well received by numismatists and investors alike. Recently, an invaluable Christmas tree has been unveiled in Japan made entirely out of 2017 issues of the Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin. The entire tree is valued at approximately 2.3 million euros!

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The Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint has a long history, first appearing in records as early as 1371, at the time referred to as the Vienna Mint. Having gained importance as the country’s principal mint in 1715, it released one of the most famous coins ever issued, as early as 1741. This was a silver coin called the Maria Theresa Thaler, named after Maria Theresa, the Holy Roman Empress who ruled till 1780. Upon her death, these coins ceased issue. The Vienna Mint rose to prominence as the national mint of the country post World War 1, as Austria became a republic. It was only in 1989 that the name formally changed over to the ‘Austrian Mint’. Around the same time, it was incorporated as a public limited company, as a subsidiary of the country’s national bank. The Mint continues to be one of the most important issuers of gold and silver coins that enthrall collectors and investors around the world.




The Krugerrand


The Krugerrand

County: South Africa
Face Value: 10 Rands
Gold Content: 1 ounce (31.104g) – Alloyed with copper
Purity: 917/1000 (22 karat)
Gross Weight: 33.9305
Coin Diameter: 32.70mm
First Year of issue: 1967

The Krugerrand is the 22-karat bullion coin of South Africa. It was the first gold coin produced to contain precisely one ounce of fine gold, and provided a vehicle for the private ownership and trade of gold. By 1980 the coin accounted for 90% of the gold coin market. The success of the Krugerrand led to many other gold-producing nations minting their own bullion coins.

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With over 54 million Krugerrands in circulation it is believed to be the most widely owned gold bullion coin in the world. The sheer number of coins on the market coupled with the coin’s global recognition, mean it is one of the least expensive coins to buy. The intention for the Krugerrand was for it to be circulated as currency, for this reason the coin was minted in 22 karat gold, with copper as a strengthening alloy. Its durability is one of it’s main selling points now. With one of the most active secondary markets of any gold coin, the vast majority of Krugerrands we see of 30-40 years of age are still in fantastic condition.

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Due to the huge number in circulation coupled with it’s global recognition, the coins provide unparalleled liquidity. As an investment into a physical asset this is very important. Just like when buying and selling a house, it is not only the price you manage to purchase the property at, but also the sale price which will determine your profit. If you buy a house at a great price but it’s on a main road and appeals only to a very niche market, then it is more difficult to sell and the eventual sale price will inevitably be affected. The same goes for gold. Buy Krugerrands and you’ll be able to sell the coins at any time, maximising your chances of securing a good price.

Despite the coin’s legal tender status, the coin was illegal to import in many Western countries during the 1970s and 1980s due to economic sanctions against South Africa for its policy of apartheid. In 1994 these sanctions ceased when South Africa dropped this policy.

The coin is so named because the obverse features the profile of statesman Paul Kruger, four-term president of the old South African Republic. The reverse displays one of the national symbols of South Africa the springbok which is the African name for an antelope.


Gold Krugerrand

At Physical Gold we specialise in the Gold Krugerrand because of its durability and wide circulation – making it popular all over the world. Since its introduction in 1967 and following the abolishment of the apartheid policy in 1994, the coins have become popular all over the world and remain the most popular and widespread bullion coin available.

Krugerrand Coins

There have been more than 50 million of the coins minted since its first minting in the sixties – more than all other bullion coins combined. It is one of the most well known gold products in the world, thanks to its liquidity and status it brings to the owner.

Before the introduction of the coin, gold was only available in bars, making it too expensive for some. As the Krugerrand has legal tender status, the UK is allowed to import it without paying import taxes, duties and VAT – making the Krugerrand cheaper to buy.

Sell Krugerrand

Because of their wide circulation, the liquidity is better than any other gold coin. This makes it much easier to sell the coins whenever you want to cash in on your investment and still receive a good price for it.

In terms of gold investment, the process to buy and sell Krugerrand is one of the easiest routes of investing in the precious metal and ensures you’ll have the best chance of getting the most for your money. In terms of gold bullion coins, the Krugerrand is at the top of its game.


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