Why gold and silver are relevant to all of us, regardless of wealth

Throughout history, gold ownership has been perceived as an elitist privilege for those with huge wealth.

It’s been depicted in films as huge 400oz bars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds and its association with rich sheikhs, kings and central banks makes it seem out of reach for us regular people.  But actually, gold and silver can be bought in very modest quantities and can provide the same stability and wealth protection for you and I, as it does for the rich.

Who’s buying it now?

The past decade has experienced a huge evolution, as we live in an ever-increasing globalised economy. And whilst this has presented many opportunities, it also poses new risks.

In a bid to protect and balance, institutions such as hedge funds, pension funds and wealth managers are now joining banks, in adding gold and silver to their holdings. PHYS01_Animated_Gif_2_MPUThe unstable political and economic landscape, in which we now live, requires new thinking to protect our family’s wealth.  Traditionally a prudent investor would spread their money between stocks, bonds, property and cash in the bank, but we know now that those alone are not enough. In fact, many people are now choosing gold investment over property as a more tax efficient tangible asset.

We’re seeing record numbers of individuals adding precious metals to their holdings, as global threats affect us all, and everyone is entitled to protect their wealth. We all have other insurances such as car and home protection, so why not also have portfolio insurance in the shape of gold and silver? Gold isn’t just for the super wealthy.

How accessible are gold and silver?

It’s incredibly easy to purchase precious metals. There are now a large number of companies selling gold and silver in various shapes and forms. Research is readily available at the tap of a button, to enable informed decision making. Gold’s rapid acquisition amongst the masses, means there’s also very strong selling opportunities. Certainly, if you select a reputable dealer, they’ll be able to provide guidance, purchase gold and silver for you at competitive rates and buy it back from you in the future.

How much wealth do I need to get started?

Despite the elitist image projected in films, precious metals can also be bought in the form of coins and small bars. Most dealers will help if you just want to start with one small coin, so you certainly don’t need to invest everything you have. We even provide a Monthly Saver

account, where you can gradually accumulate gold or silver coins on a regular basis.


Regardless of the size of your overall assets, experts suggest between 5% and 20% should be in gold and silver to provide balance.  In India, people have been saving with gold for years as a means of protecting against a weak currency. Only now are the UK starting to realise its merits and understand that we’re all entitled to balance and protection, regardless of our level of wealth.

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