Is it a good time to buy gold? Buy low, sell high

When’s the good time to buy gold?

The sheer range of complicated investment opportunities is vast nowadays. The average man in the street now has access to anything from investments into car parking spaces to speculating on the return of green oil plantations. But regardless of the investment’s makeup, the old mantra of buy low, sell high still remains true.

So it’s interesting that we tend to see a higher volume of buyers of physical gold when the price is soaring versus times when the gold price is low. Let’s compare this mentality with one of gold’s close investment cousins – property. Like physical gold bars and coins, property investment is a tangible asset in limited supply. Indeed, we note that a huge proportion of property investors are also keen gold buyers as it holds a similar appeal and simplicity.

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Now, if you were keen to start a property portfolio, would you prefer to start

Insider's Guide to gold and silveraccumulating flats and houses at their peak price or in a price dip? Sticking to the buy low, sell high mantra, most of us would want to obtain the properties at the lowest possible price to maximise returns. Most people, if asked, would say that they would expect UK properties to rise in value in the medium to long term so any price dips should be capitalised on.

So let’s draw this back to gold. It too has finite supply and throughout history has more than kept pace with inflation so most observers envisage the price of gold to rise in the medium to long term – just like property. The fact that the price has come down 35% from its 2011 peak means that you can now pick up much more of the same gold for your money. If you’re considering buying gold as a hedge or portfolio insurance, then the cost of that protection is now a third cheaper!

Cost averaging

During the recent gold price adjustments, one of our most popular products has been our Gold Savings. This removes the need to question ‘Is it a good time to buy gold’? It’s a simple saving plan to commit a modest monthly amount to gold to gradually accumulate coins rather than aimlessly putting any spare cash into the bank.

This method works particularly well with the current price volatility as your gold holding increases month to month regardless of the price. If the price does fall, then the price at which you buy that month’s gold also falls, so the cost of your gold averages out over time. So these canny investors are currently enjoying picking up gold coins at prices not seen for 2 years.

Regardless of the way you want to buy gold, the recent price drop demonstrates that it is a long term hedge, not short term speculation.  So when you ask yourself, is it a good time to buy gold, remember the old adage still remains relevant – Buy Low, Sell High!


Privacy vs. Survival

Privacy in the new world

Privacy has again been questioned with the controversy of the U.S spying on the rest of the world is an issue that has been dragged to the front of this week’s news.

Ed Snowden – a former CIA man and whistleblower who has fled to Hong Kong – claims the NSA has had access to data held by nine of the world’s top internet companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Skype.

This huge and escalating story has provoked other media spin-offs and debates that ask the question – is this realty fair? And is it right for the governments to have access to our private information? Many people have stood up for what they believe is the right moral argument.  Others have adopted more of a practical approach.

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Quite frankly – in an ideal world where no violence and crime exists I would say that people’s lives, emails and conversations should remain private. Unfortunately, this simplistic ideology does not and probably will never exist. We live in a world of good and evil. A world that populates and inhabitants the very people that seek to destroy it.

It was revealed yesterday that Intelligence obtained from a secret US eavesdropping operation helped prevent terror attacks at the 2012 Olympics. According to William Hague, the intelligence obtained by this controversial relationship with the U.S has stopped many terrorist and espionage plots against this country and has saved many lives.

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Spying’s a necessity for survival

We only ever hear of the CIA or MI6’s failures and never their successes. We take it for granted that there was no terror attack during the Olympics. Do we think that we just got lucky? Or that terrorist didn’t fancy that particular event? No – behind any event there is the potential for an attack. The most effective way of minimising an attack is through intelligence. Successful terrorists don’t tend to gossip much and therefore this intelligence isn’t readily available, it’s for us to find it and this discovery is sometimes made at the expense of our privacy.

If these practices were stopped and consequentially we had less access to intelligence who knows how many attacks would slip through the cracks. One thing for sure – If these terrorists do succeed not only do lives get lost but the financial markets crash and people can lose all their money. If we look back to 9/11 – the markets crashed and people lost everything. We don’t ever want to see anything like that again. People can take out insurance on their money and wealth by protecting it with physical gold.  This is one of the very few asset classes that rockets in times of terror. Hopefully, we won’t have to rely on this factor to influence the price and instead rely on the biggest influencer over the last 100 years;  inflation, currency devaluations, bank failures, political uncertainty and our ever-increasing national deficit.

Your data is safe with us

Here at Physical Gold, we take your privacy very seriously. Not only are we members of the Information Commissioners Office, but we also operate a robust privacy policy of our own.